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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

If you manage multiple profiles, you should think about how to schedule posts on Instagram to optimize timing and have more time to dedicate to the quality of the content. There are some differences from its “little cousin” (I’m referring to Facebook) that you should know before starting a post-scheduling activity.

One of the biggest shortcomings of Instagram is the lack of scheduled posts. We hope that they will soon add this feature and the application, and it will be more useful. Unfortunately, to schedule Instagram posts, you’ll need some third-party apps to make this possible. This means that you’ll have to give out your password for the most part.

These applications claim that they’ve scheduled your content on Instagram. Free ones have limited features. If you want to use this feature, we’ll give you a few tips on doing it.

what are scheduled posts

What Are Scheduled Posts?

Instagram hit its one billion, active users, last June, and, continuing at this rate, it’s not hard to predict similar growth to Facebook’s in the past. Facebook and other social media sites have scheduled post options. You can schedule any day or time. But Instagram doesn’t have that.

Doing this process with additional applications creates a security vulnerability for the users. Of course, they also have to pay extra money for apps. But there is no other alternative for now. If you want to use this feature, you will buy and use one of the paid apps.

Of course, you also have to take into account possible security problems. You’ll have to share your credentials with strangers. That’s something nobody should consider doing, let alone doing it.

It is a great feature, especially for those who use a business account on Instagram. Acting to schedule Instagram posts is a time-saving and impressive feature. To add content on Instagram, you must first transfer the content to your mobile phone. You have to do this every day; it may sound boring to you. It is a very time-consuming process.

Instead of this, could it be as useful as adding one week of content at a time and automatically sharing it at the time you set it up every day? This feature is one of the most necessary features. It is important not only for business accounts but also for individual accounts. One of the biggest shortcomings of Instagram is to queue and schedule posts. Almost all social media sites have this feature, but no updates have been made on Instagram for preventing delayed content.

We know that you wonder how to schedule Instagram posts. Let’s say briefly; you cannot do this from the Instagram application. But you can do it with the help of third-party applications. We will discuss how safe these applications are.

why should you schedule your posts

Why Should You Schedule Your Posts?

Time needed: 1 hour

We also think that it should be added to Instagram because it provides great convenience to the user.

  1. You save time.

    By saving time, you can carry out your other tasks.

  2. It’s possible to organize the content you want to publish.

    By organizing your content before publishing, you can have arranged your profile more efficiently.

  3. Users can share more content.

    By organizing your content, you will have the flexibility to share more content.

  4. You won’t forget special and important days, and you’ll auto-post your content.

    With this feature, you won’t miss your next anniversary!

  5. You can provide more interaction-worthy stuff to your followers.

    Also, you can use killer Instagram captions to create your click-through rate on the platform.

  6. Your Instagram account is always up to date and active.

    If you are marketing your business on Instagram, this will be reflected positively in your sales and increase your sales.

  7. Your followers will eventually start to increase.

    Your audience will expand as a result.

Schedule Posts on Instagram: The Best Apps

There are several lists on the internet about it, covering the topic of best Instagram schedule apps. We didn’t make a list for you. Because we don’t want to take responsibility for this matter. If you experience a security problem from applications, we do not want to be a part of it for obvious reasons.

So, do your research yourself and find the best app. Some of these applications work, but some of them do not provide the desired performance. We recommend that you use trial versions of these applications and buy them if you like. Please note that Instagram does not support these applications.

You can find dozens of applications on the internet. You won’t have any problems finding them. They all have different prices. It may vary depending on the quality and context of the service they offer.

Obviously, in this article, we will not advise you on any app. You can find them easily anyway. We would rather inform you about the use of these applications. When using these applications, you need to type in your Instagram password. Consequently, your sensitive user information is known by the application.

If you are willing to take this risk, you can use them!



Tailwind is a great post-scheduling app that allows you to utilize all features a scheduling application can possibly offer.

promo republic publisher


PromoRepublic is a reasonable post-scheduling app that allows you to afford post-scheduling benefits for considerably low prices.


Perhaps the most popular app of its kind, Hootsuite enables a great user experience through its stellar interface. Those who use it swear by it!

should I trust the third party apps

Should I Trust the Third-Party Apps?

We don’t have any comments in this regard! Because we are not sure if they are 100% safe and secure or not. If we want to use our words correctly, we can’t be possibly sure about any of them.

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Yes, we have tested a few of them, but we still didn’t see any of them that work perfectly. These applications are almost all charged and require some permissions from your mobile devices.

Pay attention to these requests and all the applications that require you to enter your Instagram password. How safe could it be? Think about it and decide. If you want to schedule Instagram posts, you can download one of these apps and use them!

Things to Consider for Scheduling Apps

Do you wonder what the risks are that we mentioned above? Then let’s talk about them a little bit. You have learned that you need to use additional applications to schedule Instagram posts. You should pay attention to the following possible problems:

  • Others can use your Instagram login info.
  • The application can share content on your account on your behalf.
  • If malicious people get your information, unwanted situations may occur.
  • Not only you, but your friends on your list also take risks on their account security.
  • You are responsible for the use of such third party applications.

Conclusion About Scheduling Instagram Posts

I’m sure that you know what this process is by now. You are handing out the content you want to publish on Instagram, and you are setting a publication date. This third-party provider shares these contents automated on your behalf on the day and time you set.

So, it saves you a lot of trouble. But for now, it is not possible to schedule Instagram posts for free. For this, you need to purchase a paid application.

Applications that claim to be free do not work properly. And most of these applications can create serious security problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The best days and times to post on Instagram are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at 11 a.m. and Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

You should intend to post once a day, every day. Also, try not to post more than seven posts a week.

An average reach rate on Instagram is between 1% and 3.5%

Some are, some aren’t. But since you give permission to post, most of them require your password which might pose a security hazard for some.

Again this depends on the individual app. We suggest you carry out extensive research before purchasing the software.

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