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How to Mod Someone on Twitch

If you like to show what game you are playing, Twitch is your place. Of course, watching someone else playing games is something that addresses people to Twitch as well. Twitch is not just a social media platform but a special platform for gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Yet, like other social platforms, there is a chatbox, and people wonder how to mod someone on Twitch.

Twitch is one of the most used social platforms, and it gained importance in the world of video games. So, many gamers prefer Twitch to watch their favorite games played by their favorite streamers.

If you have become a good streamer with many followers, it is no surprise that you will face some trolls on the chatbox. They will try to sabotage your stream, make harsh comments to you or other viewers, offend people and try to send them away from your stream. 

You will need a moderator if you don’t want these things to happen. This way, you can keep the chatbox in peace and focus on your playing during the stream. 

Steps to Mod Someone on Twitch

Modding someone is pretty simple; it does not contain many steps. Here you can find them;

how to mod someone on twitch
  1. Go to the chat on your channel while streaming.
  2. Enter the command ‘/mod’ next to the name of the channel you want to add as a moderator as one of the chat commands.
  3. Then you will successfully add that channel as a moderator.

There is another way to moderate your channel. You can do it by clicking their username in the chatbox. If you can’t, you should contact Twitch Support.

how to mod someone
  1. Click on the three-lined button on your channel.
  2. Then select the user you want to add as a moderator.
  3. Lastly, click on the lightning icon on their page.
  4. Now the channel will be added as a moderator.

How to Mod in a Good Manner

As seen above, adding someone as a moderator is pretty simple. So let’s look at some of the aspects of a good moderator. It is important to know if you become the moderator. Firstly, you need to know how to stream on Twitch, and you should join every live stream of the channel that you are the moderator of.

You might consider these tips to become a good moderator. Or if you want to mod someone but don’t know what to expect from them, you might check these aspects.

how to mod in a good manner

Take it Seriously

A good moderator should take his/her work seriously. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a reason they are a moderator. Without respect for the job, a mod is just someone in the chat room. If you consider becoming a mod, act professionally to keep the chat safe and sound.

Be Respectful

As a mod, your job is to keep the chat safe. However, warn and block people who troll the chat in a peaceful language. Apply the chat rules.

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If there are other mods in the chat, don’t go harsh on them by saying things like ‘you don’t know how to mod’ or things that could be offensive.

Learn From the Experienced

To become a good moderator, watch the moderators on Twitch chats to see how they handle business. You might look at the famous channels’ moderators. It should be a good inspiration. You can buy Twitch viewers if you want to look more professional with the channel as a moderator.

Conclusion on Modding Someone on Twitch

We have covered one of the frequently asked questions; ‘how to mod someone on Twitch.’ A moderator’s job is to keep the chat safe and sound. We have mentioned the steps to mod someone on Twitch, which is very easy to do, and some tips to mod fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is possible to pause Twitch chat by scrolling up and down on the chatbox. While you scroll and read the messages, the chat is paused for you.

People watching without accounts would still be counted as viewers. However, they cannot chat since they don’t have a username.

If you want to pause a live video, move the mouse on the video screen, and a pop-up toolbar will appear. Click on the pause button on the toolbar, and the video will be paused.

Unfourtanetly, no. Twitch mods don’t get paid because it is a volunteer job.

You should join the broadcasts of a streamer and chat positively. After a bit of time, you can ask for it.

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  1. Frankie G.
    Frankie G.

    Although it’s easy to mod someone on Twitch, it entails great responsibility.