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How to Repeat YouTube Videos (2024)

YouTube has become a major player in the area of video-sharing platforms. In fact, it is one of the oldest platforms. We use YouTube for many reasons, mostly for entertainment, yet we use the major platform for many other reasons. It is better to know how to repeat YouTube videos if you are working in a store or somewhere that needs background noise.

Of course, to repeat YouTube videos, you don’t have to work in a store, cafe, or any business-related place. You may just want to have background noise, or you may find a song that you don’t want to quit listening to. 

Why Should You Learn How to Repeat YouTube Videos?

As we have stated before, there are many reasons to use YouTube. The reason to loop YouTube does not have to be for the sound but can be for the visuals. Again, this happens in mostly business-related places such as cafes, bars, restaurants, or stores. 

YouTube is a major platform with around 300 hours of videos uploaded to it, and almost 5 million videos are watched on YouTube every day. So it is not surprising that people want to repeat videos on YouTube.  

Some videos have record-breaking watching numbers, such as Despacito and Gangnam Style. Well, some of these numbers are coming from repeats. That is another reason why people want to know how to repeat YouTube videos to increase their views. So you can teach your friends to loop your videos or just get your free YouTube views to increase your videos’ views.

So, let’s take a look at how to put YouTube on repeat and loop videos.

Ways to Repeat YouTube Videos

The easiest way to repeat a YouTube video is to click on the ‘Repeat’ button when the video is finished. However, if you don’t want to do this every time, there are easier ways to repeat a YouTube video. It is called ‘Loop.’ You can loop a video very easily.

Steps to Loop YouTube Videos on a Desktop

Follow the steps below, and you should be able to loop YouTube videos from now on.

how to loop youtube videos
  1. Open the video you want to loop.
  2. When the video starts, right-click on the video.
  3. You will see a menu when you right-click on the video.
  4. From that menu, find and select ‘Loop.’

Now that you have clicked on ‘Loop,’ the video will be played repeatedly until you turn off this option. The video will be on an infinite loop once you click on the play button. To turn off ‘Loop,’ follow the same steps above and click on the ‘Loop’ option again. It will stop it from repeating. Easy as that. You can come across Ads even if you loop the videos. You can get YouTube Premium or learn how to block the Ads on YouTube to prevent this situation.

Steps to Repeat YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices

It is a straightforward process, like doing it on a computer. Here is how to do it:

how to repeat youtube videos on a mobile device
  1. Tap on the video.
  2. The “gear” icon will appear. Tap on it.
  3. Tap on the “Loop video” option.

Now the video should be played repeatedly on your mobile device. Again, to cancel it, you have to tap on the Repeat icon to cancel it. If you experience a problem, you can contact YouTube Support. If you want, you can loop the playlists with the same steps. You just need to repeat the process with a video on a playlist.

Conclusion – Looping Can Be Handy

Whether you are working or not, learning how to repeat YouTube videos is something useful. You might just want to have background noise or a video flow on your screen. We have mentioned how to loop YouTube both on a desktop and mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, you can find the repeat button as “loop video”. When you right-click the video, you will see this button. If you want to use it on a mobile device, you should tap on the gear icon.

You can use converters. You don’t have to install a converter to do it. There are many online converters out there. They all use the same format. Go to the video you want to download on YouTube and copy the video’s URL. Paste the URL on the search bar of the converter and download it as MP3.

It is illegal to create a download conversion for copyrighted material.

Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and go to the video you want to watch offline. Then look for the ‘Save video offline’ option. You can save the video offline in different qualities, such as 144p, 360p, and 720p. However, don’t forget that you need to get YouTube Premium to watch videos online.

You don’t need to use any third-party app to loop YouTube videos. You can repeat them on YouTube with the “loop video” button.

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  1. Danny Nielsen
    Danny Nielsen

    I’ve just discovered how to repeat YouTube videos and it has upgraded my YouTube experience. Very articulate and very well put together.

  2. Michael Scott Lorrey
    Michael Scott Lorrey

    This doesn’t help. I need a URL I can use on a website or on a media player in a VR environment that constantly loops the same video.