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How to Loop SoundCloud (Simple Guide)

There are some songs that we love to listen to non-stop on repeat mode. In this regard, SoundCloud is a great platform where you can easily loop songs by simply clicking on the repeat button. If you are looking for ways to loop a song on SoundCloud, this article will help you learn how to do it. However, before beginning, you should know that the method to put a song on repeat on SoundCloud changes depending on whether you use it on desktop, mobile site, and the mobile app of iOS or Android.

Looping SoundCloud songs has different steps in each method, but you should keep in mind that you are looking for the arrow icon. 

Here are some steps that you can follow in order to find out SoundCloud loop methods:

How to Loop SoundCloud Songs on the Website

How to Loop SoundCloud Songs on the Website?

It depends on whether you use it on mobile or desktop. If the answer is mobile, we should inform you that currently, there is no repeat mode on the mobile site. We hope this feature will also be added soon on the mobile site.

On desktop, it is possible and very easy to play songs on repeat. As we said before, you are looking for the arrow icon. After finding the arrow icon on the bottom of your screen, click on it and make sure it turns orange. This will activate the repeat mode, and until you deactivate it by clicking on it again. The song will keep playing on the loop if you do not deactivate. So, it is not for one time that the song repeats itself.

Another way to activate repeat mode is to press “SHIFT+L” on your keyboard.

How to Put a Song on Repeat on SoundCloud

How to Put a Song on Repeat on Soundcloud App?

The answer for the iOS app is pretty much the same as desktop. Finding the arrow icon and clicking on it will activate the repeat mode. However, for the Android app, there is a different way that you should follow.

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There is an advantage of using the Android app because it allows you to loop both SoundCloud songs and playlists. After you start playing the song, on the bottom of your screen, you will see a button with three parallel lines and dots. Clicking on the button, you will see the arrow icon on the top right of your screen. Click on the arrow and play the song on the loop.

Conclusion on How to Loop SoundCloud

In this article, we presented you with the ways to put a song on repeat mode on SoundCloud. We hope you enjoy listening to songs on loop now. If you liked this article, you may also like our article about how to download music and video from SoundCloud as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About

SoundCloud counts when you click on the play button. Each click is counted as one play.

No, it does not count self-plays simply because they are your own tracks.

In order to shuffle the tracks in a playlist, you should click on the three dots next to it. If you like to shuffle your liked tracks, you should simply click on the “Shuffle” button on top of your “Likes” screen.

If you want to get paid, you need to have a minimum of 5000 plays in the last month. 

If you want to listen to your playlists offline, you should open your playlist and download them by clicking on the button next to the “Likes” button.

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  1. Justice Mills
    Justice Mills

    Everyone I know uses the loop SoundCloud feature. Yet, so far, I haven’t listened a song I want to listen again. Guess it’s not for people like me.

  2. Nathan Morgan
    Nathan Morgan

    Whenever I come across a song I like, I loop SoundCloud and listen to it until I get bored. Great post.