How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram?

How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram?

Instagram is a social platform where we can share our moments and things that we are interested in. Every day we find something new to share. Sharing creative content from our account is interesting and we get many likes from it. That is why some users are after how to post YouTube videos on Instagram.

When it comes to getting likes, there is a lot we can do, let’s not deny it. Sharing content from other platforms includes. Like Instagram’s IGTV, another interesting platform we can find creative content is YouTube.

You just watched a video on YouTube and you have decided to share it on Instagram to show your followers. However, Instagram does not let you share YouTube videos directly. Yet, there are ways to share YouTube videos on Instagram.

Record YouTube Videos

Record YouTube Videos

You can record the video on desktop or mobile devices. You can use screen recorders to get the video and then save it on your gallery. 

To record YouTube videos on PC, get one of the screen recorder apps for PC or you can use PowerPoint. It is interesting but the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint has a screen recording feature.

You can use third-party apps to record your screen as well. One of the well-known apps is OBS. It is open-source and allows for fullscreen recording. It also has a live streaming option for gamers. Yet, you can use OBS to save your recorded video.

You can record your screen on Mac with Mojave. You can either record the entire screen or record a selected portion of the screen. Press Shift-Command-5 and you can start recording. Apple Support explains how to use Mojave in detail.

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It is possible to record your screen on mobile devices as well. For example, AZ Screen Recorder is a good app for Android devices. However, you will need at least Android 5.0 to run it.

In iOS 11 or later versions, you can directly record your screen. It is possible to do this from your phone settings. If you cannot do that, you can use an app called Mobcrush. It is also used for streaming live games on iOS.


How can you add a link to your Instagram Story?

You need to have a Professional Account to do it. If you have a Professional Account, when you take a photo or a video for your story, tap on the icon that looks like a chain on the top of the page. Add the URL of the website and tap on the Share button to share your Story.

How do you post longer videos on Instagram?

If you don’t want to post your video to IGTV, you can add multiple videos to an Instagram Post. You can add several videos by tapping the plus sign icon.

How can you get verified on Instagram?

There are several ways to get verified on Instagram. Read our 5 Ways to Get Verified on Instagram article to find out more.


We have covered how to post YouTube videos on Instagram. Although it is not possible to do it directly, there are ways to post YouTube videos on Instagram by using third-party apps.

You can either choose to record the video or download the video. Downloading the video looks a bit easier because you can also edit your video in a downloader app.

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