How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages? (Solved)

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages? (Solved)

You’re tired of using Facebook and want to close your account. It’s quite normal and you can temporarily or permanently close your profile if you wish to do so. This depends on your preference. And then what will you do when you regret it and want to recover deleted Facebook messages?

Let’s see what are your options are regarding this subject.

Recover Your Old Messages: Is It Possible?

It’s not possible, actually. It is clearly stated on the Facebook official website that it is impossible to recover your messages if you deleted them permanently. At least, it’s not possible with the official ways.

However, you don’t have to worry at all. Even if it’s not official, you can retrieve your old messages in a few simple steps.

You can do this by simply using the archive files stored on your computer and recover your old Facebook messages.

How Can You Retrieve Your Messages?

One of the questions frequently asked by Facebook users who permanently close their account is “Is it possible to recover deleted Facebook messages?”

Yes, you can do it! Nonetheless, you have to get into the details to do so.

But you can do this with a different method, not by connecting to your Facebook account.

This method is only applicable to people who do not delete log files on their computers.

If the archive files on your computer have been deleted, unfortunately, you cannot.

This method is not done in mobile applications. It can only be done on desktop computers. It is impossible to access this data from mobile devices.

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Recover Your Deleted Facebook Account Data

The information we provide in this article applies only to Facebook messages.

You can not recover your data from a deleted Facebook account. You can recover your Facebook messages and some other information with this method.

Because if you deleted your account permanently, it is not possible to bring it back. There is no method or application for this.

To restore your deleted Facebook messages, you can take advantage of the old log files stored on your computer.

  1. Login to your Facebook account and tap or click on Settings.
  2. Choose “Download a copy of your Facebook data” and start my archive.
  3. And when you click the “Start My Archive” button, in 2-3 hours you will start to download your archive.
  4. This archive will be located at your computer, either way, you should save it to a safe folder.
  5. So, if one day you decide to close your Facebook account, this data will still be at your PC, and you can use it later.

As you see, it’s possible to get your messages back only if you downloaded your Facebook data beforehand. Therefore, if you permanently deleted your account, your messages are gone for good.

A Solution to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

With the method described above, download Facebook data and keep that data on your computer.

This is the best solution to recover deleted Facebook messages.

With this archive, you can recover your stuff in almost no time at all.

There are several mobile applications that claim to do this. You can find applications like this in the Android and iOS markets. Some are paid, some are free.

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However, the use of these applications is at your own risk. We do not have any advice or warnings about these apps as we can’t possibly endorse them.

The method that we did explain will work for you.

If you implement it correctly, you will get a successful result and you will be able to recover your deleted Facebook messages.

If you don’t want to deal with this type of procedure, always remember to back up your Facebook data before you delete your account.


If you wish to retrieve your old Facebook conversations, it’s essential for you to download your Facebook archive before you close your account for good.

If you did close your account, it’s sadly not possible for you to get your messages back in any way possible.

However, if youı deactivated your account for a temporary period, it’s possible for you to reactivate it and download your data as you should.

So, do you know how many conversations you have on Facebook? Let us know down right in the comments section. We have a present for the highest message count.

Thank you for reading this article!

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