How to Meditate? (Everything You Need for Meditation)

How to Meditate? (Everything You Need for Meditation)

We’re going through a very difficult time. A micro-scale nightmare that we can’t see with our eyes is causing thousands of lives. We share a common pain. There’s perhaps more thought and anxiety in our brains than ever before. We’re on a journey where we know the end. We don’t know how long we will get to the target, but we know the target is waiting for us. We can enjoy every second of this journey, which we don’t know the length of. It’s not as easy as it seems because 90% of people are either in the past or future. How many people are there? The amount is very, very small. That is why people ask how to meditate.

So what’s the way to live in “now”? Fortunately, there’s been a lot of people trying to do it for a long time. Secret meditation. If you do a study on meditation, you’ll encounter thousands of meditation techniques and exercises. Breathless meditation, lighted meditation, meditation with colors. It’s too complicated. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about what meditation is and how you can meditate. We all need it these days.

What Is Meditation?

As an introduction for beginners, the Latin origin of meditation is the word “mediatri.” The meaning of this word is to review something and think about something. The basis of meditation is the same for all cultures. Meditation techniques do not change effectively in Sufi, Zen, Buddhism, paganism, and many other spiritual teachings.

Meditation does not mean studies related to imaginations. We imagine after we finish basic meditation. Meditation is the deep thinking state that we properly do without thinking about anything. Are you confused? How is it possible to think about things without thinking?

The top priority thing to do during meditation is to clear the keys to your mind. You have to learn to clear your mind. When your mind is empty, you have a deep peace, and your awareness is formed. At this moment, there will be enlightenment in your soul. You get a clear look at life. Deep thinking here doesn’t mean a philosophical interrogation. You purify your mind during deep thinking. Think of your mind as a glass. You clean the dirty glass and look at the reality behind the clear glass. You can’t get to the truth when the glass is dirty. When the glass is cleaned, then you can see beyond the glass.

That’s the point of touching the truth beyond your mind. In the meantime, you’re just an observer—no judgment or interference.

Of course, it won’t be enough to describe the feeling of meditation, which is so fancy. The practice is so easy. If you like, read thousands of meditation-related books or articles. You can’t comprehend what’s going on without meditating. Let’s continue by explaining the basic techniques.

Preparations for Meditation

If you’re new to meditation, pre-preparations are very important. There are a few important things to watch out if you want to know how to meditate. 

  • If you have eaten yet, it is not right to meditate. Energy will focus on your abdominal toughness. It’s gonna be a little difficult to clear your mind at this point.
  • Taking a warm shower before meditating relaxes your body and adapts better to the process.
  • Wear comfortable clothes after the shower.
  • Keep your room light closed if possible. A dim environment is ideal for meditation. For this, you can increase your concentration by burning candles and incense.
  • Be alone in an environment where you can be, if possible. Close your phone, computer, and door. Make sure no one bothers you.
  • Drinking herbal tea before you start meditation will have a positive effect on your peace and concentration. It’s better to have a tea that will keep you vigorous, like green tea. Buddhists drank green tea before meditation. It’s a plant that’s proven to affect!
  • Listening to music is also an option that can be good for you. But music shouldn’t be moving music. Serene and non-mention music is very important for someone at the beginner level. Nature sounds or classical music will be pleasant.
  • The environment in your room is very important. You shouldn’t be in a very hot or very cold room. A warm and dim environment will be useful to you. It’d be nice to have nothing distracting.


For an accurate and effective meditation, the back and body need to stand at a 90-degree angle. This position might bother you a little bit. You can sit in the chair for a start, or if you think you won’t sleep, you can lie down. Let your feet and hands parallel. If you’re sitting on a seat or chair, make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. If you’re going to tie it up, your back should be 90 degrees upright. You mustn’t stop. You can get a cushion under you to help because you can focus on your meditation if you’re comfortable.

Hand Position

Your hands can be comfortable during meditation. But generally meditating people use the meditation mudra called “Dhyana Mudra.” You can coincide with the sculptures of this mudra Buddha as a meditation. Mudra is some kind of finger yoga. It consists of different hand gestures. The theme of the fingers in different ways triggers different energy flows in the body.

Steps to Meditate

Mind Release Method

Have you made your preparations? Then we can start. Now lie down or sit in a position where you’re sure you won’t sleep. 

  • Now it’s time to scan your whole body mentally. Starting with your head, you should focus on all your organs. Keep focusing until you get to your toes.
  • After scanning your body, take a deep breath, and slowly give. In this way, naturally and continue to breathe by creating a rhythm.
  • Now you’re letting your mind go. Don’t think about anything. Don’t even think about anything. Let your mind be an empty and immaculate box. At this point, you’ll have a thousand thoughts. Even the person you care about the least in your life can appear in your mind and be a little nervous. Imagine these thoughts as a cloud and imagine yourself as the sky. The clouds pass and go. Let the thoughts come and go. Accept the thoughts that come with love. When you stay in this position for enough time, you will become semi-trans. You may have different feelings. When you overcome these little obstacles, you will forget your mind after a while. You’ll be free. You’ll be closer to your soul than ever.
  • Take a deep breath one last time and slowly open your eyes when your time is up, and you feel ready. Now you’re back to the real world.

Don’t Quit

It’s a very difficult act to try to clear the mind. Many thoughts exist in our minds beyond our control, and it certainly takes practice to control them. Don’t be too yourself. You’re trying to turn a situation to the opposite. Of course, you’ll have a hard time at first. You’ll lose your concentration often. Please don’t give up saying, “I can’t do it” in the process if you want to learn how to meditate. 

Try to release your opinion many times. Focus on your breath. Every time you breathe, watch how the air inside sighs works on your cells from the bottom up. Imagine how toxins leave your body every time you breathe. You don’t have to do this regularly. Try it, even if it’s sparse. Over time, the more you do it on a daily basis, the more you’ll know about it in a maximum of 3 weeks. Patience is your greatest helper in learning how to meditate. 

FAQs About Meditation

How many minutes should meditation take, and when should I meditate?

The ideal process for meditation is 20 minutes or 30 minutes. If you improve yourself, you can increase that time to 40 minutes. People who are masters in this work meditate for hours or even days. There is no time limit, but 20 minutes are very convenient for starters.

Why is meditation important?

Thanks to meditation, you stay away from the stress of life for a while. Meditation is a very good helper to raise awareness. The more you meditate, the more control of your mind is you—your concentration increases to the maximum level, which takes you forward in all aspects of life. Meditation is very useful not only spiritually, but also scientifically.

Is there any Meditation training?

Of course, there are professional educators in meditation. If you want to meditate and even specialize in it with an educator, many training centers will come across Google. Paid or free options are available.

Conclusion on Meditation

In this article, we’ve briefly talked about how to meditate. Life is too short, and it’s entirely up to us to realize every second of these short moments. With meditation, you’ll control the thoughts that take you away from your time in and cause you to be trapped at different times. It’s amazing. Silencing your mind allows you to listen to the voice of your soul. “Praying is to ask God, and meditation is to listen to the answer.” Listen to the answers.

If you’re looking for solutions in your daily life, you might as well check out our articles about daily issues and solutions.

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