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How to Post on Pinterest (Simple Guide)

How to Post on Pinterest (Simple Guide)

Pinterest is a social platform where mainly visual content is shared. Pinterest, which is an extremely popular social network, especially in Europe and America, is actually newly discovered in our country. Since it is a pretty popular platform when it comes to visual content, people wonder how to post on Pinterest.

Founded in the United States in 2010, Pinterest initially had a very limited category. The board structure consisting of tables and a narrow range of content was extremely limited. However, as Pinterest’s presence got stronger, the quality of the platform has risen rapidly.

The platform, which is mainly used by women, reaches more and more people every day. And its recognition increases in proportion to its quality. The fact that Pinterest has not yet entered the radar of brands is actually their loss. Because this practice is literally like uncharted rich land. It has a quiet but powerful spread. It is also one of the extensions that websites redirect the most.

Pinterest Pinning Feature

Pinterest on Pin

Undoubtedly, one of the most important and distinctive features of Pinterest is its pinning feature. Pinterest basically offers its users two different ways of sharing; upload your own images and pin images that have been uploaded by others. In this context, some can create new boards from the content that has been uploaded, while others may choose the create pin path.

Another of Pinterest’s most efficient features is the board feature where pins are saved. Thanks to the dashboards, users have the opportunity to save the images they love in an organized manner and present them to others. Boards can be open to others or, of course, also hidden.

Having a high-quality content range, Pinterest has become a very suitable platform, especially for artists. It also took the form of a small visual search engine preferred by people dealing with animation. One of the interesting features of Pinterest is that its users are predominantly women. The platform, which is developing mostly for women’s use, stands out with different branches of art, creative production samples, knitting, and food pins. It is quite possible that you will encounter many boards on these topics on Pinterest.

Posting On Pinterest

Pinterest, which creates an exact, interesting, and rich resource for many blog posts, has extremely rich pin content. Moreover, the fact that this content is from many different branches brings together people with different interests. However, many people are using the application but cannot upload content because they do not know how to do it yet. However, this is due to a few easy steps.

One of the most important aspects of posting posts on Pinterest is contributing to the platform’s dynamism and original theme. Pinterest is a colorful and always unique platform where many different people and, therefore, many different images and videos meet. The Pinterest app differs from other visual apps of this type in several ways. Undoubtedly, the most important of these distinctions are the types of images that Pinterest users prefer to upload. When visual platforms come to mind, the first application we can compare to Pinterest is undoubtedly Instagram. However, Instagram is an application where more people share their own images. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a platform where more people share their works, productions, arts, and different types of photos they take.

In this context, if you are looking for an application with more general and broader content than personal images, Pinterest is for you.

Upload to Pinterest

How to Upload to Pinterest?

Uploading pins to Pinterest is a very simple process that you can do with just a few steps. The first thing you need is to create an account. The pins you can see without creating an account are limited. When you create your account and log in to the application via mobile or computer, you should enter the Create section. After coming to this section, you should click on the create pin button. There are only two things left; select imagine and create a Pinterest.

You can perform operations such as cropping while editing the Pin you designed on the platform. The recommended ratio here is usually 2: 3. After updating the change you have created, you can add a logo by clicking the ★ icon. Remember, you have to update the changes so that your edits are saved on your design.

When your design is finished, you should add a suitable text for your Pin before publishing it. Another point to be aware of is that you should definitely upload your Pin to the relevant board. Thus, your Pin will appear in front of people interested in this issue and follow it.

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You can keep the text of your Pin long or short according to your wish and Pin. However, it will always be a nice advantage if a visual with a story tells it in the explanations section. You also have the chance to change the font of your text. Also, you can add a link to your text, so you can direct users to your website or blog. You can publish your Pin immediately or organize it for a later release. If you wish, you can create a new board for your Pin or add it to an existing board. After following all these steps, you only have one thing to do, and that is to publish your Pin.

Advantages of Using Pinterest

As we mentioned before, sharing Pins or creating a board with existing Pins is quite simple. Pinterest is one of the applications with a very useful, functional, and simple interface. This makes the application much more usable and preferred.

Being one of the social networks that receive the most referrals from different websites, Pinterest actually generates a lot of revenue for brands. Looking at the user profile, we encounter a table equivalent to this situation. Pinterest users prefer to follow brands and products rather than following celebrities or influencers. In fact, as we said before, it’s not people or faces that stand out on Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform where products, images, art content, and photography predominantly come to the fore.

Conclusion About Posting On Pinterest

The easiest way to be successful on Pinterest is to spend time on this site. All the time spent will contribute to positive feedback from people and highlight them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can post anything you want on Pinterest. People have the opportunity to publish anything they want on Pinterest, whether they want their computers, phones or tablets. However, it should be kept in mind that some content will be taken to the sensitive content stand and some will not be allowed to be broadcast.

The most popular posts on Pinterest are those that will make home life and daily life easier. Therefore, users who want to receive attention should make their preferences in favor of these posts.

You can choose the hide pin option by clicking on the pins you do not want. In this way, you will not encounter any more issues that you do not want to see or are not interested in.

Unfortunately, there is no feature on Pinterest that will prevent you from seeing any posts. Pinterest will show you random posts even if you don’t follow anyone. So people should follow users who share the things they love.

People need to share at least 3 and at most 30 pins a day to stand out. Sharing more than 30 pins will not be of any benefit. Less than 3 is not recommended.

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    My first post on Pinterest was an image of a tiny bonsai tree. This post brought back so many great memories.