How to Record on YouTube TV? (2020)

How to Record on YouTube TV? (2020)

YouTube TV is a great platform that allows its users to record movies, music shows and all other videos to watch later. YouTube TV offers unlimited space for its users to save broadcasts and continue to enjoy whenever they want. Here is a guide to explain how to record YouTube TV. 

What Can You Record on YouTube TV

What Can You Record on YouTube TV? 

YouTube TV offers many popular channels with full of movies and shows. The channels that YouTube TV has depends on where you live, but generally, it offers 70 channels full of enjoyment. You can watch and record the broadcasts on many channels like ABC, Fox TV, NBC and National Geographic. Also, you have full access to YouTube Originals.

Recording on YouTube TV 

Recording videos is one of the most attractive features of YouTube TV. Different than other TV options, YouTube TV offers unlimited space for recording. Recording on YouTube TV is really easy. You just need to follow these instructions: 

  • Open your YouTube TV and sign in. 
  • Find the program that you want to record. 
  • You will see + icon next to the program that you want to record. 
  • Click on + icon to record current and future shows of the program automatically. 
  • Whenever you want, you can remove the program that you don’t want to record anymore. 

If you want to record all related upcoming events or videos that are related to your favorite team, you can record them easily. 

  • Go to Search and write the name of your favorite team. 
  • Select it from the results and see your team’s information. 
  • Click on + icon or record button. 


How much space YouTube TV have? 

YouTube TV has unlimited space for your records. You can record movies and shows without any limitations.

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Can I follow my team on YouTube TV? 

Yes, you can add your favorite team on YouTube TV and can see all the upcoming events of your team.

How can I record my favorite series on YouTube TV? 

You just need to find your series on YouTube TV and then click on + icon. YouTube TV starts to record all episodes of your favorite series.


YouTube TV is amazing if you want to record the broadcasts to watch later. It has unlimited space for your recordings, and you can easily record all movies and shows easily thanks to YouTube TV. 

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