How to Make an Image Background Transparent

How to Make an Image Background Transparent

How to make the background of an image transparent in photoshop, which I will explain in this article. What is a transparent background? Usually, the background of one picture covers another picture. In these and similar situations, it is useful to make the background transparent. Creating a transparent background for a picture is both simple and difficult.

It all depends on what effects are used in the picture itself and how clearly the background’s border and the desired part are separated. So, for example, if the main part of the picture has clear borders and does not contain effects on the background and borders, such as soft shadows, it is very easy to create a transparent background for such a picture.

methods to make an image background transparent

Several Methods to Make a Picture Background Transparent

 1. Use Magic Wand: Open the image in Photoshop. To the right, in layers, double click the right mouse button on the lock. Click the magic wand on the white background. With the background highlighted, press the Delete key on the keyboard. Everything, the background is gone; it’s that simple.

 2. Use Paint: Click “Select> Transparent selection or Select> Transparent selection” on the Paint main screen. For example, when you try to write text or copy any picture, you can see that the text will be written transparently and no color is cast on the background. That’s it.

 3. Use Eraser: For Photoshop application. Find the Background Eraser tool. If you can’t find it, hold down the mouse by holding down the button for a regular eraser for a few seconds. The required tool will open. You can add it after clicking on it. Now fix the unnecessary elements in the picture. You will see how it starts to look and how the color fades.

 4. Clipping With a Mask: In the Illustrator layout program, you can outline an object and then hide everything else. Applying a mask with simple shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle, etc.) can save time and effort in image processing if the subject is For a more complex object shape, It is better to use Photoshop. Another disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible to partially blur the edges of the subject with a mask, unlike rendering in Photoshop.

save images with transparent backgrounds

Saving the Image with a Transparent Background

If the image was saved in JPEG format, it will be white instead of transparent. You must save it in PNG or GIF format. Often times, a transparent background is required to overlay part of an image over another or over the illustration. The colorless background is actively used in the construction of websites. Many photos in online stores also require a white color behind the main image, which can only be achieved with the transparent one because the camera cannot create a pure white background color in RGB.

FAQ’s About Making an Image Background Transparent

What is a photograph without a bottom?

A photo without a background is an image with a transparent background.

How can I change the background of an image without Photoshop?

If you want to change the background of an image without Photoshop, you can use a program like Background Burner.

How can I remove the background from a picture for free?

If you want to remove the background from an image, you can use Adobe Photoshop.

Can I share images with my background removed on social media?

Yes, you can share an image with a transparent background on social media.

How to make a transparent background text?

Write your text in the color and font you want. Then, click on the wizard icon on the left and click somewhere in the background. You will see that the text part is separate. You can complete the deletion by clicking the delete button on the keyboard.

Transparent Background Brief Summary

As mentioned in the article, there are multiple methods to make the background of the image transparent. It is the most used Photoshop program. After cutting the image, you can easily edit small mistakes with the help of an eraser. It may be difficult, but you can achieve it with meticulous work.

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