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How to Join a Discord Server (With Instructions)

Discord channels make the Discord app fun. You can make friends. If you haven’t joined a channel, you’re not really on Discord. So how do I get into a channel? Generally, players prefer this application. You can make your games more fun by communicating. It is also a great way for non-gamers to communicate with each other. Join a Discord server now by following these simple steps.

If you feel like everyone around you know how to join a server except you, then read further to no longer feel like an outsider.

Join a Discord Server

Join a Discord Server

If you are a member of the Discord server currently hosting the channel:
Start the Discord application. You can open the desktop application found at. Select the Windows menu or the Applications menu if you want to use it from the phone. However, if you haven’t downloaded the desktop app, log into Discord directly through your web browser.
You can choose the one you want from the list on the left side of your screen. It will be located on the left side of the panel. Click on one of the icons to enter the server and view a list of channels. Click the channel you want to join. You may need to double click. If you want, you can enter a channel where only the typed voice is not heard. Text channels are easily recognized by the ‘’#’’ symbol to the left of the channel name. When connecting to an audio channel, the quality of the received connection will depend entirely on your ISP and the distance between you and the location of the Discord server.

Almost There

If you join a voice chat channel, you may be asked to allow Discord to access your microphone. Joining a channel means you have to talk at some point.
If you are not a current member of the Discord server hosting the channel, there are two ways to join.
You receive an invite link from a friend or you are looking for an invitation on the web.

Get an invitation from a friend:
An invitation link will be sent to you by an application that allows chat. You will need to copy the link sent to you. You can CTRL + C (PC) or CMD + C (Mac) to copy the link easily. Next, launch the Discord application. Once you reach your Discord homepage, check the left-hand panel. You will see a dotted circle with a ‘’+’’ sign in the middle. If you haven’t joined any servers before, this will be the only option outside of the Discord logo. When you click on this icon, a popup window will appear. You have two options: Create a server or join a server. After logging in you need to create a username. It doesn’t have to be the same as your DiscordTag, but it can also be something familiar and easily recognizable by your friends.

Join a Discord Server on Mobile

Join a Discord Server on Mobile

It’s also easy to join a Discord server or channel on your mobile device. It is relatively similar to a web browser. Therefore, you can follow the same steps above. To add a server, tap the Server or the + symbol (located on the left side of the app). Long press the login area of your screen and paste the server URL. Click to continue and proceed with the installation process as usual.

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Conclusion on How to Join a Discord Server

In this article, we gave you the necessary information for you to join a discord server. We hope that you have a far greater Discord experience than ever before. Also if you are still interested in Discord topics we suggest you take a look at this review on how to connect Spotify to Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Discord is a voice, video chat application developed for video game players.

It is free initially. The app also has a paid package, but for starters this is unnecessary.

Yes, it is possible to provide visual, written, and audio communication as you wish.

The maximum number of Discord video conversations is 25 people.

Discord application is a voice communication application. You can easily communicate with your friends.

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  1. Uriah Pole
    Uriah Pole

    When I first installed the software I had trouble in joining a Discord server. But I have to admit this article has helped me quite a bit.