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How to Make an Intro for YouTube

Did you know that it only takes a few seconds for a viewer to skip your video? If you want to stand out among other YouTube channels but not sure how to come up with a compelling intro, look no further, as we will cover all the basics you need to allure your audience.

A Guide to Creating Better YouTube Intros

First, let us start with the basics as promised. Hopefully, the tips below will convince you that delivery is as important as the content itself. 

  • Make sure your intro length is within the boundary of the average attention span. You don’t want to sacrifice a loyal viewer for the sake of a lengthy intro.
  • Pay attention to how your video is structured. Is it inviting, or is it cold and repelling? Either way, there are several things you can do for the betterment of your YouTube videos. If you want your intro to attract attention, you should consider using animation. Those are reported to have a higher possibility of attracting an audience compared to their non-moving alternatives.
  • Your intro should encapsulate the essence of the rest of the video. Not only should it be engaging, but it also needs to be informative as well. Without the latter, it would be nothing but a catchy jingle at best.
  • The atmosphere of the intro should be complementary to the theme of your channel. You do not want your audience to be baffled by the discrepancy between the intro and that which follows. 
Tools That Might Help You

Tools That Might Help You

If you still can’t think of a video idea, you may invest your time in an online Intro Maker, which may also go by the name of Intro Templates.

These are specifically designed to provide what’s expected from a quality intro, and they do not require extensive technical knowledge, unlike Video Creator/Video Maker tools. 

what to avoid

What to Avoid

Needless to say, there are also several pitfalls that you need to watch out for.

  • Do not use copyrighted music in your YouTube intros, as copyright infringement may harm your channel in many ways. If possible, try to create your own original music; if not, many freelance artists are willing to do it for you.
  • Although we have mentioned the benefits of practicing the opposite, we can not stress enough the importance of avoiding lengthy intros. Again, you do not want your viewers to give up your video before it begins.
  • There is no limit on how well an intro should be, but it should not look poorly made.

What Does This Add Up To?

We give weight to intros because the audience has to be reminded of the content that awaits them. This is why, despite how short it is compared to the rest of the video, an intro for YouTube should not be neglected. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can always monitor your performance to see if your efforts pay off.

Not having an intro will decrease your chances of standing out from your competitors. An intro reflects the character of your channel and your individual video.

The current average attention span was reported to be 8 seconds. Therefore, ideally, your intro needs to be shorter than that.

YouTube has openly stated that it opts for videos with a high Audience Retention, meaning that videos with higher engagement will yield better results.

Even if attention span wasn’t our concern, viewers tend to make up their minds on a video within the first 15 seconds. This is why it is crucial to hook them in before they fall asleep.

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