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How to Repost an Instagram Story (2024)

We have been sharing many stories since the Instagram Stories feature came into our lives, including our videos and photos with our friends. Sometimes a friend on Instagram may have shared a story that you are in or a story about you, and you may want to share this story on your Instagram account too. It is now very difficult and challenging to ask them to send the post they shared and then share it in your own account again. Why would we want to extend this process right when we can easily and quickly repost a story? It is effortless to repost a story on Instagram. So, now we will tell you how to repost an Instagram Story.

How to Repost a Story on Instagram

You can learn how to repost an Instagram story you are tagged in by following the steps below.

On Mobile

  • Open Instagram from your mobile device and press the message icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be directed to the Direct Messages section from here.
  • When someone tagged you on their Instagram Story, you will already receive a notification. Click on the message of the person who shared your in their story; most likely, the message at the top will be that person’s message. 
repost a story
  • After opening that person’s message, now you will see a notification that says ‘’@thatperson has mentioned you in their story’’.
  • When you see this notification, you will see an option called Add This to Your Story next to the message. Press this button, and you will go to the story-sharing section.
add to your story
  • You can edit this story again as you wish. You can write something on it or put stickers and emojis. You can mention people in your stories. After your editing is finished, tap the Next button.
  • Lastly, you can repost this story by clicking the Share or Send button.
repost story

While reposting a story, do you wonder how to get more Instagram story views? Use more hashtags, add location, and don’t forget to highlight it.

On Desktop

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide reposting a story on a desktop. However, you can share the story you were tagged in other ways.

  • Share a screenshot of the story you were tagged in as a post on your desktop. You can use Snipping Tool or Lightshot to take a screenshot on your computer.
  • Use third-party apps to repost on Instagram. Many apps you can find online help you with reposting on your desktop.

How to Repost an Instagram Story If I Am Not Tagged In

To repost an Instagram Story, the person who is sharing the story must have tagged you. Unless the owner of the story tagged you, the option “add this to your story” will not appear on your account. But sometimes, people can really forget to tag you, and they may notice it later. If this is the case, you can ask that person to delete the story and tag you, but that person may not want to do it if it has been a long time since they shared the story. There are two options you can do in such a situation. You can share these stories in your own story, either by taking a screenshot of the story or by recording the story.

Repost an Instagram Story from a Private Account

If you’re tagged in a story from a private account, and the person who tagged you gives you permission, you can repost a story. However, if the person who tagged you doesn’t allow you to repost a story, you can’t share it on your story.

How to Record an Instagram Story

Sometimes the story you want to share can be a video too. If you have not been tagged in the story you want to repost, it is not impossible to share it on your Instagram story. It is still possible to share this story on your Instagram story by recording a screen. You can use your own screen recording feature on your Android or iOS phone. After opening the screen recorder, you can record any story by following the steps below.

  • First, open your Instagram application and find the story which you want to share with your followers.
  • To open the screen recorder, swipe up the screen if you are using an iPhone. If you are using Android, open the screen recorder from the top menu.
screen recording
  • Turn on the screen recording and open the story. Stop the screen recording after the video ends.
  • The screen recording will be automatically saved in your photo gallery. Now you can share this video on your Instagram Story.

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share a story

Repost Instagram Posts on Your Story

You can share Instagram posts on your story if the account you’re reposting from is public. According to Instagram Support, if their account is private, you cannot repost it on your story. To repost as a story, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the post you want to share and click on the airplane button. Then tap on “Add post to your story”.
repost on story
  • You have two options. You can share it with or without captions by clicking on the post. After selecting how to share, tap “Your story” and share it with your friends.
share posts on your story

Reposting Stories in Short

We have covered how to repost an Instagram story. If you wanted to share an Instagram story in your Instagram Stories and did not succeed, we hope this article helped you. You may also want to share a story you have been tagged by your followers on your Instagram profile. In particular, sharing a story you have been tagged in is a very easy and short process. We have explained all the details of reposting a story on Instagram, and now you can repost the Instagram stories as you wish!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, when someone mentions you in their story, you receive a notification, and when you share this story, they will receive a notification too.

No. Instagram will perceive the videos you record and share as if you were sharing a regular video, and no notification will be sent to anyone. But if the owner of the story watches your story, they can understand it.

Yes, before sharing the story, you can only share it with the people you have added to this list by pressing the Close Friends button.

If you are not tagged in a story, you can’t repost someone’s Instagram story. Instagram allows you to repost a story only if you are tagged in.

You can take a screenshot of a story you want to repost and then share it on your story. You can record the screen to share it if it is a video.

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    I frequently repost an Instagram story to boost my page’s performance. Good, articulate article indeed.