How to Multiply Fractions? (Types of Fractions)

How to Multiply Fractions? (Types of Fractions)

Here is a full help guide for multiplying fractions that starting from scratch to be an expert on it. It is so simple, easy to learn, and useful mathematical operation in daily life. So, continue to read to learn how to multiply fractions

What is Multiplication? 

Multiply two numbers means that adding each of them over and over. Basically, we can give a simple example of it: 

Instead of writing 5+5+5+5 =25, we can express the same mathematical expression with 5*4 =20. 

With multiplication, we express mathematical operations easier to follow and more organized. 

Types of Fractions

The Types of Fractions 

In order to multiply fractions, we first need to know the types of fractions and their parts. A fraction basically composed of two main parts: numerator and denominator. 

  • Numerator: It is on the upside. Generally, it refers to how many parts you have or desire for calculation. 
  • Denominator: It is on the bottom side of the fraction. It generally refers to all quantity of something. 

For example, 4\5 means 4 quantity of 5 quantity of something. 4 is the numerator, and 5 is the denominator. 

There are three types of fractions: 

  • Proper Fractions: The fraction that has less numerator than the denominator. 
  • Improper Fractions: The fraction that has a higher numerator than the denominator. 
  • Mixed Fractions: The fraction consists of a proper fraction and a whole number. 

How to Multiply Fractions Easily 

To multiply fractions easily, follow these steps: 

  • Multiply the numerators firstly. Then, write the result into the upside of the result fraction. 
  • Then, multiply denominators like numerators. Write the result into the denominator side of the result fraction. 
  • If it is necessary, make some simplified operation on the result. 
  • If the fraction is a mixed fraction, change it to proper or improper fraction firstly. You can also change the result fraction into a mixed fraction if it is necessary. 


How to change a mixed fraction to an improper fraction? 

Multiply the whole number with denominator and then add the addition to the nominator. Write results into the nominator and keep the denominator the same in the result fraction.

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Is it possible to multiply a mixed fraction without changing? 

You need to change a mixed fraction into an improper fraction in order to calculate it.

What is a fraction of a mathematical expression?

A fraction is the representation of a specified quantity among all quantity in mathematics.


We have covered how to multiply fractions. Multiplication of fractions is easy and can be done in just three steps. The only thing you need to know about the parts of a fraction is its types and the method for multiplication. 

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