How to Put Links in the Tumblr Description

How to Put Links in the Tumblr Description

Tumblr is a microblogging site in which you can share posts that are formed as text, quotes, URL, GIF, pictures, videos, and audio. It is possible to chat as other social media platforms do. Since Tumblr is a very popular website, people have wondered many things about it, including how to put links in the Tumblr description.

For years, Tumblr users have been trying to express themselves on their Tumblr blog. It can be said that the blog is like a daybook. You can explain yourself or your blog and add the link to your other social media accounts in the description box. So, Tumblr makes contact with other social media platforms. This feature can be serviceable for your network. Then, let’s learn how to put links in the Tumblr description?

How to Use the Description Box on Tumblr

  • You can summarize yourself and your life by describing your hobbies, thoughts, dealing with subjects, and your emotions about anything. 
  • The descriptions in blogs generally include unique texts and links (whether hyperlink or not) about personal knowledge.
What Can You Do With Links in the Tumblr Description

What Can You Do With Links in the Tumblr Description?

  • You share the links of your other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. As a result, your accounts and followers are attached to each other; this situation causes you to be recognized. As people get to know you, you will be understood.
  • The links can be classified in order to simplify access to the personal information that you want to share. For example, you want to separate your posts, likes, and other actions.

All in all, you must have understood that you can insert any link in your Tumblr bio. 

How to Put Links in the Tumblr Description?

It’s so easy to transform your blog into a specific place for you and your followers. If you explore and understand your blog, the followers do as well. It is explained in the following phrases for computers and mobile devices.

Steps for Putting a Link in Tumblr Description for Computer:

  1. Firstly, you should log in to your Tumblr account.
  2. You see the homepage of Tumblr. Tap the top right ”account” button that looks like a human profile. Choose your Tumblr blog.
  3. Tap the ”Edit appearance” option on the right side of the screen.
  4. Later, choose the ”edit theme” in the ”website theme” part.
  5. You should put the link to the ”description box” in the appearance options located on the right. 
  6. You can type things that describe you in this box if you want. The link is put by this way: 
  • Type <br> next to your text, if you have the text in your description box. If you do that, the link you will put is located in the bottom line. You can think of this code as the ”space” button.
  • Open the page of the link that you want to add to your Tumblr bio and copy the link.
  • You should use this code in your description to add the link:

                      <a href=”URL”>TITLE</a> 

Paste the link that you copy instead of ’URL.’ It’s important to type with quotation marks as above.

  • Now, you can type any title for the link that is showed in the description. It will be the name of the link.

You can copy the code from above and paste your description. You don’t need to know the code information.

Ø For example;

How to add links to the Tumblr description? <br>

<a href=””>instafollowers</a>

7. The color of the link can be changed with the ”link color” feature in the theme options.

8. Tap the blue ”Save” button at the top after you finish. Finally, your followers can see the links in your blog and access the page by clicking on it.

Steps for Putting a Link in Tumblr Description for Mobile Devices:

1. Open the Tumblr app on your phone.

2. Tap the ”account” icon in the bottom right line.

3. When your blog is opened on the screen, choose the ”Edit appearance” option in the top line. Its icon looks like a palette.

4. Tap your description. Copy the code in the above and paste the description box. This step is too similar to steps on the computer. 

                <a href=”URL”>TITLE</a>

You should paste the link instead of ’URL’ and type the title of the link instead of ’TITLE.’

You can have a look at the 6. Step in above for this if you get hard to understand.

5. Tap the ”update” button in the top right corner.

6. Then, choose the ”save” in the top line.

FAQs About Tumblr Descriptions

Can I put more than one link in the Tumblr description?

Yes, you can add several links to your Tumblr description easily. After you put the first link, you can skip to the bottom line for another link, or you can start to type from next to the first link.

Sometimes I don’t want to show my Tumblr description without deleting the text and link. How can I do that?

You don’t need to show it to everybody; you can close your description. To begin with, you should open your Tumblr blog. Choose the ”Edit appearance” and tap the text in the description. You will notice that the ”show description” button appears. If you click it, your Tumblr description will be off.

Do any users see the links in the Tumblr description?

It’s not necessary to follow you to see the links. All Tumblr users can access the page in the link.

Concluding Putting Links on Tumblr Description

We have explained how to insert links in the Tumblr description. You can edit your blog with your creativity and inspiration by watching your followers’ interactions. Classification in your Tumblr account will help to tell you the other parts of life. 

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