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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Unlike social media, WhatsApp is an application that almost everyone uses. It is the world’s biggest chat platform. WhatsApp has proven its place in everyone’s daily life. We use it for socializing, organizing, education, our work, and the list goes on. Sometimes, we use WhatsApp to remind us of important information. That is why we will explain how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages if you had problems finding important messages.

WhatsApp takes up a lot of space on mobile devices. Especially, photos and videos sent from WhatsApp groups fill our galleries. Of course, you can adjust it to download visual media manually. Yet, even with messages, it gets crowded. So we find the solution by deleting the messages. After a while, we realize there was something important in the chat history.

Recovering Through WhatsApp Backup

Recovering Through WhatsApp Backup

You might have accidentally deleted messages; however, you can still manage to get them back. The easiest way to recover WhatsApp messages would be using the ‘Backup.’ What is Backup on Whatsapp? It is an adjustment you can do from the settings.

Backup installs your chat history into a cloud, so if you change your phone, you can get your chat history back from the Backup. On iPhone, the Backup is installed to the iCloud, and on Android devices, it is installed to Google Drive.

It is easy to adjust the Backup settings:

  1. Go to Settings from the right top of the page.
  2. After you tap on Settings, tap on ‘Chat.’
  3. You will see the ‘Chat Backup’ section.

You can either back up your chat history manually or turn it into automatic from the menu. On the ‘Auto Backup’ menu, there will be options such as;

  • Never,
  • Only when I tap ‘Backup,’
  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • Monthly.

It is also possible to back up videos by tapping on the switch for ‘Include Videos.’ Keep in mind that WhatsApp will only retrieve the latest backup file in iOS and two of the latest backup files on Android when you back up your chat history.

After you have adjusted the ‘Backup Settings,’ you can undelete WhatsApp messages easily. All you have to do is deleting the WhatsApp application and reinstalling it. After you do this, just tap on ‘Restore,’ and your messages will be restored according to your latest backup files. 

It would be easier to recover deleted Whatsapp messages if you do this within the backup period you have chosen from the menu. However, Backup is not the only solution to recover WhatsApp chat, yet it is the easiest. There are other ways to retrieve your messages without Backup.

Recovering Without WhatsApp Backup

If you are after the messages older than the backup files, you can still get them. However, this process is quite harder than the older one. To see deleted messages on WhatsApp, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the ‘File Explorer’ on the device.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Databases.
  3. Rename msgstore.db.crytp12 to msgstore-latest.db.crytp12.
  4. Rename msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crytp12.
  5. If Google Drive is enabled, delete the WhatsApp backup file from Google Drive.
  6. Delete and reinstall WhatsApp.
  7. Tap on ‘Restore’ after you open the application, and you should recover your message history.

Recovering With Cloud

You can recover deleted WhatsApp messages with cloud apps such as Google Drive and iCloud Backup. It will require uninstalling WhatsApp and installing it again. Using cloud apps is a great way to recover data.

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Here are the steps to recover your WhatsApp chat history:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile device.
  2. Install WhatsApp again and set it up on your device with your phone number.
  3. Once you set up the app, a prompt will ask you to restore chat history.
  4. It could be a Google Drive backup or iCloud Backup. Tap on ‘Restore,’ and you will get your WhatsApp data again.

Recovering Photos, Videos, and Audio Files

We have mentioned that WhatsApp is an application that takes up too much space. That is why sometimes we delete photos, videos, and audio files from WhatsApp. Once we realize there was something important, we want to take it back. However, WhatsApp is not storage for these files. The files are collected on your device or SD card.

Just go to ‘File Explorer’ on your device and tap on ‘WhatsApp Media.’ You should find your deleted files in this section. You can reach WhatsApp visual media through Instagram as well. In the Instagram Gallery, you can find; WhatsApp Animated Gifs, WhatsApp Profile Photos, WhatsApp Video, WhatsApp Images.

Conclusion On WhatsApp Messages

We have covered the deleted messages on WhatsApp and answered the question ‘How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?’
We have mentioned how it was possible through WhatsApp Backup and recovering the history without Backup as well. Also, we have given information about finding your WhatsApp media on your device and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Go to the ‘File Explorer’ and choose ‘WhatsApp,’ then tap on the ‘Databases’ file and hold, lastly, tap on ‘Delete.’

Open WhatsApp and tap on the chat you want to delete. Tap and hold on one of the messages. Then select other messages you want to delete and tap on ‘Delete.’ Tap on ‘Delete from both sides’ and your messages will not be seen from both sides. However, you can do this only for the messages you have sent and you have to do it manually.

After you block someone on WhatsApp you will not be able to receive messages and calls if the blocked person sends messages, they will not be displayed on your database. Yet you can still find the chat history before your blockage.

While the official WhatsApp app does not support scheduling, you can use some 3rd party apps that lets you schedule messages on WhatsApp.

Several things can cause WhatsApp to not send your messages like your internet connection, wrong or mistyped number, phone malfunction, etc.

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    I must recover deleted WhatsApp messages since I changed my phone. I lost all of them and couldn’t be sadder.