How to Save Instagram Photos for Free? (2023)

How to Save Instagram Photos for Free? (2023)

One of the features we don’t like on Instagram is that it doesn’t allow us to download content. That’s why many people are looking for an answer to how to save Instagram photos and pictures. We will tell you that this is a very easy and simple way. We will introduce a service offered by the website, one of Europe’s best social media services. Different sites offer this kind of service, of course, but it can be difficult to find another service that works fast and smoothly. We do not recommend mobile applications. We will explain the reasons for this in detail below. There are simpler and more effective methods.

How to Download Photos from Instagram

The ability to download content from Instagram may be activated very soon. We’ve heard of new updates in 2019 but don’t know the content yet. We hope they will add this feature. If this update comes in, people will no longer ask how to save Instagram pictures. For now, you cannot do this from the Instagram website or application. But don’t worry about it. Because we have prepared the same service for you and we have provided you with this free of charge.

Download Instagram Photos for Free

You can do this with a different method from the Instagram website. It’s a simple method known by everyone.

save as
  1. Go to any Instagram profile page.
  2. Click on a picture it shares and open it on the big screen.
  3. Right-click and save the image with the Save As option.

This way, you can record pictures, but this is only true for the web. You cannot record in any way in the application. You can only register as a screenshot. But with this free service that we will tell you about below, you can download unlimited images. It is the best way!

Take a Screenshot

One of the easiest ways to save a photo from Instagram is by taking a screenshot of that Instagram photo. You can manually do this process with your phone. But of course, you also have to crop and make adjustments for that by yourself too. And if you find taking screenshots burdensome, we have another simple option for you. If you are interested, check how to save music on Instagram.

Instagram Online Photo Downloader (InstaFollowers Special)

If you want to know about saving a picture from Instagram, just visit link, and use the Instagram photo downloader. We will explain all steps. This is a free tool, a tool for Instagram post downloader, for you to download Instagram images:

download Instagram photos
  • Go to this link.
  • Enter the Instagram picture link.
  • And click to download button.
  • Congratulations, you successfully download images from Instagram!

This service is the fastest and best service in this regard. You can download the photo you want without any limit. It is very practical and easy. If you have trouble downloading images, try using a different browser, or check your internet connection. In some exceptions, small problems may arise from the server. Also, buy Instagram likes for your photos!

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This service is 100% free to use. But if you use different mobile applications instead of this service, we would like to remind you that most of them are paid. You can also experience various security risks in mobile applications. They may ask you to grant some permissions. However, no personal information is requested at this service, and you are not asked to enter your Instagram password. If you want to learn how to save photos from Instagram, just use that service, and that is all! If you have more questions, check the Instagram Help page.


Today we talked about how to save Instagram photos for free. Hopefully, you can download Instagram photos you want easily. Don’t forget to check InstaFollower’s easy and free tool to save your favorite Instagram photos high quality. See you in another article to help you with Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily follow the abovementioned steps and download Instagram photos freely!

No, it’s definitely not an illegal process. You can download any photo you want!

Yes, InstaFollower’s “Download Instagram Photos” tool is completely free!

Unfortunately, Instagram does not let you save photos from the app. You can save images by following the steps we provided throughout the article.

You can download high-quality photos by using our free tool. Don’t forget to give it a try; it’s free anyways.

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