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How to Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to discover new ideas for recipes, style, DIY, and much more. The highly visual platform is primarily popular with women, which creates a considerable marketing opportunity as women influence 70 to 80% of consumer spending worldwide. Generating an income from Pinterest may not look as straightforward since you can’t buy anything off of Pinterest per se, but there are many ways you can make money using the platform. Whether your goal is to earn some extra bucks as a side hustle or really lean into this business and make it your main income, Pinterest offers a wide range of opportunities that you can adapt to suit your needs. Continue to read this article to learn more about how you can make money on Pinterest with our step by step guide. 

Find Your Niche

If you want to make money on Pinterest without starting a blog, the first thing you have to do is find a niche you want to operate in on the platform. Whether it is DIY solutions, lifestyle, or fashion trends, find what you are most passionate about as you are evaluating your options. Also, think about the popular or trending subjects on Pinterest, where you can contribute with something new, and how you can use your skill set to advance in that particular field. Once you find your jam, you have to create a Pinterest business account and start building a community. Follow these steps to make yourself aware and get more followers. 

Practice SEO on Pinterest 

Make people find your pins and boards effectively by practicing SEO techniques. While this may seem very technical and complicated at first sight, I promise, even someone with zero technical background can make a difference by implementing basic SEO methods. 

  • Research keywords that are relevant to your niche and find what people are searching for. Look at which keywords have the most search volume and traffic potential. 
  • Put those keywords in your pins descriptions and on the “About” section of your Pinterest profile. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t forget that your primary goal is to entice real people, not search engines. So, your descriptions should be clear and readable.
  • Don’t use some keywords just because they are popular. All the keywords that you are using should be relevant to your pin. 
Find your niche on Pinterest

Create Pins and Boards That are Eye-Catching

One of the best ways to get people to follow you is by creating quality eye-catching content. Having professional looking and aesthetically pleasing images on your boards comes a long way in a visual platform like Pinterest. 

  • Follow the boards and pins of similar creators on Pinterest, and analyze which pins get more attention. Create your content accordingly.
  • Establish a unique style that will set you apart. 
  • Use paid or free design tools to elevate your images by making collages, adding filters, and text. 
  • Remember your keyword search for SEO? Your labor will come in handy here. Create pins that people are looking for.

Be social

Being friendly on a social media platform like Pinterest is essential to reach more people and get more followers. Here are some things you should do.

  • Follow accounts that operate in the same niche. Like, comment on, and repin other people’s pins. They will be encouraged to follow you back and repin your pins so that more people, who will most likely be interested in similar content, will discover you.
  • Join group boards that are relevant to your niche. Group boards with few contributors that make quality content can spread the word faster, and you will get more page views and followers.
Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

After acquiring a solid following and having established a presentable Pinterest account, you can start promoting affiliate products. Many companies are looking for ways to promote their products via social media influencers. When you partner with a brand to become an affiliate for them, they will give you a unique link for the product you are promoting to insert in your post. If someone buys the product off of the link, you will get a small commission. Here are some things to keep in mind when becoming an affiliate on Pinterest.

  • Promote affiliate products that are compatible with your niche on Pinterest. Don’t just promote any product just because a brand approaches you. 
  • Promote products that you believe in and recommend. Your followers will be keener to buy more products if they are pleased with the quality of the products they bought off of your link. 
  • You have to disclose your affiliate relationship. Just add #affiliate or #affiliatelink to your pin description.
  • Don’t mask or shorten your affiliate links on Pinterest. Be transparent with your transactions. 

Seek Brand Partnerships

You can make money on Pinterest, even without affiliate links. Brand sponsorships, group boards that are curated by brands, or collabs with brands can generate a reliable long term income. To make this happen, contact brands that you think would be interested in your audience. Give them the hard numbers. How many followers you have, your reach on Pinterest, your demographics, and view count. Show the brands how you can add value to them with the partnership. It’s also a good idea to put your contact information on your Pinterest profile so that brands can approach you with business offers as well. 

Make Money on Pinterest With a Blog

Making Money on Pinterest with a Blog

If you already have an active blog with regular blog posts, expanding your presence to Pinterest can be a great way to grow your readership and get more traffic to your blog. And as you might have guessed, more traffic means more opportunities to make money. The traffic that you drive to your blog can make you money directly by ads on your blog. So, this means the more clicks on your website, the more money you make. Another way to earn money with your blog is by affiliate links. Write helpful blogs like product reviews, product comparisons, how-to guides that contain affiliate links. Create Pinterest boards that are relevant to your blog content and advertise your articles with click-worthy eye-catching pins. Practice the SEO techniques we described above, and you will be surprised how Pinterest can make your blog traffic boost even faster than Google search traffic. 

Drive Traffic to Your E-commerce Site

Pinterest is a powerful tool when it comes to online marketing. Research has found that 90% of users browse through Pinterest to make a purchase decision, and 66% of users buy something after seeing it on Pinterest. This means if you have an online shop, you should also be active on Pinterest to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site. Create pins for new products, make themed lifestyle boards, and socialize with your target audience to get the word out. Furthermore, you can pay Pinterest a fee to promote your pins so that they appear in front of the right people. Pretty sweet, right?

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you are a keen Pinterest user or already have some Pinterest account managing skills from your own blog or website under your belt, you can offer your services to others as their Pinterest virtual assistant. The job of a Pinterest VA is super flexible and never gets dull if you have several clients for which you perform different tasks. Here are some tasks a Pinterest VA is responsible for:

  • Creating pins and scheduling posts.
  • Doing keyword research for SEO.
  • Working with the Pinterest Ads Manager to run promoted pins.
  • Applying to group boards.
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You can make up to 500 dollars per month, managing a single Pinterest account at the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in this career path but have no experience, check out Pinterest VA courses to learn all the job’s ins and outs. 

Teach Your Knowledge

Do you have experience in making beautiful Pinterest posts that go viral? Have you been managing Pinterest accounts for others and had fruitful prestigious brand collabs? In that case, teaching your experience and strategies can be a great opportunity to make extra money. Many Pinterest newbies would pay you to share your trade secrets with them. You can teach courses, sell ebooks, as well as starting a blog covering tips and tricks to be successful on Pinterest. 

Conclusion on How to Make Money on Pinterest

As you can see, there are many ways to make money on Pinterest or even make a living off Pinterest related sources. If you have a blog or online store, you can leverage Pinterest’s user potential to drive traffic to your website to earn from ads, affiliate links, or sell your products. If you don’t have any other business, you can always create beautifully curated boards and pretty pins around a specific niche, get more followers, and recommend affiliate products to your audience, or get sponsored by brands. Last but not least, you can offer your managing services as a Pinterest VA or teach others how to become successful on Pinterest. 

Follow your passion and find what is most suitable for you. If you want to know how does Pinterest make money, then please check out our article about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About

This depends on what exactly you offer on the platform. Commissions from affiliate links can vary between 5% to 30%, and your income will be depending on how many people buy from your link and how much the product costs. If you are a Pinterest VA, you can make up to 50 dollars per hour depending on your experience. 

You can’t get paid directly on Pinterest, but you can place links for affiliates or your own e-commerce store in the description of your pin to get people buying from other platforms. 

A few thousand followers are enough for marketers to approach you with business offers, like being an affiliate for a brand or sponsorships. 

Yes, you can make money on Pinterest without a blog via brand partnerships or commissions from affiliate links. 

No, Instagram will not pay you for followers. You can make money on Pinterest by promoting your products, blog, other brands, or offering your services as a Pinterest VA. 

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