How to Make a Minecraft Server? (Free & Paid Servers)

How to Make a Minecraft Server? (Free & Paid Servers)

Now we exist in the virtual world as much as we exist in the real world. Since computers and smart devices are involved in our lives, we’ve all established a different world. We all run our kingdoms. Children are the age they want to be in that world. They have what they want to have. They live at any time they want to live. Warriors, cooks, ranchers, married, old people… They’re all kids. Minecraft is a game that lets its players create their own world. They can make a Minecraft server to live their alternative life. 

Computer games have a history of more than 50 years, no matter where they’re looking at it. During World War II, the two soldiers developed table tennis playing on “Oscilloscope” (a device that measures electrical currents). Compared to today’s games, it’s fair to say that you’ve made a very long and nauseous development. As the games evolved and proliferated, they entered people’s lives more. Maybe no one knows, but there’s a member of every family who plays a video game. Companies now look at Computer Games differently and pay more attention to their work. We can now watch the introductions of the games in a full “show”. What a visual feast! They have also become a big part of the productive economy. 

Today we will take a closer look at this world of games and host a superstar who is very popular in this world in our article: Minecraft! Millions of people are playing this game that everyone is familiar with right now. So how can the Minecraft server be installed? How can someone who doesn’t know Minecraft meet him?

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What Is Minecraft

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft was born on May 16, 2009, and became popular all over the world shortly after it existed on the market. It’s one of the games people talk about the most today.

You can play Minecraft from the first individual camera angle. Those who know this game will be familiar with the camera angle in the Half-Life series, the Counter-Strike series, or Crysis. Of course, the only thing that these games resemblance to is the camera angle. The game is currently an open-world game. And what does that mean? That means you’re free. If you can pull it off, you can go anywhere in the world.

You can break, collect, and place the materials you collect anywhere in the game. This feature is the most basic thing that makes Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft. The creators of Minecraft have divided this game. You’re trying to survive in the first mode. In the second mode, you display your creativity. Minecraft is a game that deserves its name. In the game, you bring together a variety of materials and remove a whole new material from them. 

In a way, you can “process” the substances. For example, you cut down a tree and make tables and chairs from the wood you get. With this “crafting system,” you can do swords, walls, magical systems, doors, pictures, and more. Here’s a great opportunity for you to show you your skills. You can play Minecraft from your Windows, macOS, Linux PCs, game consoles, and smartphones. Enjoy!

What Is Minecraft Server?

You may want to play Minecraft alone or want to have a multiplayer experience. To play Minecraft, this game must be constantly open on a computer during the time you play. Minecraft server means “the computer where the game is constantly open.” There must be a machine to be used as a game server for players from different geographical locations to play together.

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How to Make a Free Minecraft Server?

You have two alternatives to setting up a free Minecraft server, the first of which is to use one of the players’ computers as a server. The other method is to open an account from sites that provide free Minecraft server service. 

Using Your Computer as a Minecraft Server

Before you can convert your computer into a Minecraft server, you’ll need to set up a server with Hamachi software on your computer and make some adjustments. Other users who want to play the game must also connect to the host, which acts as a server, through Hamachi. This method has two disadvantages. Other players cannot play Minecraft unless the computer that acts as the server is turned on. The other disadvantage is that if the server computer’s internet connection is slow (especially in online multiplay games), you may experience freezes and contractions in the game. 

Steps to Build a Server

We’ve made a list of steps you need to follow so you can build a Minecraft server on your computer:

1. First, download the Windows version of Hamachi.

2. Install the software you downloaded on your computer following the instructions.

3. Download the files required to set up Minecraft Server.

4. Remove the Rar file to the desktop.

5. Open the “Start.bat” file with a text editor, such as a notepad, and make the necessary edits. The “Xmx5G” area marked in a red frame must be as much ram space as you will separate from your computer.

6. After editing, click, and run the file “Start.bat.” Approximately 1-2 minutes later, a text file named “eula.txt” will be created.

7. Open the file “eula.txt” with a notepad and edit “eula=false” to “eula=true.”

8. Click and run the “Start.bat” file again. You must make sure that the text file named “” is formed.

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9. Search the “” file with ctrl+f and locate the “server-IP” section. In this section, type the IPV4 address that you typed in the Hamachi setup and save the file to complete the setup of your game.

When you follow the steps above, you will have set up a Minecraft server on your personal computer. Players connected to the game must also provide connections through Hamachi and write your IPV4 address in the server IP address section.

But one thing we have to say is that when you install Minecraft on a web server, you can access and play the game at any time. That’s why you should install Minecraft on computers with high hardware features specially designed for this job.

Free Minecraft Server Websites

Many websites on the Internet allow you to create your own Minecraft server. However, you have to consent to the possibility that your server will shut down at any time, instant freezes, and disturbing amounts of advertising. Everything comes at a price!

Let’s talk about something you should be careful about. Some free Minecraft servers are publishing various viruses to take over your pc. Use a good antivirus program while playing games on these servers and secure your computer’s software and hardware. No one will want their personal information to spread when they want to play games.

Minecraft Servers

Paid Minecraft Server

If a product is free, it is probably the person who uses the product itself. Google is one of the biggest examples of this. Google offers almost all its services to users for free, but in return, it shows you ads. Reading news sites and watching series is also free if you agree to watch ads.

If you want to play games pleasantly without advertising, fast, freezing, and contraction problems, you may want to prefer a paid Minecraft server. A game server that you pay low sums will stop playing games from agony and give you a pleasant experience. Today, many web hosting companies providing this service provide Minecraft server setup services.

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Who is the Developer of Minecraft?

With sales of 121 million worldwide, it is the 2nd best-selling player ever. The game is being published by The Minecraft game Mojang. The production is owned by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten.

How Rich is the Guy who Made Minecraft?

Markus Persson, known as Notch in Minecraft, is now a billionaire. Persson’s net income is about $1.3 billion, according to Forbes. 

What is Herobrine?

According to a rumor, Brine is the dead brother of Notch, the founder of Minecraft. As a memory of Notch Brine, there are rumors that he created this mob. Your brother’s name is Brine. Brine died in a car accident, so her brother Noch created Herobrine in her memory. But Herobrine said that if it happened, 7,500 people said they would leave Minecraft, and because of the hacker named Herobrine, who appeared socially, Noch lifted Herobrine as he moved to 1.4. But this Herobrine incident remains a mystery. Herobrine can burn your house, take your items from the chest, and kill you if he wants to. Sometimes it can make you jump from where you sit by screaming very scary.


In this article, we talked about how to make a Minecraft server. With Minecraft, you can move away from the routine of the world and create a virtual world where you can freely show off your skills. We wish you a pleasant play.

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