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How to Remove Twitter Followers

How to Remove Twitter Followers

Social media plays a paramount role in each individual life. One encounters the importance of social media usage throughout everyday life. By using these multi-faceted social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, one can hear the events about relatives, friends, family and etc. In addition, one can be aware of the global news and interact with other people from different countries. However, there are both pros and cons of social media. Nowadays it is not hard to find one’s social media account. One might not be pleased by some certain followers and want to remove them from the followers list. That is why you may need to remove followers on Twitter.

If you are one of those people suffering from unwanted followers, don’t worry, there are ways to remove them. Let’s see what you need to do to remove followers on Twitter.

Steps to Remove Followers on Twitter (X)

You can remove Twitter followers in two simple ways. Here are these two ways to remove Twitter users from your followers list.

  1. After opening your Twitter account regardless of using the Twitter app or Twitter website, you should open the Twitter profile of the person that you want to delete.
  2. You can remove your followers by blocking them. You should click the “more” icon on their account and select ‘block’ from the menu.

Blocked Twitter accounts cannot see your profile anymore and also you cannot see the accounts that you have blocked.

However, if you want to remove followers on Twitter without blocking them permanently, you can unblock them quickly after blocking them. This will make you both unfollow each other. Furthermore, they will not know that you have blocked them.

Removing Twitter Followers

Conclusion of Removing Followers on Twitter

In this article, we explained how to remove followers on Twitter (X) in two simple ways. These ways were blocking them and in some cases optionally unblocking. We hope that we were able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can click the three dots icon which is next to the “follow” button.

No, because blocking someone on Twitter makes the blocked account unable to see your tweets, message you, or follow you. However, when you unblock someone, they will be able to do all of these things if your account is not a private account.

You can also simply block a twitter user from his/her tweets.

You can simply block them and then quickly unblock them. If you are not so unlucky, they will not see that you have blocked them in such a short time. In addition, this will make you both unfollow each other. In other words, the Twitter followers that you have removed from your followers list may found out that they are not following you anymore. However, they will not know that you have blocked them.

The fact that you are not following each other can be a signal, in the case that you have not unfollowed this certain Twitter user. If you are sure that you have not unfollowed this Twitter user and if you cannot see the tweets and posts of this user, this person might have used the method of blocking and quickly unblocking.

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  1. Gabby Bruce
    Gabby Bruce

    I need to declutter and remove some follwers on Twitter. Great piece of text by the way.