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How to Put Music on Spotify

Spotify has become a major player in the world of music streaming. It also has become a part of our lives that we cannot give up. Spotify was founded in 2006 in Sweeden, however, it grew and caught fame through the recent last years. Now music artists are after how to put music on Spotify.

Although Spotify is an audio streaming platform, its biggest rival is YouTube. Spotify does not offer videos, at least it did not offer videos for a long time. Now it is possible to watch videos on Spotify as well.

However, Spotify still competed with YouTube without offering videos. Of course, this is in terms of musical content. When YouTube offered videos with music, Spotify offered better sound quality. 

Of course, the sound quality was not the only thing compared to its rivals as well. There are other programs that offered music streaming services, yet it is so easy to use Spotify thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Spotify also offers services such as suggesting music. YouTube has suggestions as well, and its suggestions are playlists too just like on Spotify. However, Spotify’s AI is so good to understand the users’ music taste. 

If you are an artist and you have music, you would want it to be broadcasted on Spotify, so everyone can listen to it. However, uploading songs to Spotify is not that easy as uploading videos to YouTube. 

Before online music, musicians needed a producer to get heard. Now there are online producers that make deals with musicians. We can see them on YouTube as well. For example, Vevo is one of the most famous music video providers on YouTube. On Spotify, you need to have an artist profile and select either a record label or a distributor.

What are Music Distributors on Spotify

What are Music Distributors on Spotify?

Music distributors on Spotify are like the producers of today. Spotify does not allow artists to put music on Spotify directly. That is why you have to sign up with a music distributor. They help you to put your music on Spotify.

You might be wondering how much is this service. Well, the service fee for music distributors varies. Some of the distributors charge you for uploading your songs to Spotify but allows you to keep 100% of your royalties. Some of the distributors offer services for free but keep some of the royalties for themselves.

There are also some distributors that offer services such as promotion, performance tracking, and boosting your music. It is basically like a producer. They can get your music more plays and make them added to official playlists.

Some of them even have services such as DJs. They mix your songs and master them. So this is one of the available services of music distributors.

Here are some of the music distributors; TuneCore, CD Baby, AWAL, DistroKid, LANDR, RouteNote. Some of these include services for other music platforms than Spotify as well, such as Apple Music or YouTube. 

Not let’s take a look at the steps to distribute your music on Spotify through music distributors.

Steps to Put Your Music on Spotify

Steps to Put Your Music on Spotify

There are a few steps to put your music on Spotify through distributors. The first one is uploading your songs to the distributor. 

Upload Your Songs to the Distributor

You must pay attention to the audio file you upload. Be sure to upload a high-quality MP3 file that is 320 kbps. Some music distributors may limit the quality of uploads. The minimum quality is 120 kbps. 

If you want to put your music on a playlist, your music should be unreleased first. That is why it is recommended to select a distributor that allows you to select a release date at least in the next week.

You can upload lossless wave files too.

Provide Meta Data

You have to provide the artist name and the song title, however, they are not the only things you should provide.

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You should provide; album title, track number, music genre, and copyright information. It is possible to add this information directly to an MP3 file through an MP3 creation software.

Provide Artwork

Provide album cover images or photos of the artist with his/her name on them. It will make your content more recognizable. 

Once the distributor approves your content, it will take 3-5 days to be put on Spotify. So make the right decision about your images. Present yourself at your best.


We have covered how to put music on Spotify. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do it directly from Spotify itself. However, there are music distributors to help you upload music to Spotify. Each differs from its services. 

We also mentioned the steps to upload your music to distributors. Yet, your content must be approved to be on Spotify.

If you want to learn more about Spotify, check our articles about it. You might be interested in how to add songs to Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It differs from distributor to distributor. Some of the charge you for putting your music, some of them take a part of your royalties and put your music for free.

The agreements are not made with every artist, so not all songs can be found on Spotify. However, if you have your desired song in your device, you can reach them from local files.

Spotify accepts payments monthly, so yes. You can arrange it for auto payment.

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