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How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter?

Users who pin their tweets with the “Promoted” text, which brands use in their advertisements and which is usually at the beginning of the hashtag section, can pin the tweets they want to be at the top of their page from their own analytics pages. Also, there is no limit to it.

Users who can use the application do not pay any fees. Brands using this feature for advertising purposes paid a certain fee. It is also worth noting that Twitter (X) is only making the application available for desktops for now. So, here’s how to pin a Tweet on Twitter.

How to Make a Pinned Tweet?

Previously, only advertisers could send a tweet you sent on Twitter (X), but now users who do not advertise have begun to do so.

Time needed: 1 minute

Let’s look at how to make a pinned tweet step by step.

  1. We come to the tweet we sent. Click “…” and press the pin to the profile page from the drop-down menu.
  2. find a tweet

  3. When you click the “Pin to your profile page” button, it asks you a question like the one below. You say fix it here.

    pin to your profile

  4. When you click on the pin sign, the pinning process is finished, and your pinned tweet appears at the top of your profile.

    pin tweet to profile

How to Remove a Pinned Tweet?

1- After clicking the “… more” button on the tweet you pinned, click the “Unlink from your profile page” tab from the drop-down menu.

unpin tweet from your profile

2- After clicking the Unpin tab from your profile page, it asks if you are determined to “unpin from your profile.” If you are determined, press the separate button.

unpin a tweet

How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet?

Frankly, it is not possible to pin someone else’s tweet to your own profile. There are those who do this with an application or a site, but we think it is a small alternative without an additional application.

Tap the retweet icon under someone else’s tweet and then tap the quoted tweet. Then we state our opinion about this tweet or replace it with any punctuation mark such as a period, exclamation point, or emoji and tweet. This means we embrace the tweet. Then we click on the three-dot icon next to the relevant tweet in the profile and select “pin to profile.” If you do not like this method, you can turn to additional applications, but if additional applications ask you for login information, it is better to be cautious. In our opinion, the above method is better and allows your followers to comment and like directly under your tweet.

Can You Pin a Retweet?

1. Find the tweet you want to pin and tap the retweet button. On the Quote Tweet screen, enter and post something even if your tweet is only a time/full stop.

retweet a tweet

2. Enter your profile. Now the tweet you just quoted will be at the top of your timeline. Tap the little dropdown button at the top right of the tweet and select the Pin option. The retweet will be pinned to your profile. It can be done indirectly.

pin a retweet

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Brief Information About Tweet Pinning

If you want your important posts or the content you have shared on Twitter to appear in the first place on your page, you can do this by pinning the tweet you have posted on your page. Thus, the first Tweet that users who enter your profile will see when they visit your profile will be the tweet you pinned. What we’re going to do is that simple. By the way, when you cancel the pinning of the post that you have pinned to your profile, the post date and time of the post will return to the original post date and time. In other words, the post will return to its original place in chronological order.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Pinned tweets are tweets that stay pinned at the top of your profile. When people visit your profile, the first thing they see is the pinned tweet, no matter what time you tweeted.

The tweet cannot be fixed; you have to remove it and rewrite it and tweet it.

In order to gain followers and become a phenomenon, the account must be public. If the account is private, only followers can see the posts and cannot share them because your account is private. Therefore, it would be impossible to reach different audiences.

Once you delete a tweet, it cannot be restored as it is permanently deleted from Twitter.

Once you delete a tweet, it cannot be restored as it is permanently deleted from Twitter.

From your settings, under download your data, click download archive. Twitter will send an email with the download link to your email address.

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