How to Customize Instagram’s Explore Page? (2020)

How to Customize Instagram’s Explore Page? (2020)

Instagram is a great place to share the most eye-pleasing visuals and curate them according to your taste. That means you can customize Instagram as you want, and you’ll find a more enjoyable place. However, when you browse the Explore Page, you may want to customize and reset the Instagram Explore Page.

It is because sometimes you may get bombed with non-relevant content. How you can do it, though? Let’s find out.

How to Customize Explore Page

The Explore page is a feed that analyzes what you like on Instagram the most. In that way, it’s possible to change your experience according to what you want to see at that moment.

When you like something on Instagram, it gets a hint about what you may like in the future. In the Explore Page, Instagram provides you more content based on that simple hint.

So, the most simple way to customize that page is to like more photos that you want to see. Instagram will notice your interests and recommend more content that you may like.

In that way, you can get accustomed to more relevant people you might need for your business or brand to thrive, or you may even find your future partner!

How to Avoid Undesired Content on Instagram

You can simply use the “Show Fewer Posts Like This” button. It’s a really handy tool to hide content you don’t desire to see on your Instagram Feed.

Instagram is a large platform and you may not like everything you will see on it! That’s completely normal, we can change our preferences in that case.

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  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Go to the Explore Feed by hitting the magnifying glass icon.
  4. Tap the photo you don’t like to see.
  5. Tap the menu and hit the “See Fewer Posts Like This” option.
  6. Voila! Now you won’t see posts like this.
Explore Page feature of Instagram

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

Just as it is a common issue to find the best place to get Instagram followers there are many issues that Instagram users are interested in. One of them is about how to reset the Instagram Explore Page.

While they search and explore new things under the Explore tab, they may want to clear their search history. We will explain how to clear search history step by step.

In that way, you can reset what you’re seeing on the Explore Page and open yourself a fresh route where you can see only what you want to see after the clearance.

How to Clear Explore History: Step-By-Step

When users tap explore they will see content related to their previous searches. Sometimes it may be boring to see something they searched before.

Because they can see the thing they don’t want to see as soon as they type a letter. When they clear history they can get rid of all these unnecessary things at once.

  1. When they log in to their profile, they can tap the button that is in the top-right of the screen and tap on the section that says “Clear Search History.”
  2. Then, they can clear the Instagram cache to avoid any confusion that might occur.
  3. Congratulations! After those steps, your Explore Page should not contain any undesired content you might not like.


As you see, it’s possible to customize your Instagram experience by changing the details of your Explore Page. It’s a featured place that changes to your taste, and you can discover a lot of unnoticed content.

Also, it’s possible to clear your search history if you don’t like what you see on this page as it can turn to a place where everything is messed up real quick. You can enhance your experience that way.

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So, do you like what you see on Explore Page? Let us know right down in the comments.

Thanks for reading this article!

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  1. “Clear history“ does not stop instagram from suggesting previous people you’ve searched for in the past. For example, if you searched for someone you don’t want your spouse to know about, then delete search history…freaking Instagram still suggests that individual you searched for once you type in first one or 2 letters of their name . It’s so frustrating and disappointing from instagram.