How to Make Pinterest Private (Brief Guide)

How to Make Pinterest Private (Brief Guide)

Most people want to use their Pinterest account privately. Especially business accounts. Making Pinterest private ensures that only people who follow you can see your content. So even if you use popular tags, your posts will be hidden from searches. Likewise, users who want to see their content have to send a follow request. So you can choose your followers by giving approval. Secret accounts cause people curiosity. With a private account, you can have a higher number of followers. However, a brand that has not been discovered immediately can be a disadvantage to using private accounts. Of course, privacy is not just for business accounts.

Many people care about privacy. You may want nobody to see the boards you create on Pinterest. People can be more free and creative when no one sees it.

Make Your Pinterest Account Private

Some people want their posts to be private. Do you care about privacy too? It’s easy to hide your profile. You can turn the public board into a private board.

 Then you should have a look here:

  • First of all, you should click on “Account Settings”.
  • If you mark your profile as “hidden” from the “Search Privacy” tab, your profile will not seem in search engines.
Secret Boards on Pinterest

Keep a Public Profile but Make Your Boards Secret

Do you want to keep your profile open but have your secret boards? Here are the steps:

  • Click on Boards from your profile. 
  • Then click on the icon on the board you want to hide, check the “keep this board hidden” option, and save. Now your board is hidden. Only you can see it.
Hide a Pin on Pinterest

Hiding a Pin in Your Home Feed

Your home page stream consists of the pins chosen for you and the people, topics, and boards you follow. 

You can hide pins you don’t want to see on your home page. If you accidentally hide a pin, you can show it again.

 So how can we hide the pins on the home page?

  • Login to your account.
  • In your home feed, click the ellipsis icon in the lower right corner of the pin.
  • Click “Hide Pin.”
  • Choose why you hide the pin.

You can also complain if it is a community rule pin.

FAQ’s on Pinterest Privacy

Can anyone see my pins on Pinterest?

Generally, Pinterest accounts are open to everyone. If you do not want the boards to be visible, you must hide your account.

Can I hide my followers on Pinterest?

No, you will need to block your follower for this.

How do you accept an invite to a secret board on Pinterest?

To accept secret board invitations, you must log in to your Pinterest account using the web. You don’t have the option to do this on apps. Always check who is pinning and pins on the group board you were invited to before joining it. You have the option to ignore the invitation or leave the group board.

Can you share a secret Pinterest board?

For this, you need to make your board public. You can download the photo, but the username is not visible.

Does Pinterest notify when you screenshot?

Users will be alerted if you screenshot any videos, images, or text conversations.

Conclusion of How to Make Pinterest Private

In this article, we gave information about the privacy of the Pinterest account. We have mentioned how to make your account private, having secret boards, and hiding Pins in your home feed. If you also want to delete Pins on Pinterest rather than hiding them, check out our article as well.

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