How to Make a Professional Email Address

How to Make a Professional Email Address

Email choices are mostly made with no professional intentions, which leads to silly emails created in your early teenage years or the childish, non-professional days of the old internet. With the internet being the main communication space for every large company and most workplaces, making professional email addresses become an important aspect.

To better understand this topic, let’s look at the benefits of having a professional email address with tips and steps to make them and learn about the popular custom domain providers for professional email addresses.

benefits of having a professional email account

Benefits of Having a Professional Email Account

Making a professional email address can help you and your company’s image drastically. There are many benefits you can get from creating a professional email address.

Business Credibility

Having a professional email address with your company name in its domain sounds significantly professional and adds credibility to your business. Professional emails give a sign about your image that you are serious about what you are doing, and it shows how skilled you are.


Making a professional email address also helps the client you are trying to reach trust you more. Imagine sending an email to a potential client you’re trying to work with. If they see a Hotmail or Gmail address trying to reach them for a professional matter, most likely, your email will be sent to the trash or end up in the spam folder of the email address of your customer.

Necessary Advertising

When you use a public domain email service for your business email account, you are giving your rightful credibility and advertisement potential to a large company that needs no help. Having the word “Gmail” in your email domain will not help you at all. Therefore, by having a custom domain business email name, you are advertising your job and company.

Easier to Find You and Your Company

Your email, including your business name, generates another advantage to making a professional email address. Customers can find you and then your work by only seeing your email address. If you have a small business, it will help you gain more recognition.

Tips to Make a Professional Email Address

Are you are thinking about creating one and need some help? Here are some tips to get you started.

Keep It Simple

You will not only be typing your email to other people. There are certain situations wherein a conversation with a potential client or person trying to reach you can ask you for your email address. Keeping it simple by not having a complicated email address will help your email look a lot more professional and easy to share. The most comfortable and convenient way to do it is using your name as your email address.

keep it short

Keep It Short

No one likes to write long sentences. Therefore, to help people receive your emails and send you emails easier, keep your professional email short. If you have a long name, you can consider using a shorter version or use an acronym.

Consistent Branding

As a professional email address will help people reach you easier while choosing a domain name for it, you should be sure that it is consistent with the website you or your company owns. This will make it much simple for newcomers to find your work and then communicate with you.

Create a Professional Email Signature

Creating a professional email signature can significantly improve how your emails look. Think about that excellent looking email signature that drew you into the email you received and how it made you curious about what’s inside. This is the effect of a good looking email signature. It creates more exciting emails, which helps you look more impressive and professional.

Custom Domain Providers to Make A Professional Email Address

You need to find yourself a domain provider that email hosts and helps you the way you want to make a professional email address. There are many providers with lots of different qualities. Let’s have a look at some of them to help you decide.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides practical tools such as Microsoft Office while giving your business a cloud-based storage option called OneDrive. It integrates your business tools with your professional email address to help you collaborating and communicating with coworkers easier. All the features in Microsoft 365 are centralized around your professional email. As an addition, their support for mobile devices is excellent, and most of their applications are available on both IOS and Android.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a recognized provider for its great WordPress hosting and reasonable prices. They also provide a web hosting service, too! This means you can handle both your professional email address and website from a single control panel.

A2 Hosting gives you a chance to make unlimited amounts of professional email addresses, help you with email spam protection, and allow you to send larger files as attachments with a size limit of 50 MB. You can also try creating a WordPress site and see their WordPress hosting performance yourself. It is pretty neat.

Google Workspace

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, and Gmail, their free email hosting, is already one of the most popular email services available. With Workspace, Google makes you experience a cloud-based solution that is hassle-free. There is no need for an email client as the service is mostly web-based.

Google Workspace is suitable for businesses of any size and people of all skill levels, as it has a user-friendly interface and is cheap for what it provides. They help you easily migrate from your old email service and give you a 99.9& uptime guarantee.

steps to make a professional email address

Steps to Make a Professional Email Address

Now that you know the essentials and benefits of making a professional email address, it’s time to give you a step-by-step tutorial.
Service Provider Choice: The first step is to choose a service provider. There are many professional email address providers available. Examples of them are introduced in the article.

Domain Name Creation: The second step is to choose a domain name to make a mail adress. Your domain name is the part after the “@” sign, and it is an essential aspect of professional email addresses. Choose it according to your needs and business professions.
Email Format Choice: Format choice is a step where you should decide how the left side of the “@” on your email will look. An excellent option is choosing the email format to be your full name.

Generic Email Addresses for Your Business: If you have a business with departments like research&development, support, sales, or marketing, you can create generic email addresses for those units, such as [email protected] That will unify and professionalize the email addresses.

FAQ About Making a Professional Email Address

What professional email addresses should I create?

If you are running a one-person business, creating a domain name that includes your profession or company name accompanied by your full name is professional looking enough. If you are making a professional email address for a multi-department company, you should create department emails and single format emails for the employees.

Is having a signature necessary while making a professional email address?

Is having a signature necessary while making a professional email address?
Signatures are unnecessary, but they are important because of their effects on your emails and how they change your image in your customer’s eyes.

Can I make a free professional email address?

Yes, you can. Some service providers let you create free email addresses with custom domain names. Bluehost is one of them. There are many others, and you can find them easily on the internet.

If I can’t find a free option that suits my needs, how much will I need to pay to make a professional email?

There are many options you can choose from the internet. Some of them can be found in this article. The prices start at single-digit monthly payments and vary up to grand totals. It is a matter of how large your email chain will be and which services you will buy from the providers.

Why do I need to make a professional email address?

Professional email addresses will set you apart from your competitors. They will help you advertise your work more efficiently and reach out to more people while gaining their trust. They will generate more ways for networking to develop a powerful image and establish an impressive online presence.

Conclusion About Making a Professional Email Address

For a professional presence on the internet, the importance of making a professional email address is undeniable. This article provides all the essentials you will need. You can now create a professional email. A professional email account will help you share your skills and capabilities easier. You have now created a professional account. But now what? Without a good introduction, your efforts amount to almost nothing. See how you can improve your image by learning how to introduce yourself on an email.

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