How to Make Instagram Edits

How to Make Instagram Edits

Are you wondering about how you can make great Instagram edits? It is completely normal to look through your Instagram feed and see how some people are great at taking photos. Is it that easy to make pieces of art and make Instagram edits with just a smartphone and a free app? There’s nothing hard about Instagram edits and an imaginative mind can be the best photo editor.

Well, it is not that easy and surely that is a skill but maybe you’re talented, but you just don’t know It yet. So, grab your phone and let’s go on to an adventure! (Instagram Support)

Instagram edits

How to Make Edits for Instagram

  • Start with good photos

Sadly, no amount of editing nor the best photo editor in the world will help a photo if it is utterly trash. On Instagram, everything is about the photo quality and for that you need photo that is already good, before the edit.

  • Upload your photo to Instagram feed

Now we have a photo to work on with, so let’s upload that to our Instagram feed. Instagram will crop your photo to a square, but you can click ‘Expand’ and turn the photo to its original width. This ‘Expand’ icon is on the bottom left of the photo.

  • Choose a filter

Here is the fun part. The first step of editing is usually picking a filter as a canvas to paint on. Usually, you want to click on each Instagram filter and take notes for the ones you like. Then you should go back and forth between your final contenders and finally settle for one.

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Instagram edits

Do not forget to get the context into consideration. It is always not how good it looks but how it makes you feel is important too.

  • Adjust the lux for your taste

If you were ever interested with music production, you know the terms of dry and wet. Lux is identical to these parameters and it lets you to fit in the filter to the original image with a percentage. It makes your images livelier and brings out the tiny niceties. You can adjust the parameter for your own taste as it will adjust the contrast and saturation.

  • Use simple editing tools

Beside choosing a filter, you can adjust the filter parameters too. Tap on ‘Edit’ tab and you will see options like brightness, contrast, warmth, etc. You should check all the settings one by one and adjust them slightly for your taste.

After all those steps, you can save your photo to share it later or you can post it right away. It is almost good as you used the best photo editor in the process.

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