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How to Connect Facebook to Instagram

As a Facebook subsidiary, Instagram already provides a feature to connect Facebook accounts to Instagram. When you link Facebook and Instagram, you can create posts to upload to social media, Instagram and Facebook.

To connect Facebook to the Instagram method is not difficult. The things you need to prepare, of course, are a Facebook account. So, make sure you already have a Facebook account that you can access.

If it’s your first time registering for Instagram via Facebook, you don’t need to connect Facebook with Instagram anymore because it’s automatically connected. So, this method is specifically for those of you whose Account is not related to Facebook.

steps to connect facebook to instagram

Steps to Connect Facebook to Instagram

For the record, how to connect Facebook to Instagram can only be done using the Instagram application, for those of you who don’t have the Instagram application, you can borrow your friend’s cellphone to log in on Instagram. Apart from that, you can also download the Instagram application on the Google Play Store for free. If you already have the tools and materials, it’s time to connect your Facebook account to Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram application, then log in using the Instagram application.
  2. Enter the Instagram profile page with the avatar icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner, then tap Settings.
  4. Then tap Account.
  5. Tap Linked Accounts.
  6. On the menu, you will see many options. There are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba, Because we are connecting a Facebook account to Instagram, tap Facebook.
  7. Then go to the Facebook account that you have prepared, then wait a few moments, you will be asked to confirm, tap Continue as your Facebook Name.
  8. Wait a few moments (how long? It depends on your internet connection).
  9. Done, you have succeeded in connecting Facebook to Instagram.

The most visible feature is when you look at the linked account menu, and in the Facebook section, there is already a Facebook name that you previously linked or linked with.

Configure Facebook and Instagram Account Settings

If the Facebook account is connected to the Instagram account, what next? Maybe you will ask questions about it. The answer, you can automatically share the story or Instastory directly to the story on Facebook. Not only that, you can share the posts that you make on Instagram on Facebook automatically.

If you are interested in those two things, you can configure or set it up manually because as long as this feature is not automatically activated. The method is no less straightforward. You have to tap Facebook again. You will be taken to a new menu.
There are already options, story settings, and post settings. For those who want to share IG Instagram stories to Facebook stories, you can activate the share Instastory menu to Facebook Stories. Likewise with posts, if you’re going to share Instagram posts to Facebook automatically, turn on the Share Your Post to the Facebook menu.

advantages of linking facebook to instagram

Advantages of Linking Facebook to Instagram

By connecting Facebook to Instagram, of course, there are several things you can enjoy because you activate this feature, some of the features you can enjoy include, you can log in using your Instagram account using your Facebook account, share Instagram posts on Facebook automatically, even contact your Account. Instagram and Facebook can be automatically synchronized.

How to Link Facebook and Instagram in Short

You can link Facebook and Instagram in a few easy steps. However, unfortunately, Instagram has not facilitated its users who use laptops to connect Facebook to Instagram.
There are several advantages that you can enjoy from connecting Facebook to Instagram. It starts with more varied login methods, minimizing account loss when forgetting passwords, posting posts automatically, and strengthening ties. If managing multiple platforms in one place is your thing, you should better check out how to connect Twitch to Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Facebook is automatically connected to Instagram.

You can download the Instagram application on the Google Play Store for free.

You should check the linked account menu and in the Facebook section.

You can achieve that by activating the share Instastory menu to Facebook Stories.

Yes, you can share Instagram posts automatically, and in addition to that, you can contact your Account.

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