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How to Make a YouTube Video 

YouTube stands out as the second-largest search engine in the world. It is also the world’s largest video-sharing platform, with over 2 billion unique monthly hits. Businesses can upload videos to YouTube to create a corporate image and reach their target audience. By creating your videos, you can both earn advertising revenue and contribute to your business’s business processes. The most important problem here will be how you can plan YouTube videos from a professional perspective. 

If you want to produce your YouTube videos yourself, we will explain how to do this in this guide. You can shoot a YouTube video if you want to create your brand and aim to grow your audience. We will explain in detail how to shoot a YouTube video, create your content plan, and how to share it. If you want to starting a YouTube channel, you should also know how to make videos. 

Research Your Video Topic  

If you want to prepare a YouTube video, the first thing you need to do is research and find the subject of your video. You can review competing content creators to do topic research. Here, you can find topics that work, discover areas you need to improve on, and learn what you can do. YouTube is not just a platform where you can watch videos. It is also a treasure from which you can make money and market your business. To research a YouTube topic, review competing channels and search for similar topics in the YouTube search bar. Then, watch a total of 5-10 videos in detail. 

Identify the types of videos that get the most views in your industry, see different video structures and styles, and determine video lengths. Find thumbnails and video titles used in videos. Look at how and when calls to action are used. Also, take a look at the transitions used. Also, read what people think about the video in the comments. All of these steps will ensure you get the best results in video topic research. See how long it takes users to exit the video and whether it is entertaining. You can also show this to your friends. If you want to grow your business, make a video on YouTube

plan your video content

Plan Your Video Content 

After researching the subject of your video, you first need to plan the content. First, you need to plan the purpose of your video. If you are an expert on a particular topic and want to teach your followers about something, you can plan an educational video. If you are planning an interesting and funny video, you can create entertaining video content. You can shoot awareness videos if you want to inform the public about a problem, issue, or product. 

Before planning the content of your video, you should determine what you are aiming for in the video. You need to decide how to present a topic and what type of video you will shoot. You can start by creating a visual outline of your video. In this way, you can determine what you need to do. The video outline will help you decide on the video’s structure, length, and content details. 

You should plan the video’s purpose, target audience, budget, shooting team, target video length, thumbnail and video title, shooting location, script, equipment, and editing process. You should look at the first 5-10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Determining how to persuade people to watch your video will help you achieve your goals. 

Gather Equipment  

After creating a video plan, you should gather the equipment you need to shoot your video. Depending on the type of video content, the equipment you need will also differ. You need to determine your budget before the equipment rental and purchasing process. Make YouTube videos for more followers. 

If you have a limited budget or cannot spare one, you should work with simple equipment to create videos. You can get more professional equipment if you have money to spend on equipment. Also, you can use your mobile phone or a professional camera for the camera. You can use high-quality cameras that will not shake your budget. An external microphone is very important. In this way, you can improve the quality of your video. 

Lighting is also very important when shooting a YouTube video. You can buy lighting equipment at very affordable prices. Even a minor shake can affect your video. Therefore, get a tripod to stabilize the camera or phone. Also, determine enough space on the memory card or phone to store your video. In the final stage, choose a video editing software that will allow you to edit your video. If your mobile phone will be used to shoot professional videos, you do not need extra expensive equipment. 

Set Up Filming Space  

After deciding on the video equipment for the YouTube video, you need to set up a shooting area to shoot your video. At the same time, you should make the necessary adjustments to capture the best video in the shooting area. 

If you will shoot a video for a restaurant menu, you should determine the spot with the best lighting in the restaurant and create the most efficient background. All videos should have a background that fits the brand personality. The background may change as your video series is uploaded. However, the same background maintains the corporate image and creates a certain brand identity in the audience. 

If you are recording a video in a fixed location, you should set the shooting area in detail. When creating the video shooting area, determine what should be in the background. Position the lighting so that it shows what you are shooting most clearly. Determine the angle from which you will look best. If you plan to keep your video simple, let the subject of your video stand out. In this way, ensure your video is of high quality and compatible with your goals. 

record your YouTube video

Record Your Video  

After making all the preparations, you started the process of recording your video. Now, you should turn on your camera and start shooting your video. Here are some things you should pay attention to, regardless of the type of video content. 

Don’t worry if you make small mistakes while shooting. Get everything ready and select your video again. First, you can take a test shot, see where you made mistakes, and determine how to fix them. Trust your expertise on the subject and show your creativity during the video. You can turn this into an advantage if you are new to video shooting. This can provide you with a different perspective, and you can produce more original content. 

When you reach this stage, you may notice some deficiencies. In this case, do not worry about the shortcomings. Although it may be difficult for you to shoot again, it would be best to return and complete the deficiencies. 

Don’t stress too much during the video shoot; try to have fun throughout the shoot. Video shooting can become more seamless and hassle-free if people start having fun. Remember that you will become a professional video content producer by gaining experience over time. If you want to make impressive YouTube videos, you must ensure you can achieve this over time. 

Edit Your Video  

After recording your video, one of the last and most important steps is to edit your video. At this stage, you can correct your mistakes while recording and make your video ready to upload to YouTube. 

You should choose a professional tool in the YouTube video editing software. In this way, you can make your video most impressive and create aesthetic videos. While editing your YouTube video, you can do many operations that will add value to your video with a professional application. You need to arrange your clips correctly for your YouTube video. You can add voiceover to your video and synchronize your video. Don’t forget to eliminate unnecessary images, errors, and pauses. 

Don’t forget to add intros and outros to your video. By using them correctly, you can optimize the audience retention rate. Don’t forget to add cuts and transitions. You can add GIFs, graphics, screenshots, and audio snippets. Include text on the screen so that people who watch your video can understand your video better. Professional editors have templates that will allow you to add text. 

You can get professional support and feedback on video editing. You may make mistakes if you look at video editing for too long. After making a final evaluation, you can move on to the next stage. We explain what you are wondering about making a YouTube video. Go and learn more about it at YouTube Help!

Design a Thumbnail  

Thumbnails are very important in YouTube videos. Thumbnails help increase your click-through rate. Also, thumbnails should be eye-catching and exciting. People should be willing to click on your video when they see the thumbnail. Using a screenshot of your video is the wrong strategy here. You should always design a custom thumbnail. 

Include clear images in the visual in which you answer the queries of searching users. At the same time, include catchy, short texts and contain keywords for your video. Use vibrant colors in the thumbnail that will make it aesthetic. These colors should be consistent and compatible with your social media presence and YouTube background. Add some elements that the audience will be curious about. You should do this without giving too many spoilers to your content. 

Upload to YouTube  

Now that you’ve edited your video, the only thing left to do is upload it to YouTube. To upload your YouTube video, log in to your YouTube account and then follow the video upload steps. If you integrate some professional tools to edit your video with your YouTube account, you can share it automatically. You can buy automatic YouTube likes for your first video!

Optimize for SEO  

Uploading your YouTube video is not enough to reach your audience. In order for your audience to find your video, you need to optimize your video for SEO. To do this, you must first create catchy and SEO-compatible titles. Like your video content, the titles should include keywords and be of sufficient length. 

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Titles are important so that people looking for your video can easily find it. Since YouTube is also a search engine, optimizing titles will increase the visibility of your video. There are some SEO tactics to make your video visible on YouTube. The most important step will be to do keyword research. Keywords are the words that users type into the search bar. Use keywords in your description, tags, thumbnails, and titles. This way, the YouTube algorithm can see what your video is about. 

You should see if your video solves a problem when doing keyword research. If you want to research your video, you should see the keywords identified in the top results on Google and YouTube. 

promote your video

Promote Your Video  

Promoting your YouTube videos to your audience is very important. Just because your videos are useful, educational, and entertaining doesn’t mean anything. What you need to do is to promote your videos correctly. Even if people search for videos, you cannot deliver your video to people without promoting and optimizing it. 

When you upload a video to your YouTube channel, you can promote and share your video on other social media platforms. After sharing your videos, create short videos according to the extra Facebook and Instagram algorithms and direct people to the longer version of your video. 

You should look at the type of content your competitors share, publication time, and engagement rate. Focus on the types of videos your target audience is active in and wants to engage with. You can create strategies in TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Also, you can use a text-based excerpt with a link to your video. You can link to your YouTube channel and direct people to watch the video version. If you promote your video, you can grow your brand’s audience and get more YouTube subscribers. This way, people can watch your video and reach you. Follow these steps and make a YouTube video

Analyze Performance  

It is also very important to keep track of your YouTube videos. Therefore, after uploading your video, you need to analyze its performance. You can track video performance on your website via YouTube Analytics, just like Google Analytics analytics. Also, learn more about YouTube Shorts analytics.

You can track many data such as total number of views, viewing time, audience retention rate, traffic source, age and gender of the audience, geography, impressions, and click-through rate. This data allows you to track performance in clear numbers. YouTube Analytics data allows you to create forward-looking strategies. You can get ideas on topics such as the videos that people interact with the most, new content ideas, and advertising campaign strategies. 


If you want to promote your business on social media, YouTube offers unique opportunities for you. For this, you must open a YouTube account and produce videos there. To produce YouTube videos, you must follow the steps we have given you. 

First, start by coming up with content ideas. Examine competitors, look at search results, and determine your content strategy. After determining the content type, obtain the necessary equipment. You can start with simpler equipment at first. Don’t forget to use your budget effectively. After shooting your video, make the necessary edits with a video editing application. When uploading your video, use keywords to make the title and description suitable for SEO. Don’t forget to monitor the performance of your video afterward. 

If you have questions about shooting YouTube videos, please reach us in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you are making YouTube videos, you can apply different strategies to find ideas about the YouTube topic. You can visit similar communities, search for competitors’ YouTube videos, or research your competitors’ videos in the comments. 

To shoot YouTube videos, you must have the right equipment. In this way, your video can be more professional. First, get a mobile phone or camera to shoot video. Also, use a tool to edit your video. Additionally, you can obtain lighting equipment. By starting with simple equipment, you can gradually acquire more professional equipment. 

There are many tools you can use to edit your YouTube video. You can use many different tools, paid or free. You can choose a tool based on this type of video, your experience, and your needs and budget. 

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