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How to Merge Facebook Pages

Merging Facebook pages is an important process for major brands because merging Facebook pages means that the likes and followers of the previous pages will merge to create your new page. Merging Facebook pages could be done for two reasons. First, there can be multiple pages with the same name. Usually, this situation is mistakenly done and forgotten in time. The second is merging the same brand pages created with different names. Here you can find a detailed explanation of how to merge Facebook pages.

If you have a new business or recently had one, you might have an unofficial Facebook for Business page that you do not know. This is probably an unofficial page created before you set up a Facebook Business page or a page created due to spelling correction. If you don’t want to rename your new page, Facebook offers a service for merging the two of your pages.

How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

If you hired someone to manage your Facebook page, but they left their job, and the new personnel you hired for this job created another page, it is possible to merge Facebook pages, but in order to do that, Facebook requires the cases below:

merge two Facebook pages
  • You need to be the admin on both pages. You should not have different accounts for the pages you want to merge.
  • Your pages must have similar names and similar content. For example, if your main page is about dragons, the other page must have content about dragons, not music albums.
  • The location must be the same if your pages have one.

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Before you send a merge request, be sure that any of your campaigns will not lead to the page you want to delete. Here are the steps for merging two Facebook pages:

merge duplicate pages
  • Go to
  • Choose the two pages you want to merge and click continue.
  • Click on the ‘Merge Request.’

Your chosen page will remain the same except for added check-ins and likes. The page you want to delete will be deleted from Facebook and will not be seen in future searches.

How to Merge Facebook Business Pages

If you have found multiple pages named the same as your business, you have to visit all of these pages and request ownership of the pages before merging them. First, learn how to set up a Facebook Business page. You can easily report pages that you want to take control of. Here are the steps for merging business pages:

merge Facebook business pages
  • Go to the bottom left corner of the business page you want to report. Here you will see ‘Like,’ ‘Follow,’ and ‘Share’; next to those, there is a button with three buttons. Click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Report Page’ option.
  • There will be a pop-up. Click on ‘Intellectual Property’ and click on Send.
  • You will be directed to a violation report page and select which right has been violated, copyright or trademark.
  • On the next step, select the best scenario for you and click on send.

Once you are done with reporting, you can merge business pages. Just like any other page, the same merging rules apply to business pages. Keep in mind that Facebook is a platform that you might get commercially harmed. To protect yourself from wrong information and accusations, you can report Facebook groups and profiles if you see any harmful purposes.

Why Should You Merge Facebook Pages?

It is a fact that duplicated Facebook pages are quite common, and this can be a bit irritating because you have to know how to merge Facebook pages, demand a name, change, or delete them. It is possible to control the businesses on Facebook posts, and also it is possible to find their results. Facebook does not let you change your page names because your new ones would already be used actively. In this case, if you don’t want to merge the pages, you have to choose from one of the eligible names available.

If you have a business, there is a high possibility of your customers and fans creating alternative Facebook pages to your page. This is quite common when you have an actual location. Also, Facebook users might misspell your business when checking in, and this can be a reason for duplicating pages as well. Merging these pages lets you keep your customers and fans in one place and gives you full control of your message and marketing. Although, why is there a problem merging pages?

Well, there might be multiple answers to this question. Pages might be seen as different subjects, although the contents, posts, followers, and arguments might not be different at all. However, these pages might be seen differently due to different page names and contents. Keep in mind that Facebook approves page merges, and in order to merge Facebook pages, you need to convince Facebook that these pages are the same business pages. The pages must have similar names and similar content.

Adjusting Duplicating Pages Without Having a Facebook Page

If you do not have a Facebook page or you are creating a new one, and you see lots of duplicating pages named after your business name, you have to prove your ownership. Here are some pieces of advice;

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When you are on the page, click on the ‘Is this your business?’ option right below the cover photo. If you can access the phone number, click on the first option, ‘ confirm with phone number.’ Then Facebook will automatically call you to confirm that you demand ownership of the business page you have access to its phone number. 

Facebook will give you an access code by calling. However, it may seem like the easiest way to do it, yet not very functional due to no longer working or changed phone numbers that are given on Facebook pages.

What You Need to Confirm Your Ownership

You can confirm the ownership of the business page through your business documents. You have to upload one of the documents below by taking or scanning their photos:

confirm ownership
  • Invoice / Phone invoice
  • Business License
  • Business Tax File
  • Formation Certificate
  • Main Contract

After you upload at least one of these documents, Facebook will examine these documents and decide if you are the page owner. After a week or more, Facebook might decide that you are not the owner of the page or might demand more documents. If your documents are sufficient, Facebook will provide you with business ownership. Then you can make changes to it. If you have more questions about merging Facebook pages, check out the Facebook Help Centre.


These are the bits of advice and steps to merge two Facebook pages. We hope you find the information helpful. Now you can do the process of merging two Facebook pages more easily. For further details on Facebook and other social media platforms, please check out our website for more articles. We touch upon the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. You can find useful tips and tricks about social media, including Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you are the admin of the two pages and both of them are registered at the same Facebook account, you can easily merge them following the steps we explained above.

Usually, this process doesn’t take more than 48 hours.

Yes, absolutely, it is okay, and in fact, this can help you better for your Facebook presence.

If you are not the admin of the pages you want to merge, you can’t merge them.

Using the latest version of Facebook can always benefit you, so update if you can. But it’s not necessary to do.

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    Pankaj Uday

    i am trying to merge two of my fb pages the request to merge the pages gets accepted but after that nothing happens, i have tried it multiple times but can’t merge them. Facebook is not showing any reason of notification in support inbox. If you know to deal with this please let me know. It will be a great help. My mail id is [email protected]

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