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How to Make a Snapchat Filter

As people who use Snapchat know, when you take a photo or video, some filters appear as you slide to the left. Snapchat aims to make people use Snapchat more effectively in their daily activities, and that’s why Snapchat filters, which we call Geofilters, are now available to users. Because it is so engaging, you may be wondering about this feature. We would like to tell you everything you need to know about Geofilters, as well as the making of a Snapchat geofilter. Also, you’ll be informed about what a Snapchat filter size is and how to make a Snapchat filter.

What Are Filters & How to Use Them

The Snapchat app looks almost like a normal camera app. In the center is what is framed by the lens of your front camera, and immediately next to the large shutter button, there is one in the shape of a smiley face.

You can scroll through all the nice filters available, all dedicated to personalizing selfies, by clicking on them. The puppy filter many celebrities have used is famous and funny and allows you to add puppy ears and noses to your photos.

Once you have selected the filter of your liking, just frame yourself to have it automatically applied. Some lenses, such as the puppy filter, apply automatic stickers to parts of the face. In this case, you will need to frame yourself from the front to help the app recognize your face in the background.

The list of filters is modified at each update; therefore, with the latest versions, new filters have been added while others are removed. If these aren’t enough for you, don’t worry, there are various ways to get more Snapchat special effects.

How to Apply Filters

We’ll give you a few tips on how to use Snapchat filters. After learning these, you will enjoy using Snapchat more. Let’s take the first step into the crazy world of Snapchat filters!

  • Open the Snapchat app and point the camera at your face.
  • Tap and hold over your face on the screen.
  • Swipe to the left and select the filter that you want.
  • And use the filter!
how to apply filters in snapchat

Most Popular Filters on Snapchat

It is wrong to separate filters into popular filters. Because it depends entirely on the person’s use, a user may not like a filter that others like.

That’s why you must decide; if you like one of the hundreds of filters, use it.

Determine your most popular Snapchat filters. You can use them all by trying different filter options. You can apply your favorite.

Note that some filters can only be applied to photos. You can use some of them for videos. Or vice versa, some of the filters suitable for videos may not be suitable for photos.

Photo Filters

There are various filters in the application. You can download extra apps and diversify the filters if these aren’t enough.

On the Internet, it is very easy to find many applications for this. Here are some crazy Snapchat photo filters for you:

  • Pink Flower Crown,
  • Frown,
  • Rossy Cheek,
  • Bee,
  • Dog,
  • Friend Face Swap.

Some applications sell paid filter packages. But you don’t have to buy them. You can find many filter packages for free already.

Applying filters is done differently to photos and videos—depending on every video or photo.

Video Filters

Snapchat is not just about photo sharing. You can take and share short videos from 1 to 10 seconds. And you can apply various filters to these videos.

snapchat video filters

You can prepare lots of fun videos and surprise your friends. There are hundreds of different Snapchat video filters on the app. You can use these filters for video Snaps:

  • Slow Speed,
  • Reverse,
  • Super Speed,
  • Speed Up,
  • Camera Roll Face Swap,
  • Rosy-Cheek.

Snapchat Filters Not Working: Quick Solution

If you are having this problem, it must be annoying! But this is very easy to fix. If you can not use Snapchat filters, please try these solutions to fix:

  1. In the application settings, make sure the filter option is turned on.
  2. If the Snapchat application is outdated, please update it on the app market.
  3. Update your mobile device’s operating system.
  4. Close and restart the application.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Snapchat again.

What Is a Geofilter?

Geographic filters are a way to share where you are via Filter Overlays. In other words, these filters allow mobile users to add specific locations to photos, cities, or even stores that they can share with their friends or followers via Snapchat. The location signals of the smartphone determine where the user is and provide the appropriate Geographical Filter based on that location.

If we’re talking about Geofilters, the first thing to know is that there are two types of Optional filter types: Personal and Business.

filter types
  1. A Personal Geography Filter is a filter that does not contain any brand, business brand /name, or logo and does not identify a business or brand. For example, you can send a Personal Snapchat Geography Filter to celebrate a birthday or graduation.
  2. Business Geofilter is for someone who promotes a business or brand.

With this feature, you can create Snapchat filter at any time, regardless of location or time.

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The tools come with certain presets, such as birthdays, weddings, work, and food. To see the filters available in your area, take a photo or record a video, and then swipe the screen left or right.

Furthermore, you have to pay certain sums to create a custom Snapchat filter. Snapchat charges from these filters are based on two things.

  1. The size of the area covered by your filter.
  2. The time your Geofilter is running.

How to Add a Geofilter in a Snap

First, you have to turn your location settings on for your Snapchat app because Geofilters are only available in the scheduled areas. If you don’t turn on your location settings for the Snapchat app, no matter if you are in the right area or not, you cannot get a single Geofilter. So, to use the Snapchat location filter:

  1. Go to your Phone Settings.
  2. Find Snapchat and tap on the Location Settings.
  3. Click on the ‘’While Using The App’’ option.

Now you are ready to use your Geofilters in your Snaps.

How to Create a Snapchat Filter From Your Computer

First, visit address, then click on to Create a Snapchat Filter option.

  • You can choose from templates on the drop-down page if you want to design filters for events such as graduation, wedding, and birthday. These designs are easily customizable, so you don’t have to deal with too much.
create geofilter
  • You can then customize the category of your choice by entering your text, changing its color, and adding your graphics, including Bitmoji.

Alternatively, you can create your custom filter if you want. However, there are some rules that you must pay attention to.

Snapchat filter restrictions

What Are Snapchat Filter Restrictions

  • You cannot use the names and logos of trademarks.
  • You cannot add offensive content.
  • The filter you send to Snapchat must be under 300 KB in PNG format with a transparent background, and it should be 1080×1920 pixels or 1080×2340 pixels.
  • Then, determine how long you want your filter to be accessible. You can select a specific period, choose to make it accessible for a single event that lasts at least one day, or set a time for a recurring event. For example, you can use this filter on a specific day of each month. If you are designing it for an annual event, you can even set a recurring annual filter so that it will refresh every year.
  • Once we’ve set a date and time range, we can switch to the location option. You can select a specific address by searching or selecting the filter field that you want to be accessible.
  • However, don’t forget that your area must be between 20,000 and 50,000,000 square feet. In the upper-right-hand corner, you’ll notice the price of your Geofilter filter will change as you change the size of your target area.
  • After selecting the location, you set your Filter. You’ll be taken to a summary page that shows the location you’ve selected, a preview of the filter, the date and time it will be available, and the cost. You can also preview the filter you designed before you buy it.

How to Create a Snapchat Filter From Your Phone

  • If you can use graphic design programs or have design skills and time, you can make your custom filter and make Snapchat’s Geofilter all on your own.
  • However, if you don’t have time and don’t have photoshop programs or design features, you can easily buy a Snapchat Geofilter on the internet.

Let’s see how to make a Snapchat Filter:

  1. Open the app’s setting menu and click on the ‘’Filters and Lenses’’ section. Then select Filter.
  2. Choose a specific occasion for your Snapchat geofilter.
  3. Now you should edit your Filter. You can easily add texts, Emojies, and Bitmojies.
  4. When you’re done, you must move to the Date step.
  5. Select a specific start time and a specific end time for your Geofilter. Moreover, move to the Location step.
  6. You must select a specific location for your filter to be active. By default, your application detects your location and offers you a suggested area around it, but you can set it yourself or customize it by selecting a specific address.
  7. Lastly, check out your design, and now you are ready to use your Geofilter.

If you are curious more about Snapchat, check the 21 Snapchat tricks you probably don’t know, and also, if you have more questions about creating Snapchat filters, check the Snapchat Support page.


Today, in this article, we tried to cover how to create a Snapchat filter topic. Creating your own unique Snapchat filter can bring you more joy! Try and learn how to create the perfect geofilter or a themed filter to double up the Snapchat excitement with a Snapchat custom filter. We hope that our article was helpful for you in that matter. Stay tuned for more articles about little Snapchat secrets!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Snapchat receives $5 per 20,000 square feet for each Geofilter, and the usage time can vary from 1 day to 30 days.

To see the filters available in your area, take a photo or record a video, and then swipe to the left or right to access the Geofilters that are currently over your area. Then, you can send a Snap to your friends or a Story.

The most popular Snapchat filter is perhaps the flower crown. It has been widely used and popularized by celebrities.

If your filter idea meets the Snapchat filter restrictions, then yes, you can make any filter you want on Snapchat by following the easy steps.

Snapchat may not have the popularity it had in its early days, but it’s still an active social media platform with lots of fun!

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