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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel (Updated – 2024)

So we’d like to offer you a few suggestions on how to promote your YouTube channel. If you’re doing this, do it in accordance with the rules and earn more.

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Have you ever wanted to be a YouTube millionaire in recent years? We’re sure you’ve been thinking about it too. Because YouTube is no longer an ordinary social media site and has become a profit center.

From a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old grandmother, everyone has a YouTube channel.

Promote Your Youtube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

First, decide what you want to do. If you do what everyone else does, it’s hard to move forward.
If you share different, interesting, and personal content, you’ll have more followers, and your channel will grow faster. To accelerate the process, you can get YouTube likes and boost your channel.
This is the first main rule. We will describe the other methods in detail below.

Increase YouTube Subscribers

Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube

As your number of followers increases, your channel will also be promoted. There are a few little things you need to do for this:

  • Don’t broadcast boring videos.
  • Publish impressive, diverse, and natural content
  • Don’t squeeze the user by talking too much in your videos. The stalkers want action!
  • Use the video effects correctly. Don’t overdo it!
  • Reach your target audience. Don’t share irrelevant and ridiculous videos.
  • Pay attention to keyword usage.
  • The video title should hit the target!
  • Do not upload video in day overload. Let your followers miss you a bit.

If you do this, you will see that your number of followers is increasing day by day.

Be yourself! You will win!

Earn More With Your Youtube Channel

The more followers, the more publicity. And of course, it all means more money. To make money with YouTube, you need to know how to promote your YouTube channel.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to simply open the channel and upload the video. A few tips will help you.
If you want to make more money on YouTube, don’t be limited to YouTube to promote your channel. Use other social media sites too.

Tips to Promote

If you know how to promote your YouTube channel, you can start dreaming of becoming YouTube rich very recently. Because we will continue to support you in this matter:

Create a Main Thread Between Your Videos

One of the main tactics to advertise your YouTube channel is to create videos linked together by a very long thread. It is essential that the user slowly learns to associate your face, voice, way of communicating with a specific theme: this is why you should try not to jump like kangaroos from one topic to another, but keep a well-defined line between the different videos.

Imagine your YouTube channel as a massive container of guides for subscribers to your channel. Video after video, they can deepen the central theme and become passionate about your channel because they know that they will find more information and clarity on the topic that interests them. If possible, create playlists by effectively dividing the macro-topic into small issues. 

When you thoroughly analyze the topic to be explored in your videos, think about creating “evergreen” content. What does it mean? These videos that you can watch now or ten years from now, without losing their meaning. Avoid, for example, statistical data, which are so much used in blogs: editing an article is relatively simple; editing a video is practically impossible. You would risk facing new production costs year after year.

Last tip about your videos: try to offer titles and content to capture the user’s curiosity. To pursue this goal, you might look at the tips YouTube itself offers you. 

YouTube End Screen

Effectively Use The “Final Screens”

You can advertise your YouTube channel directly from your videos. Sounds absurd, right? But that’s right: YouTube already provides you with a series of tools that can help you increase the number of followers and, consequently, views. Among the main tools that present these objectives are the so-called “final screens”. What is it, and why could it make a difference within your channel? The final screens were created to replace the old “annotations”, those rectangles that appeared within the videos to link to the channel or another video. These are graphic elements that can last from 5 to 20 seconds which are added to the end of videos of at least 25 seconds and which have three main objectives:

  1. Direct viewers to other YouTube videos, playlists, or channels;
  2. They invite viewers to subscribe to the channel from which the current video arrives;
  3. They support the promotion of a website.

As you can see, these are handy tools, which must therefore be exploited to the maximum. How can you add them? Straightforwardly: enter your channel with the account with which you usually publish your videos. At the top right, you will find your channel logo. Click on it with the left mouse button and then choose the “creator studio” option:

At this point, you will find yourself in front of your videos. By clicking on the arrow next to the “edit” option, “final screens and annotations” will appear: one last click, and here is the result.

From here, you can add the final screen that seems most useful to you to bring the user to your channel. Once inserted, you will monitor the clicks constantly and the impressions of these, to see if, indeed, they are achieving success or it is necessary to modify them.

Pay Attention to The Restrictions

There is only one restriction that YouTube has implemented on the final screens starting from the first months of June 2018: to insert them, you must become a partner of the social platform program. What does it mean? YouTube review of your channel is based on specific criteria:

If you’ve already met these parameters, request a review of your channel. Otherwise, take advantage of the other methods to make an advertisement for your YouTube channel to increase followers and views.

Why are the final screens so important? Mainly because, in case a user found your channel without searching for it directly (for example, they entered “Illustrator infographics” in the search bar and came across your video), you could eventually push them to subscribe, staying in touch with them. So if your main aim is to boost subscribers and your view count is already high enough, take advantage of the final screens to achieve your goal.

Run YouTube Paid Ads

In addition to your organic views, it is also ideal to run ad campaigns for your YouTube videos. This might increase your potential to drive more views and expand your subscribers. Some of these ad formats can be listed as follows:

Sponsored Ads

These ads can be shown in YouTube videos that have a close relation to its content and category.

YouTube Overlay Ads

With Display ads, you can advertise on banners that appear at the bottom of the video player.

Skippable Ads

Video ads that can be skipped present the user with an opportunity to skip the video ad after having watched a few seconds of it.

Non-skippable Ads

Ads that don’t allow being skipped require the viewer to watch the ad entirely. Although this might increase the revenue, it also can cause a decrease in views due to the inability to choose whether to skip.

Introduction Part YouTube

Prepare a Standard Intro For Your YouTube Videos

Catchy and standardized intros for your YouTube Channel videos may improve user experience and increase the perceived quality and brand awareness of your channel. Try to include a standardized intro for each genre or playlist of your videos.

Create Content On a Regular Schedule

YouTube algorithm tends to favor channels that create content on a regular basis. That is why it becomes of high importance to post videos on a consistent schedule. However, this tendency of YouTube’s algorithm does not mean that posting low-quality videos just for the sake of posting on a schedule will land you a better place within the algorithm. Even though you need to create content regularly, the quality and relevance of your content still plays a major role within the dynamics set out by the algorithm of YouTube

Use Eye-Catching Thumbnails

It is extremely important to choose an appropriate thumbnail for every video. That is because YouTube automatically chooses a random thumbnail and what it chooses may not be very appealing for the user experience. Manually picking your thumbnails in accordance with what may be more appealing will increase your views. This can be important even more than keyword choice in your titles and descriptions as users perceive YouTube as a visual platform rather than a textual one. In addition, one can even conclude that a person’s choice to watch a video out of many may be determined more highly by the visual quality of the thumbnail.

YouTube Community

Engage With The Community

A higher engagement rate with your YouTube community increases your ranking in the search result page of YouTube in comparison to YouTube channels that long have not engaged with its subscribers. To increase engagement levels you should produce posts on the community segment of your YouTube channel. Additionally, you should be highly responsive to the comment section of your videos. Alternatively, you can leave heart emojis for the comments under your YouTube videos for better engagement levels.

Create Playlists For Your Videos

You should create playlists and put your videos in order with them. This will present a tidy outlook, better user experience and a proper reference point for the potential viewers in YouTube. Additionally, having relevant and many playlists will create more space in the YouTube search result page and increase the likelihood of getting more clicks.

Q&A Videos

It is important to include Questions & Answers in many topics from your personal journey on YouTube to technical and general content related to your channel. This increases the possibility for better rankings as YouTube users search for Q&As in their searches.

Email Marketing to Your Subscribers

Having an active email marketing campaign is important to improve view count. This is because email marketing serves the function of a notification alert for a number of people even though you may think that email marketing campaigns have become obsolete

In Conclusion of How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

This article detailed how to promote your YouTube Channel. If you would like more information, visit our blog for more articles about various topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

In order to give your channel a hand for driving more views and subscribers, you can consider running ad campaigns through Google Ads.

According to YouTube, in order to be eligible to apply for the Partner Program (YPP), you must have more than 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and more than 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube advertising puts your video ads in front of the most relevant and engaging audience at an incredible rate. So yes, it is worth it to the last penny.

Yes, being a YouTuber is a good thing. You can earn money from it if you have good quality content to publish and let people watch. Although starting from scratch is hard because the competition increases every second.

Some channels get approved in days, and some wait much more. Yet, if it takes longer than a month, that means that your channel will be further reviewed, and when that happens, you could wait for months.

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