How to Log Out of Facebook? (+ From Other Apps)

How to Log Out of Facebook? (+ From Other Apps)

As technology evolves, the social media platforms we are using also change for better user experience. As these apps change, the features, settings, etc. can be placed differently than what you are used to. You might be wondering how to log out of Facebook. Do not worry; it is quite normal for not everyone to know where the logout button is. If you want to find out how to do this task, then follow these instructions:

  • Go to your Facebook profile ( Web or app doesn’t matter )
  • Click the arrow icon on the right side
  • You will see the Logout button at the bottom
  • Click on it and log out of Facebook

logout of Facebook

Logging Out on Mobile

No matter which operating system you use, you can logout in the way that we mentioned above. Just click on the menu on the top right side and logout. That is all. Easy and fast. After logging out, check again to make sure. If you have logged in from the website, you can still log out in the same way. Also, at Android or Ios, it is the same. Note that you are not logged out of Facebook when you close the application. You need to click on the Logout link.

Logging Out of Different Websites

There is no difference between log out of Facebook on the web and mobile. Only the main menu icons can be slightly different (as images). The order of transactions is the same. You can logout in all browsers in the same way. (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). If your Facebook password is saved, remember to clear the cookies. Do not save your password, especially when using Facebook on the web. We don’t recommend it. You may experience security problems. Each time you log in, enter your password manually and not save it at any browser that you use.

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logout of Facebook

Why Should You Log Out of Facebook?

Because if you don’t, you may experience severe security issues. This warning applies to both web and mobile applications. We’re going to tell you about these security issues and their dangers:

  • The malicious plugins that are infected with browsers can capture your password
  • If the computer you use is also used by someone else, he/she can log in to your Facebook account.
  • 3rd party applications can automatically affect your account.
  • You must log out every time for your account security. It is necessary for your safety.
  • Some applications may make you a member of their services without your request ( with an automatic Facebook link)

What Can You Do If You Can Not Log Out?

If you cannot log out of Facebook, there may be some simple problems. Your internet connection may cause this problem. Or the Facebook server may have a temporary problem. Sometimes this situation may be caused by the application you are using. If your application is out of date, you may experience this problem. Update your app first, and then try again. If you are experiencing a different issue and cannot fix it, all you have to do is contact Facebook customer service. They will help you in this regard.

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