How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

To use Instagram in an even more personalized way, consider adding your phone number. However, if you wish, of course, you have the chance to remove your phone number. If you want to remove your phone number from Instagram. The first thing to do is to remove the phone number linked to your account.

This is because people who have your phone number registered on their device can easily find you on Instagram without even knowing your username or other details about you on the platform.

Remove Phone Number from Instagram

Remove Phone Number from Instagram

  •  Sign in to your profile.
  •  Click the Edit Profile button.
  •  Fill in the Phone Number box.
  •  Click the Send button and then complete your transaction.

To remove your phone number, after deleting your phone number in the section called Phone Number, it will be enough to click the Send button again.

Change Phone Number on Instagram

Change Phone Number on Instagram

If you entered your phone number while registering for your Instagram account and now want to change or delete it, we recommend checking or changing your email address linked to the Instagram account. This is because you might encounter a problem in the process of changing your phone number. And if you haven’t set up your email address for your account beware. You may lose access to your Instagram account forever. Here are the steps you should take to change the Instagram phone number:

  1. Log into the Instagram app on your phone and then go to the Profile section.
  2. Click on the “Edit profile” section to change the settings in your account.
  3. Scroll down, then find the Phone Number in the Private Information section.
  4. Skip the previous phone number and then enter your new phone number.

After following the steps above to change the phone number on your Instagram account, a verification code will be sent to your phone number. Also, if you added your email address to your account, an email will be sent stating that you have successfully changed your Instagram phone number. To delete your phone number from your Instagram account, you need to delete your phone number as in step 4 above; this time, do not enter a new phone number and then tap confirm. This way, your phone number will be deleted successfully.

Instagram Web

If you cannot access your mobile phone for now, you can do this on the Instagram web. There are times when your phone is lost or stolen, and you will get a new phone number. In this case, you need to edit your phone number in your different social media accounts. If you want to change your Instagram phone number and cannot access your phone for any reason, what you need to do is to log in to Instagram via the web browser and then change your phone number. In the Phone Number section, when you are done, click Send to receive the confirmation message in your email.

Remove Phone Number From Instagram Closed Account

This situation can be a little complicated. If the closed account has violated the rules, the number in the closed account is not removed. This is especially true if there is a behavior that will be regarded as a major crime. If the person has closed the Instagram account himself, has not removed the number, and the number is still used, then the Instagram number removal request can be considered. For several violations, apply for Instagram help and then wait for feedback. You can also file a complaint. Just refer to the “Instagram someone has opened an account using my number” option. You can report a problem with this.

FAQ About Phone Number in Instagram

What are the advantages of adding a phone to my Instagram account?

By adding your phone number to your Instagram account, you can make your Instagram account more secure. You can make your password change conditions easier. You can also use your phone to get your account back in case your account is stolen.

If I don’t use my phone number on Instagram, will I have a security problem?

If you do not register with your phone number during your Instagram registration, you may experience security problems.

My phone number is old; I can’t enter my account. What should I do?

If you cannot change your phone number, you should contact the Instagram support center.

Can my Instagram account be stolen?

If you do not protect your Instagram account with the necessary security measures, your account will always be vulnerable to theft.

How long does it take Instagram to respond to a hacked account?

Complaints and reports are usually responded to within 24 hours.

Briefly Removing Phone Number From Instagram

If for some reason, you don’t want to be identified, if you don’t want strangers to easily find you from your number, the best method would be to remove your phone number. By the way, if you want to remove your IG account altogether we suggest you take a look at our guide entitled “How to Remove an Instagram Account“.

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