How to Lower Blood Pressure? (In Natural Ways)

How to Lower Blood Pressure? (In Natural Ways)

Unfortunately, most of the people today are known to have high blood pressure. In fact, high it is a condition that everyone will encounter. In cases where the it is abnormally elevated, it is necessary to lower it as quickly as possible. It is possible to do this in ways such as changing your diet and lifestyle. Now let’s see how to lower high blood pressure.

What Is Blood Pressure?

It consists of two combinations: systolic and diastolic. In the measurement of this issue, you see two values, and the value higher than the other value is called systolic, and the small value is called diastolic. The first number recorded we call systolic is the pressure that occurs when the heartbeats. The second number we call diastolic is the pressure that occurs when the heart is resting. Inthe measurements, priority is always given to systolic. 

Causes and Symptoms

There are many reasons for it to happen. Conditions such as consuming too much salt or fast-food, consuming too much alcohol, not exercising insufficiently, emotional stress, too much caffeine, smoking, obesity, birth control pills, and so on can cause hypertension. Of course, this is not always the case, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases, or the use of certain medications can be a reason too. The most common symptoms of high it includes headache, breathlessness, and excessive sweating. During high blood pressure, it is possible to experience redness, tinnitus, and dizziness. Although not common, visual impairment and nosebleeds can also be encountered too.

Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

It is possible to prevent it before starting drug treatment. If you do not have hypertension and your condition is not very serious, it will be much more beneficial to treat yourself naturally. There are many natural ways to do this, and if you can find a natural solution, you may not need medication. Now we will tell you about a few natural ways of how to lower high blood pressure at home by yourself.

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Eat Foods That Will Lower It

There are many nutrients to lower your blood pressure, and if you consume them, you can see that it lowers within a short time. Garlic helps lower it and relaxes smooth muscles as well. Also, garlic prevents vascular occlusion and thus lowers blood pressure. Eating spinach, oats, berries, tomatoes, and broccoli will also be very effective in this case. Also, according to research, eating a small amount of dark chocolate also helps to lower your blood pressure.

Change Your Lifestyle a Little

Sometimes it may not be enough to just change your diet to lower your blood pressure. Changing your lifestyle will be much better for you to be healthier. If you are very stressed during the day and can’t sleep enough, this may affect your blood pressure and cause it to increase. First of all, you can start with stress management. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day and take time to rest. Also, doing daily sports is a must for balancing the pressure. Exercising regularly is very important for your body health and therefore your blood pressure. Do things that will make you happy and relaxed; this can be pilates, yoga, or even a sound therapy.

Use Essential Oils and Herbs

Another way to lower your blood pressure naturally is to use some essential oils. Essential oils expand arteries, lower the pressure, act as antioxidants, and help reduce emotional stress. Especially Lavender will be very good for you. In addition to being a powerful relaxant, Lavender is a natural vasodilating drug that relaxes and widens the blood vessels. So, Lavender is one of the best ways to help keep your blood pressure constant. Apart from Lavender, ylang-ylang oil, musk sage, dandelion, and valerian are also among the oils and herbs that are effective in lowering it. Making these herbs and oils a part of your life will enable you to live a healthier and stress-free life.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight, losing weight is important so that you will not suffer from hypertension. Scientists say that the main cause of most people with hypertension is obesity. As the fat cells accumulate in the body and these fat cells act on the nervous system, kidneys, and veins, blood pressure increases. Therefore, people who are overweight and obese have an increased risk of having hypertension in the future. Even losing a few pounds has a very positive effect on your blood pressure. Therefore, losing weight before drug treatment will be much more beneficial for you and your body.

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What is a normal and healthy rate?

The normal range is 120/80 mmHg. In other words, while the first number recorded is 120 mmHg, the second number recorded should be 80 mmHg. But this can vary from person to person.

Is consuming salt harmful for it?

Yes. Many scientific studies are showing that those who eat too much salt have high blood pressure and that it decreases when the salt consumption is reduced. If you want to examine the relationship of salt with blood pressure in more detail, you can look at the Intersalt study.

Does consuming alcohol increase it?

Yes, drinking too much alcohol increases it. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption has an important role in the treatment of high blood pressure.


In this article, we talked about a subject that people suffer most, and we explained how to lower blood pressure. As we mentioned in our article, there are many reasons for high blood pressure, and there are many methods to prevent and lower it. By eating healthier, making our lifestyle a little more active, you can lower your blood pressure and lead a more stress-free life. Remember that trying natural methods prevents starting drug treatment. So, take care of your health, avoid the things that will tire your body, heart, and veins.

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