How to Save a GIF from Twitter

How to Save a GIF from Twitter

If you want to learn how to save a gif from Twitter you are in the right post. In Twitter accounts, it is sometimes difficult for users to express themselves with 140 characters. That’s why Twitter users use GIFs in their tweets. These GIFs, which are quite fun, make Twitter use more effective. GIFs are mainly used on Twitter because of these features. But you may experience some problems when using GIF on Twitter.

If you still don’t know how to save Twitter GIFs, you will learn it after reading this article. And you will see how easy it is to use it.

Export a GIF from Twitter

There are many ways that allow you to export GIF from iPhone Android phones or Windows computer from Twitter. You can use some free online services and applications for this. Since the logic of the study is the same, we will not give the application name in this article. We’ll just tell you how you can do it:

  • Copy the URL link to the GIF file you want from the address bar to save or export on Twitter by clicking on ‘Copy link to Tweet.’
  • Open the appropriate web page or application of the service you are using.
  • Paste the link and save the GIF.
save a gif from twitter

Save GIF online from Twitter

You can find thousands of websites on this subject. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. There are thousands of free websites offering this service. If you want to save a GIF from Twitter app, just search on Google and use any website. As, we will also activate a similar service recently. We are preparing the infrastructure and will be announced soon. Online services are faster and more practical than applications. You can use the service without having to subscribe to the site. And we can say that it is safer than applications. You can get this service with all our website and apps.

3rd party apps

There are so many applications that if I try to write names here, it takes too long. We never give the application name. Because some of these applications can have security problems. In particular, you may experience some problems with user privacy. Therefore, the use of these applications is always your responsibility. If you ask us which one to use, we would definitely say you that web services are better than apps. Because when you download these applications to your mobile device, they ask you to give them some permissions. Do not install applications that are unsure of their reliability and do not grant application permissions. Before using an application or web service, be sure to read reviews about that service.

save a gif with 3rd party apps

Twitter GIF Downloader

To save a GIF from Twitter, you can also use a gif downloader. Such applications have multiple features. So you can download both GIFs and videos. When you download GIF or video, it asks you at what resolution you want to download and where to save it. It is a very effective feature to offer a preference option to the user. We recommend you scan all the content you download with an antivirus program. You can also read our article about where to find GIFs to discover the best ones yourself.

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Keep in mind that Twitter converts GIFs to video files because they take less space than GIF files. That is why you can’t get them like photos just by clicking ‘Save Image.’ However, when you are downloading GIF videos from Twitter, you may need to convert to GIF before downloading.

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  1. Ashley Cunningham
    Ashley Cunningham

    Saving a GIF from Twitter became a hobby of mine. I believe it is a better source of GIFs compared to dedicated sites like Giphy etc.