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How to Raid on Twitch (Twitch Raid Guide)

Raids help streamers send their viewers to a different channel at the end of their broadcast to introduce their audience to the new channel and have some fun along the way. Raiding another channel at the end of your broadcast can be a great way to help another streamer expand their community. The Raid command on Twitch makes it easier for you to release a Raid and join your viewers on another stream. You will also have tools for managing Raids and can see information about who recently Raided your channel.

How Does Twitch Raid Work?

When the streamer starts a Raid, you will see the attached chat message Channel A Raid Channel B. If you are viewing a channel, you will automatically get into a Raid. The streamer and other Raiders will be sent to another channel when the streamer clicks Start Raid. If the streamer does not Click cancel or Raid now within 90 seconds, you, the streamer, and other Raiders will be sent to a different channel.

If you do not want to participate in a Raid, you can leave the Raid before the countdown ends by clicking the Exit button to stay on the current channel. And if you change your mind about leaving the Raid, you can join again by clicking the attached message’s Join button.

Steps to Raid on Twitch

Starting a Raid as a Creator is very easy. First, let your viewers know that you are about to launch a Raid, and then share the chat message you want your viewers to insert on the channel upon arrival. To start a Raid;

  • Enter Raid and then the name of the channel you want to Raid (Raid twitch presents for a Raid on a twitch presents channel). Only you and your channel editors can start a Raid this way.
  • After you enter Raid, you will see an attached chat message with a 10-second countdown and an inactive Start Raid button.
  • After 10 seconds, you can click Start Raid to complete the Raid. If you do not Click cancel or Raid now within 80 seconds, the Raid will start automatically.
  • Your viewers will see an attached chat message informing them they are joining the Raid. So viewers can leave the Raid anytime by clicking the “Exit” button on the pinned message.
steps to raid on twitch

When the countdown is over, you and your Raiders will be sent to the channel you specify in the command. At the same time, people on the channel you are “Raiding” will see the chat message “your channel is Raiding with a group number of Raiders.” You can join the Raid as a viewer through the website or the Twitch mobile app. If there is a problem when you try to use this function, you should contact Twitch Support.

How Can I See Who Raided Me?

The rundown of late Raids can be gotten to through the visit settings. Then go to Chat Settings on Twitch. Once there, select “Recent Raids” to see a rundown of the diverts you have visited over the most recent 24 hours. When somebody raids you, your viewers will increase. You can ask someone else to raid your stream or buy Twitch live stream views if you need more viewers.

What if I Have a Bad Raiding Experience?

Most of the Raids are positive; in some cases, Raiders may not be the most pleasing. So you can use the accompanying Twitch structure to check undesirable Raids:

  • Manage Incoming Raids: You can go to your board settings to deal with your approaching Raids. Of course, your channel will acknowledge every approaching Raid; however, you can just permit Raids from your organization (companions, partners, and resulting channels) or even disable every single approaching Raid.
  • Disable Twitch Raid Using “Subscriber Only Chat”: If you need to close the approaching Raid under any conditions, you can empower supporters to talk to abstain from visiting with the Raiders.
  • To Enable Chat for Subscribers Only: Click on the talk gear symbol to open the visit settings. Select the Followers just checkbox and set the base measure of time individuals must follow you before they can visit.
  • Report or Block a Raider Channel: You can report abuse or ban a Raider channel due to an unkind or unfitting Raid. You can learn how to block someone on Twitch.
  • To Report or Deny a Raider Channel: Click on the visit gear symbol to open the talk settings. Click on Recent Raids to see a rundown of channels that have, as of late, Raid you. Hit Ban or Report close to the channel you need to hinder. Individuals you restricted will not, at this point, have the option to Raid you.

Conclusion on How to Raid on Twitch

In this article, we explained how to Raid on Twitch and the other options for improving gameplay. Hopefully, we were able to help. If you have many viewers on Twitch, you can support a streamer by raiding, or somebody can help you in the same way. Also, you can use this function with your friends just for fun.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can Raid any channel. To expand your Raid buff, we suggest Raiding individuals with an equal number of visitors or fewer visitors. Raiding your friends can be a simple method to share your crowd, and Raiding gamers with a small crowd can fill their hearts with joy.

Offer your thanks to the Raiders for joining. Meet the Raiders – be short, be straightforward, and talk about what your channel is about. If you realize somebody is Raiding you, let them get to know your position. If you are the lucky ones, the streamers will begin following you. Whenever you begin streaming, attempt to bring a Raid back.

You can Raid as a gamer or manager and join Raids on cell phones.

No, as a part of a Raid, you will continue to rebroadcast the channel you are Raiding on. You can generally change this after the Raid.

You can block the harassers and check dangerous messages by using Automod.

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