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How to Make Instagram Logo Transparent

How to Make Instagram Logo Transparent

Did you ever wonder how to make Instagram Logo transparent? Then wonder no more. In this article, we will mention how to get the Instagram logo, transform it to the.PNG format, and make it transparent. And there is one more good news! You can use this method for every other logo that you desire to make transparent. It works for all logos.

What Is a.PNG file?

Let’s suppose that while browsing the Internet, you have seen a logo with a transparent background. Such logos have a different image type. They have the “.png” file extension. Instagram logos that do not have a transparent background are generally in the “.jpeg” format. You need to convert them into the “.png” format. It is possible to add the “.png” extension on other images (without background).

There are multiple ways to make the background of the Instagram logo transparent. You need to choose a method according to the background and the extension type of the file.

How to Make the Background of Instagram Logo Transparent Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop application is the most suitable for this action. It provides ease of editing every type of logo you encounter. You can access this application for free for about 30 days, thanks to their trial version. The first thing you need to do after downloading Photoshop is to start running it and throwing the Instagram logo inside it.

Uploading a Logo with Photo Extension into Photoshop

Go to “File” and click on “Open” in the upper left corner and choose the Instagram Logo (or the logo you desire to work on) to summon it. Instead of doing that, you can also simply drag and drop the file into Photoshop’s workspace.

There are different methods of how to get rid of the backgrounds of logos using Photoshop. Let’s explain them one-by-one:

how to make logos transparent with photoshop

The First Method

It is easier to make the background of the Instagram logo transparent because behind the logo, there is a white background. If your background is black, it is probably not what you are after; set it to default settings. Let’s start with it first. When you upload the image on Photoshop, on the bottom left, you will notice a new segment called “Layer.” Under this segment, you will see a vector or a symbol of your image. Right-click on the mini image, and select the “Rasterize Layer” option. This step is a vital one for editing your image furthermore since Photoshop will not allow you to make changes to your image without selecting this first. Now keep in mind that, without selecting the rasterize layer option, you will still be able to adjust the basic metrics like contrast, saturation, etc. But for more significant changes like erasing the background, you need to select the rasterize layer option first.

Once you clicked on “Rasterize Layer,” you need to click on “Tools,” which appears on the left, and then choose the “Magic Wand Tool.” The magic wand tool lets you select the areas that you want to erase. Select the background carefully, and then press the Backspace button on your keyboard. Voila! Your background is now erased and appears transparent. For more complex images, you might need to use the magic wand tool several times.

After making sure that all of your work is in its final state, it is time to save what you have prepared. To save your work, follow this path: File > Save As > Format (choose the PNG option here), then you can have an Instagram logo with a transparent background.

The Second Method

Most of the Instagram logos have a white background, but if yours has different colors, you can use the “Quick Selection Tool” instead of the “Magic Wand Tool.” This tool allows you to make changes in different areas. To make the cursor bigger or smaller, right-click on the page after selecting the tool and adjust the size. This setting is especially useful for working in smaller areas. After carefully selecting the background, you can erase it by pressing on the backspace button and repeat this process if necessary. After clearing the background, you can save and use the logo.

The Third Method

If you are not satisfied with the results of the previous tools, you should draw the borders of all parts of the background, and separate the background from the Instagram logo using the “Pen Tool” tool from the Tools section. After your lining process is complete, press CTRL and Enter buttons at the same time. This action will completely separate the background from the logo. Then, press on the backspace button and erase the background. Save your file, and you will have your background free Instagram logo.

How to Make Instagram Logo Transparent

After you successfully got rid of the background of your logo, it is time to make it transparent. You can change the opacity of your logos and make them as transparent as you wish with different applications. We even included an online editing tool as well. Check them out.

Using Photoshop

Drag and drop the logo on Photoshop workspace and find the Opacity setting, which is above the Layer segment in the lower left. Then, adjust the opacity to the extent you want it to be transparent. After getting a satisfactory transparency level, you can save the file following this path: File> Save As> Format (Choose the PNG option here). This way, you can have a semi-opaque Instagram logo.

Using Canva

You can visit Canva by clicking here. It is a free, browser-based editing program that allows you to edit images or create visuals without downloading an editing program.

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When you open Canva, you can use the size it suggests to you, or you can set a customized size that is suitable for your logo with the resize option in the upper left section. After you drag and drop your logo into the workspace, you can determine the transparency level of your logo by clicking the transparency icon located under the download button in the upper right.

After completing your process, click the download button in the upper right section. Since the application detects transparency in your work, it will suggest the extension “.png” as the file format. If you cannot see this extension in the suggestion, manually select the PNG option and complete the downloading process.

Conclusion on Making Instagram Logo Transparent

In this article, we explained how to make the Instagram logo transparent. We showed more than one method, and you can also apply these methods for other logos. For better results, we highly recommend downloading Adobe Photoshop, but for fast and easy results, you can definitely use Canva. Keep in mind you can pay a small amount to get the Canva Pro version, which lets you erase the background of your images as well. If you want to read and learn more about Instagram, you can click our blog to read another article. Also, if you need a video explanation, check this video out by Better Blog Images:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the methods we mentioned are also valid for other logos.

Although using Photoshop will always give the best results, if you can not download it, we recommend using Canva.

No, working on logos and making them transparent is quite easy.

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    I didn’t even know that you could make Instagram logo transparent. I will give it a try as soon as I get home.