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How to Make Your Instagram Bio [+Tips]

A neatly Instagram bio made of cute quotes, good quotes is one of the great ways to express yourself as a person or as a brand. Having a vivid biography is one of the great ways of attracting relevant people.

However, you can do much better than some cute or passive-aggressive quotes and utilize Instagram as a side hustle and make your voice heard on the platform.

People need to know what you’re up to, and what are your skills. Why take away their reasons and prevent them from discovering you? Let’s find out how you can optimize your experience.

Instagram bio

Why Bio Is That Important?

Having an exciting, aesthetic, and descriptive bio is essential for people who wish to make their way up on Instagram. You can add links, emojis, and different fonts to your bio to give it more color and saturation.

Instagram as default does not support these features like personalized fonts and such, but on the internet, there is a solution for everything. Let’s find our way out.

If you want to grow an organic base for your Instagram profile, they need to understand what you are up to and what you do with just a single glance at your profile. You have approximately ten seconds to impress a potential follower, and you wouldn’t want to blow that chance.

A successful Instagram bio easily reveals what you do and who you are, and you can find many bio examples and templates on the web. We’re going to list some of them here too.

If you wish to create your first Instagram bio, follow the steps below and ease your process of blending into the Instagram community and raise your username’s awareness.

How to Add Bio to Instagram

If you are ready to make your first Instagram bio, you should know that it won’t take much of your time as there is not much to do while preparing your bio and you’ll be good to rock the Instagram soon.

All you have to do is copying-pasting your already prepared script or you’ll create a new one right on the spot. Either way, it’ll be bread and butter if you follow the steps below.

  1. Open your regular Instagram app on your mobile device, PC or Mac.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account using your credentials.
  3. Tap on the user icon that is located at the bottom-right to go to your profile.
  4. Tap on the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your screen.
  5. Write your bio as you wish and add a URL if you want to the “Website” section.
  6. Hit the ‘Done’ button to complete the process.
  7. Congrats! Your Instagram biography is live and running.
a good Instagram bio

Are There Any Bio Restrictions?

Note that you can only use up to 150 characters in your Instagram bio. So, those quotes and motivational stuff you use in your bio should be low on characters. Otherwise, you won’t have room to fully express what you really do.

Back then it was not possible, but now you can add hashtags and mentions of people to your bio and they are clickable in their nature. That means you can drive organic traffic to anywhere you want.

Inserting hashtags into your biography does not make your profile searchable within those hashtags but adding your business’s branded hashtag into your Instagram biography is an effective way to entertain and hook your audience, and invite other Instagram users to contribute in it with UGC as well.

Tips For a Good Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is something that you would want to make it look good. Because even if you have a private account, everyone can see your bio. If you have a professional account, then it is a must to have a good bio. Here are some Instagram bio ideas to make it look good.

Keep in mind that user-generated content is important when writing a bio because no one likes a boring standard bio. Try to make it interesting like making one of the funny Instagram bios or creative ones. If you have a professional account don’t forget to include your contact information. Also, you can include a link to a blog post which will serve as a description of your business.

Add Line Breaks

Normally, you cannot add line breaks to a bio. However, you can still manage to do it by writing your bio on another platform such as Microsoft Word and copy the bio and paste it on your Instagram.

You can add bullet points for some facts about yourself. This way it would be more direct and easy to read.

Name Section

Use the name section wisely by adding a title before your name. Of course, if you want to go by that title on your profile. For example, if you are a nutritionist, you can write ‘Nutritionist Name – Surname.’

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This way you can have a cool Instagram bio that explains who you are.

Instagram Bio Quotes

You can include special quotes in your bio. It is a way to define yourself via a literary approach. It would be more creative if you want to come forward in such a creative way.

Add Special Characters

You can add special characters to your Instagram bio. It would be a lot easier to read and more interesting. You can learn how to do it by reading our article about it.

Conclusion – Bio Is Essential

Having a cleverly delivered Instagram bio is essential for every Instagram user who wishes to be successful, represent themselves on Instagram and take their place among the top influencers of Instagram.

People don’t have much time in their hands and they incline to use it sparingly as it would be pretty dumb to take a look at every profile you stumble upon when you can take a quick check to their bios.

Therefore, you should utilize your bio to its full potential and know your limitations while doing so. In that way, it’ll be only a matter of time until your visit to follow ratio start to augment.

So, do you have an Instagram bio? Let us see how you represent yourself on Instagram below in the comments section. By the way, would you like to learn how to write an Instagram bio for business? If so, find out how.

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