How to Report Ads on YouTube (All Types)

How to Report Ads on YouTube (All Types)

One of the most streamed and visited platforms in social media is YouTube. YouTube is visited by over 2 billion logged-in users every month, and viewers watch billion hours of videos every day. For this reason, most of the video generators put ads on their YouTube videos. Sometimes these advertisements can be repetitive, irrelevant, or inappropriate commercials, and therefore viewers may want to report these ads. It is useful to remember that viewers have the right to report them. So, here is a quick guide to how to report ads on YouTube.

Reporting Ads on YouTube Located in the Video

If you want to report an ad located in the video, then follow these steps. 

  • Find ad settings. They are at the lower left.
  • From left to right, you will see the word “Ad” and a counter showing the time remaining, and then an “i” button with a circle around it. This is the “Why this ad?” button.
  • Click the “Why this ad?” button—the information about why you see this specific ad will appear. 
  • Then, there will be 2 options. The first one is to click the link “Ad Settings” and visit your Google account’s ad settings or preferences.
  • The second one is to click “Stop seeing this ad.” If you click “Stop seeing this ad” it will be gone, and you can tell Google why you did not want to see that ad. 
  • You will see 3 options. “Inappropriate,” “Irrelevant,” “Repetitive.” Once you have made your choice, click the circle button next to it and click “Send.” 
YouTube Ads in the Video

Reporting Ads on YouTube Located Next to the Video 

If you are dissatisfied with an ad located as a photo next to the video (on the “up next” page), follow these steps.

  • Click the “i” button with a circle around it. It is located at the right upper corner of the ad.
  • Then a box will appear. You will have two options.  
  • The first option is to click the “Ad Settings” link and visit your Google account’s ad settings, and editing the ad personalization.
  • The second option is to click the “Close” button and close the box. 
YouTube Ads Next to the Video

FAQs on How to Report Ads on YouTube

I cannot find the “Why this ad” button. Where is it?

It is at the lower left. It is shown as an “i” inside of a circle.

I cannot report an ad on the “up next” page. How can I report it?

Unfortunately, YouTube has removed that option, but you can always click the “Ad Settings” and edit the ad personalization.

Do I have only three options to tell Google what is wrong with an ad?

Google has set only three options to select (“Inappropriate,” “Irrelevant,” “Repetitive” ) and point what is wrong with an ad.

If I click the “Skip” button, am I reporting the ad? 

If you click the “skip,” it means you are leaving the ad quickly. To report an ad, you must click, “Stop seeing this ad.” 

Can I learn why I see that particular ad?

When you click “Why this ad” ( the “i” icon), Google will show you on the basis of what you see that ad.

Conclusion of How to Report Ads on YouTube?

In this article, we described how you can report ads on YouTube. You can do it either to the ads located in the video or to the ads next to the video. We have included the steps to report ads in both ways. If you want to know how to block ads on YouTube, we also have an article that describes it.

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