How to Make Custom Instagram Highlights Covers

How to Make Custom Instagram Highlights Covers

One of the most significant factors in the growth of our Instagram account lies in its aesthetic appearance. By offering a beautiful profile to visitors or followers, we can get more followers and expand our interactions indirectly. In that case, learning how to make custom Instagram Highlights covers goes a long way.

As I mentioned above, there are ways to achieve an aesthetic profile. All you need is some personalized design on your filters, an excellent sharing layout design, some cover designs for your Instagram Stories that you fixed on your profile, also known as Instagram Highlights.

What Are Instagram Highlights Covers?

The Instagram Story cover designs are one of the cute ways for me to get information about what the Highlights represent about your brand, about your upcoming projects or products, and your announcements. It’s not only for us to get Instagram followers but also for our existing followers.

If you do not understand the design or technical knowledge, you may get a little bored when producing your own cover designs, but don’t worry! In fact, it is not a process to be feared.

Even though I use Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis, I would like to say that I use Canva from time to time in its use.

Canva Free allows you to use elements such as graphics, photos, fonts, free of charge (there are also paid functions). In that way, you can use it to create custom Instagram Highlights covers.

how to create Instagram Highlights cover templates with Canva

How to Find Free Instagram Highlight Story Covers

If you want to make your Instagram profile more appealing, you can start using the custom Instagram Highlights covers and take the first step. There are many free Instagram Stories Highlight icons, templates, and logos available on the Internet. After determining what kind of icon you want, you can search the search engines about this topic. 

Today, one of the platforms where Instagram Story Highlight icons are searched and have the largest number of icon variations is Pinterest. There are hundreds, even thousands of Instagram Story Highlight icons on Pinterest. So it will be very easy to find an icon that you will like on this platform. In addition to Pinterest, some applications are created for this in Google Play and App Store, called Highight cover makers. You can access this and many other free apps by typing Instagram Stories Highlight Icons, or cover photos.

How to Create Cover Templates with Canva

So, I created the cover designs for my Highlights on my Instagram profile with Canva. The topic of how to make cover designs for Instagram Highlights has led me into this blog post.

  • Step 1: You can create a free account on to get going. It’s not only for Instagram Highlights cover photos, but you can also use it to organize all your other graphics. After creating and logging in, you will see the home screen. I recommend you to use version 2.0 of Canva because it’s comparably better in UX, but using version 1.0, which is the older version is still an option. Click on the “custom dimensions “button in the top right corner.
  • Step 2: In the small window that will appear, let’s enter the regular Instagram Story sizes, 1080×1920 pixels and click “Create a New Design” button.
  • Step 3: You will see an empty, white, and upright template appearing on your screen. This is our canvas. This will be our field of study. Open the color palette by holding the colored box at the top left and select our background color. If you don’t see the color you want, you can choose the color by yourself.,
  • Step 4: After selecting the color you want, look at the far left of the page. You will see a menu with titles that contain templates, words, text, background, downloads, folders. You can find graphics for your cover by using the search function. For example, you can type in “makeup” if the cover is about makeup.
  • Step 5: If we found the icon, you can directly hold and drag the icon to your canvas to start using it. Using the alignment lines of Canva, let’s place our icon right in the middle of our template. And that’s all you should do!
  • Step 6: If your designs are finished, you can download the designs using the down-pointing arrow button at the top right; then you can upload your cover photo to Instagram.

FAQs About Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

Is Canva free?

Yes. Canva is free graphic design software that you can use in online or mobile applications. It is fun and simple to use this application as it has a very simple interface, so you will not have any difficulty while using this application.

Should businesses create their own Instagram Story Highlight covers or use the free ones?

This is a choice entirely up to the business. But if they want to avoid using the same cover photos with other businesses or brands, it would make more sense to create their cover photos.

Why should brands use Instagram Story Highlight cover photos?

Because although normal Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, Highlight Stories always remain fixed on your profile. If users view your profile, see aesthetic and compatible Highlight cover photos, they will watch your Highlights more. So this will bring you more interaction, more followers, and more customers.

How long do Instagram highlights last?

Although your stories last for 24 hours, your Story Highlights stay as long as you keep them there.

Can I add Highlight without a story?

As of now, the only way to add a Highlight is to upload a story and set it as a highlight, so no.

Are there alternative tools I can use other than the mentioned ones?

Yes, there are multiple choices for making custom Instagram highlight covers. You can use PicsArt and other tools that are created only for Instagram as well, such as Highlight Cover Maker, Story Highlight Icons, and Story Highlight Cover Maker.

Conclusion – Pretty Simple Thing to Do

It was very simple, wasn’t it?

You can use different Instagram Highlights icons in each cover design and make your background colors. Some profiles even create some sort of unity for their profile by using only a handful of icons and colors. This may be a minimalistic choice — obviously, it’s up to your situation and your strategy on Instagram.

If you don’t want to hassle with this, you can always find some free Instagram Highlights covers on the web. Just roam around for a little bit.

Thank you for reading this article! Do you have a favorite icon? Let us know.

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