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How to Make a Top Post on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to make a top post on Instagram? You are in the right place! Keep reading and learn how the algorithm works in the Instagram app, and reach the top in social media!

To be honest, we are not sure how Instagram’s algorithm works. But there are some ways to take your content to the heights of Instagram.

How Instagram Evaluates Your Posts

One of the most important things to make a top content on Instagram is engagement rates. Instagram’s algorithm seems to enjoy a lot of likes, comments, and higher engagement rates.

What will make your Instagram posts or Instagram stories which will stay on your Instagram account for 24 hours are high-quality content, popular hashtags, or content that will capture Instagram users’ attention.

finding top hashtags

Finding Top Hashtags

You can basically search for that hashtag and see if it is one of the small hashtags. Hashtag strategy is a very good way for you to make your post one of the top posts on social media.
If your post includes a hashtag that is in the list of Instagram’s top search, your engagement will increase in time, and your content may become one of the top posts on Instagram.

Ways to Find Highly Targeted Hashtags

Choosing your hashtag is very significant for your Instagram content if you are looking for high engagement rates to make your content one of the top Instagram photos.
Short research for a hashtag on your Instagram app will help you with this topic.
Go to your search page in your Instagram app and type a very common word there. You can use words like ‘day,’ ‘happy,’ ‘pink,’ ‘home,’ ‘follow,’ or whatever you generally see on your Instagram account.

When you search for any popular words, you will see the number of posts on Instagram which have that listed hashtags.
Highly targeted hashtags will be listed at the top, and the engagement rates will decrease as you scroll down.

using one or more hashtag

Using One or More Hashtags

It is important to use the hashtag strategy for higher engagement rates. We do not know how the algorithm works, but we know Instagram loves higher engagement. So, what you should do to make a top content on Instagram is using several popular hashtags in the same Instagram content.
You can use this hashtag strategy to reach the top since more people will see your Instagram content or Instagram story with the help of that hashtag.
Using additional small hashtags is also a good idea since the engagement rates will increase as the number of hashtags you use on your Instagram content increases.

about making a top post on instagram

Conclusion on Making a Top Post on Instagram

To make a top post on Instagram, Instagram users choose an easy strategy. Engagement rates and quick engagements are very important for Instagram’s algorithm. As far as we know, your Instagram content could reach the top. But this is only possible if you achieve higher engagement rates with your high-quality content in your Instagram content.

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Finding the most popular hashtags and using them in your Instagram story or post is very crucial for higher engagement rates, and your content will be one of the most liked/commented posts on social media if you follow these listed steps! But there is one more thing! How many hashtags should you use? Find out how many.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Engagement rates are very important for Instagram algorithms, even though we do not know how Instagram’s algorithm works exactly. If you want to make a top post on Instagram, you need higher engagement rates for your Instagram story or post.

The most popular and useful thing to do is using some kind of hashtag strategy to reach the top with your Instagram post. You should use highly targeted hashtags in the caption part of your post. The number of likes and comments is very important in the process of reaching the top with your potential post.

You must be seeing the top posts in social media on your Instagram account every day. To make your post one of them, just search for some basic and common words from the search section of your Instagram app.

Of course, it does! Your Instagram post should have high-quality content to capture other Instagram users’ attention. You may want to use some filters to make your Instagram post more engaged.

Of course, it does. What Instagram’s algorithm also considers is some kind of growth rate of your Instagram post. Quick engagements are important for Instagram. In other words, if your post gets 2000 likes in 2 hours, it is much more important that your post gets a total of 10000 likes in 10 hours. To make a top post on Instagram, you should consider the engagement rates in a limited time. To reach the top, your Instagram post should get attention quicker than other posts.

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