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How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account

How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account

If you suddenly found yourself on the Instagram login page while logging into the app normally, unfortunately, your Instagram account may have fallen into the wrong hands. If you have not been able to log in to your account, don’t worry. Still, you have several ways to recover it. In this article, we will explain in detail how to recover a hacked Instagram account.

How Can I Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

Here are the steps to recover your account:

  • First, go to the Instagram page and click on the Get Help to Login option to contact Instagram Support.
  • If your account is still with the same username, enter your username or your old email address.
  • Once you have a hacked Instagram account, there are several options. From the options like e-mail or phone number, click on an option you have access to. 
  • If you do not have access to any of them, press the “Need More Help?” button.
  • In this section, Instagram will ask you to verify your identity. To verify that you are a real user of this account, you need to enter some information.
hacked instagram account
  • After filling in your information, you will have to wait for the e-mail from Instagram. If you verify that your Instagram account has been hacked, you will receive a return. Within a few days, Instagram will send a security code to your e-mail address.
  • Instagram often asks you to verify your identity. You need to write the code on a piece of paper and take a photo of yourself holding the paper. Then you need to send it.
  • As a second, you need to provide your email or phone number and specify whether the device you are using is iPhone or Android.
  • After providing this information, Instagram confirms the accuracy of this information and e-mails the steps you need to follow to get your account back.

How Long Does It Take to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this. However, after contact the Instagram Support line, Instagram says that users must wait at least twenty-four hours before they can give replies to hacked Instagram accounts. So, unfortunately, it is not possible to get your account in fifteen minutes. This is a subject that can change, and the faster you act, the quicker you can get your account back. Some users can get their hacked Instagram accounts back in a day or in a week, it is all about luck. After recovering your account, you can buy Instagram likes to make up for the time you were unable to access your account.

How Can I Increase the Security of My Instagram Account?

There are some precautions you can take to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked. The most important of these will be to use two-factor authentication. After going to your profile, you should press the Two Factor Authentication option in the Settings section, and then you can activate this feature with the security code. Thanks to this feature, a confirmation code will be required when anyone wants to log in to your Instagram account, and this code will also be sent to your mobile phone as a message. Also, you can change Instagram privacy setting to increase the safety of your account.

Recovering a Hacked Account in Short

In this article, we explained how to recover a hacked Instagram account. You can double the security of your account by taking measures to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked. It is also possible to retrieve your hacked Instagram account by verifying your identity. It is just a matter of time, and you have to wait for Instagram to reply to your e-mail for a while after you send an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are getting the “we couldn’t find your account” alert, it means that your account username has been changed by the person who hacked your Instagram account. You should immediately send a message to your friends who you know are following you, even if your username has been changed, your friends will see your new username because they are following you.

Yes, it is possible if you can verify your identity and convince the Instagram team with your information.

You can use Two Factor Authentication for this; set your password as a more difficult password. You can also make your account more secure by avoiding apps that claim to show people who have visited your Instagram profile.

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  1. John fisher
    John fisher


  2. Jesse

    I’d like to recover a hacked Instagram account that does not belong to me (belongs to a friend of mine). I believe I have to follow the same steps.

    • Natalie Morales
      Natalie Morales

      Were you able to recover your account?

    • aquiles ruiz
      aquiles ruiz

      can you help

  3. Natalie R.
    Natalie R.

    Hi Dennis- Do you think that you can help me with additional information as to how to gain access to my account? It was hacked this morning. They changed everything. I followed your steps, how long will it take instagram to email me?

    • Dennis

      Hello, sorry for late responding. Usually it takes 24 or 48 hours for Instagram to respond. Were you able to get a respond?

      • Tania

        Denis how can I retrieve hacked account,I’ve tried all options but to no avail.ive lost access to original email address used

    • Lori devlin
      Lori devlin

      Please help account hacked everything changed even new instagram open email number everything changed need to recover account

  4. Beauty_amoola

    My instagram got hacked

    • Dennis

      Sorry to hear that, were you able to follow the steps shown in the article?

    • Pic.editz11o9

      They changed my email and phone number please help

      • Yasmin Talley
        Yasmin Talley

        Have you tried contacting Instagram Support?

      • Yasmin Talley
        Yasmin Talley

        You should follow the steps we mentioned above.

  5. Vianne

    Hi I got my account hacked changed email and number so there is no way to get it back! Can you help by providing an email to contact Instagram. I need my account I work with it

  6. LakaniaLucas

    Hi my Instagram account been hacked they changed everything I have as to prove it my account I really want it bk cuz its my business account and I get paid from it to promote and my money is on my account with my private photos

    • Dennis

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Have you tried the steps shown in the article? Were you able to get support from Instagram?

  7. Sandra Velazquez
    Sandra Velazquez

    I just got hacked too!! They changed my email and phone number so I can’t get on.

    • Dennis

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear that. Have you tried the ways shown in the article?

  8. Larissa Hearns
    Larissa Hearns

    Can someone help me recover my hacked Instagram account

    • Dennis

      Hi, have you tried the steps shown in the article?

  9. Kelly

    Hi my insta account has been hacked I have done all steps I sent my face video which they said they can’t complete it it’s not me try agsin so I did few times still nothing now it’s telling me to try back in a few minutes but it’s been hour still sayin try bck few minutes please @Dennis help me😢😢

    • Maggie Whitewater
      Maggie Whitewater

      So sorry to hear that, have you tried reporting to Instagram support?

  10. Tania

    Instagram was hacked,they changed everything, phone number and all and I also have no access to email I used for Instagram,lost it yre ago and totally forgot to change it.i have tried everything, reported page etc Instagram said it doesn’t breech guidelines so they didn’t remove account.need my account back it has thousands of pics of my kid’s on it.any tips would be great guys.

  11. Sienna

    Hi Denis,

    My Instagram account got hacked on Friday – Jan 21, I’ve been trying the recover feature since then and doing the selfie videos and they keep getting refused, do I just keep trying? Is there anything else I can do?

  12. Elena Wall
    Elena Wall

    Hi, my insta account got hacked and they changed email, number and account name so there’s no way I can access it! Is it possible to get it back?

  13. Kipgen.robert

    My instagram account got hack but they dont yet change anything. I found out when i wake up today

  14. Mary

    I watched the video and yesss I got an email from Instagram with log in instructions.
    But it is too complicated for me.
    One of the steps is log out from Instagram. How can I do that been out of my account? Could you please help me?
    Thank you

    • Maggie Whitewater
      Maggie Whitewater

      So sorry to hear that Mary,
      Have you tried consulting Instagram Help about the issue?

  15. Audrey white
    Audrey white

    My instagram has been hacked and sending my friends scam msgs about investing in bitcoin and asking fir their paypal please help

  16. alaa

    I got hcakced on Instagram they changed my email but my phone number is still the same so please I need help to get back to my account.

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should follow the steps we mentioned above.

  17. subhashsen33

    I think my Instagram account was hacked. This is not my mistake. This account was very important for me, so please give me my old Instagram account.

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You can try the solutions we mentioned above to recover your account.