How to Monetize YouTube? (Monetization Guide)

How to Monetize YouTube? (Monetization Guide)

YouTube is the ruling video-sharing platform in the world, mostly thanks to its creative users. Creators on YouTube come up with engaging and fun content loved by other users. In return, YouTube offers various monetization options to its creators. So how to monetize YouTube?

How to Get Ads on YouTube?

First, your YouTube channel has to be eligible for monetization on YouTube to run ads. To be eligible for monetization, your channel should have:

  • More than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • At least 1000 subscribers 
  • A linked Google AdSense account

Additionally, your videos must comply with the YouTube community and advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Once your channel passes these required thresholds, you can start running ads on your YouTube videos and join the YouTube partner program. YouTube takes 45% of advertisement revenue while the creator gets 55% of it. In addition to the ad revenue, YouTube offers other features to creators to earn more money.

channel memberships

Channel Memberships

Channel memberships on YouTube allow your viewers to support your channel directly through monthly payments. These viewers become members and enjoy certain perks, such as emojis, badges, or special videos set by the creator.

To utilize channel memberships on YouTube, you should have the following:

  • More than 30.000 subscribers
  • Over 18 years old
  • Lives in one of the available locations
  • In the YouTube Partner Program
  • Does not have many ineligible videos

YouTube is planning to expand channel memberships to channels that have less than 30.000 subscribers in the future.

merchandise shelf

Merchandise Shelf

The merchandise shelf feature lets eligible creators showcase their official merchandise on YouTube. The shelf appears on their channel’s video page. 

Super Chat

Super Chat & Stickers features provide various tools for viewers to engage with the YouTube creator during a live chat. Viewers can buy Super Chats to highlight messages and Super Stickers to send an animated image that pops up during live chats.

FAQs About How to Monetize YouTube

How to enable monetization on YouTube?

You can enable monetization on YouTube Creator Studio with your Google AdSense account at hand, even before you met the required thresholds.

Does monetization increase views on YouTube?

Monetization does not increase views on YouTube as the platform doesn’t separate channels based on monetization. That being said, channels that earn money from YouTube are much more inclined to post videos regularly.

Do YouTube channels paid monthly?

YouTube creators who are on YouTube Partner Program paid each month, and they receive the money by mail or direct deposit.

How many YouTube content creators in the world?

Although YouTube does not specify the number of YouTube content creators globally, it is estimated that there are more than 50 million YouTube creators in the world.

How much do YouTube creators make?

The money that YouTube creators make depends on many varying factors such as location, advertisement type, views, clicks, and many more. So as a broad estimate, a YouTube creator makes about $4 for every 1.000 views.

Conclusion on How to Monetize YouTube

YouTube pays money to eligible content creators to make engaging videos for their audiences. YouTube and the content creator share the video’s ad revenue by 45% and 55%, respectively. There are also other monetization features that YouTube offers to its users on the YouTube Partner Program.

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