How to Report a Fake Instagram Account

How to Report a Fake Instagram Account

There are more than one billion users on Instagram, so it is one of the world’s most crowded social platforms and has all kinds of accounts. If you are someone popular on Instagram with lots of followers and content, there might be a chance that someone makes a fake account, just like your account. In that case, people wonder how to report a fake Instagram account

Unfortunately, fake accounts are pretty common on Instagram. It does not matter if you are a popular public figure or not; you can find a fake account in your name for malicious purposes. Even if it is not in your name, fake accounts can be annoying because they never stop bothering you.

If you are looking for a popular Instagram account but cannot find the actual one because of fake accounts, it gets annoying. However, there is a solution to this problem. You can report these fake accounts, and Instagram would be happy to get rid of them.

What are the Requirements

What Are the Requirements?

Now let’s look at what to do if someone has created an Instagram account in your name.

You can report this person as a fake account, but to prove that you have the actual account, you need to use an ID given by any state. Instagram has a form that you can fill for reporting a fake account. You can get this form from the Instagram Help Centre. Please try submitting this form from a computer.

When filling this form, Instagram will ask you to choose the best scenario that explains your problem as the following:

  1. The first scenario is that someone has created an account representing my business or foundation.
  2. The second scenario is someone who has created an account that represents my friend or me.
  3. The third scenario states that someone has created an account pretending to be someone I represent.
  4. Lastly, the fourth scenario is: ‘I cannot log in to my old account.’

If the fake account represents your friend, only your friend can report the account, but you can ask your friend to report the fake account through this form. Unfortunately, Instagram does not make anyone authorized to represent others.

If the fake account is representing you, therefore Instagram will ask for the following information:

  1. Your name and surname.
  2. Your e-mail address.
  3. Name and surname on the other account that you want to report.
  4. Username of the other account.

After you fill the form, Instagram will ask you to upload a photo with a government-issued ID. Your face and the photo on the ID should look clearly on this photo.

It is recommended to upload the photo in JPEG format, so it would ease the process. As the last step, enter additional information to the box at the bottom of the form and click on ‘Send.’ 

Remember that you can only fill out a report form for only one fake account, but if you are having problems with several fake accounts, you have to report them one by one.

FAQs On Fake Instagram Accounts

Is it illegal to make a fake Instagram account?

It is not illegal, but a fake account will be deleted if Instagram catches it.

Can you find out who made a fake Instagram account?

It is not possible to determine who is the owner of the account without reporting it so Instagram is pretty protective of its clients.

Can your IP address be traced through Instagram?

Your IP address cannot be tracked through Instagram but there are many other ways to do it. You can be traced by revealing your name on Instagram but it does not happen on Instagram either.

How long does it take Instagram to review a report?

Instagram usually reviews and decides on the report within 24 hours.

Can you trace a fake Instagram account?

It is not entirely impossible, but since the creator of the fake account aims to evade people’s suspicions about their identities, they design the accounts in that way.

Conclusion – Instagram Is on Your Side

Impersonation is very common on Instagram, and it is unavoidable in such a populated platform like this, unfortunately. We explained how to report a fake Instagram account and the requirements in detail. If you are having problems with fake accounts, we hope you find this article useful.

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  1. Really upset I have been building my IG & FB 3yrs with my FB bring more private (family etc) & someone has stolen all my pictures and continues to make account of me on both social platforms. This women is pretending to be a nurse which I am & also scamming people out their money in my name & face. I and several people have report her and the account don’t come down. Please help! I received messages daily about her scamming & asking for money.

    1. We are sorry to hear your experience, however, we cannot help you any further because we are a private blog and don’t have any connections with FB and IG. You might consider talking to local authorities.

  2. @mureedmureeda i instgram to remove his account because in his bio he used my name and address and he posted a pic with my name and I really don’t like it and the name he put it’s my father’ name and u can check it’s bio it’s bad I really feel hurt about it am 15 years old please help me and delete his account form instgram

  3. Reporting a fake Instagram account is the single most important service one can do to clear out the IG community for the better. Lucky us that people like you still care.

  4. Some of my facebook friends reported a fake Instagram account had been opened using our name and photo. How do I stop this? We do not have an Instagram account at all. Thanks!

    1. Hello. Although you don’t have an account, you can still try to get help from Instagram. Please state that someone has been trying to open an account in your name. If that doesn’t work, you can carry this issue to the legal authorities.

  5. I have told someone is using my Facebook picture and name to send out abusive comments to my friends. I have not seen any because I stopped using Messinger several years ago because I received a threat which I reported to Facebook needless to say they did nothing about it. Now I have someone impersonating me and sending out abusive messages.