How to Make a Table in HTML

How to Make a Table in HTML

Table structure in HTML is the most efficient way to display data. You can insert images, lists, arrays into it and display them in the table cells with a great composition. A well-arranged HTML table consists of different types of data with a great hierarchy.

Let’s go through the explanation; how do we make it? It is probably easier and shorter than you think. Let’s get right into it! After reading all the way to the end, you will be able to create tables for whatever reason you deem necessary.

How to Create a Table in HTML

How to Create a Table in HTML

In HTML, tables are one of the fundamental HTML elements. Let’s see how do we create HTML tables. First, we will be explaining each table tag then tell how they work. There are three main attributes. These are td, tr, and table. 

  • <table>: You form every html table with a <table> tag. You start with <table> and end with </table>. By the way, you can use CSS table by adding arguments into this tag. 
  • <tr>: To start a row in a table, you should use the table row tag. Tr element is determining the elements in a row in the table. 
  • <th>: Th element is also known as the table header. The text in this table is bold and center-aligned. 
  • <td>: Td element expresses regular data in the table. You can insert all the HTML elements in this element. Table data could be any relevant data. 
About How to Make A Table In HTML

FAQ About How to Make a Table in HTML

Does the table element in HTML have a common usage?

Yes, most of the data is displayed on a web page on table components. Each table element can be having a border around the table. The most common reason for this, people want to show data in order. In the web ecosystem, the order is not a disorder.

What methods are used to styling tables?

The general usage of CSS is proper for the tables, too. Also, you can get Bootstrap elements to create spectacular HTML tables. In this framework, there are great looking tables without arranging the rowspan attribute. 

Are table headings <strong> or <bold>?

Even if the output of <strong> and <bold> is the same in the appearance <strong> html tag is more preferable. Unfortunately, table headers are <bold> not <strong>. 

How do we style tables without using an exterior CSS file?

Even if the usage of it is not popular anymore, you can use CSS in HTML. To do that, arrange the following attributes in the <table> tag. These attributes are width, rows, and columns. By the way, you can use all the HTML colors or CSS elements of HTML. These are the basics.

Is a table in HTML permanent or irreversible?

Absolutely not, once you change your mind you can remove your table without facing any problems.

Conclusion: How to Make a Table in HTML

Tables are used to express data in a web site. On the above, we have mentioned HTML code for the table. To learn better and style your table like editing HTML table border style, HTML table cell border you should make exercises. If we recall how do you form a table, follow the steps. Open the HTML tag as <table> insert a <tr> on it. Use <th> and close it with </th>. Use <td> and close it with </td>. After that close the table row with </td>. On the end, use </table> to close the table down. We are sure that you learned how to make a table by now. But if you want to up your game and learn more about HTML, you can start by learning how to comment out HTML.

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