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Increase Reach and Engagement on Facebook

In modern business, social media now plays a central role in acquiring new customers and retaining them. It’s even better if you do it without having to spend money or resources on a paid campaign. Facebook Engagement is any action or engagement that someone takes on your Facebook Page or one of your posts. The most famous examples are likes, comments, and shares, including checking your tagging and locating you in a post. So, how can you increase reach and engagement on Facebook?

Facebook engagement is essential because it can help expand the organic reach that every marketer should aim for. While Facebook’s organic reach can be challenging for those looking to improve their page without ads, it’s not impossible. Because in this article, we will tell you some ways to increase reach and engagement on the Facebook audience.

What Are Engagements on Facebook?

Engagement on Facebook is any interaction that someone makes with your page and one of your posts.

The most common examples of interaction are likes, comments, and shares. Each of them requires a different degree of effort from the user, and this is taken into account by Facebook’s algorithm.

Likes are the fastest and easiest way to participate for your follower. The other five reactions require a little more effort, so they are valued more by the platform.

18.2% of interactions are shared, while 11.6% are comments.

Ideally, it would be best if you strived to mainly get a good amount of these two forms of interaction. However, all are valid to increase your engagement.

As for comments and shares, there is an issue to be considered.

While sharing is the most valued reaction (as it helps spread the content with other users), the comment is the most challenging reaction to get.

what is reach on facebook

What Is Reach on Facebook?

Facebook reach refers to the ability for a brand to reach fans of its page during a Facebook post.

We generally distinguish the organic reach obtained by a “natural” and free publication to fans from the advertising reach obtained by a paid sponsored post-broadcast in the news feed of fans and non-fans and whose audience is a function of the sums involved.

Organic reach is measured by the reach rate expressing the share of fans who see the publication of a brand on its news feed. The members of Facebook having more and more friends, the publications (posts) intended for them are more and more numerous, and only some are displayed according to the Facebook Edgerank. The reach rate of organic publications is, therefore, on a downward trend.

There are two main types of reach:

  1. Organic reach: corresponds to fans who have seen “natural” and free content appear on their news feed.
  2. Sponsored reach: refers to a sponsored post, therefore paid, distributed to an audience defined in advance by the advertiser.

On some social networks like Twitter and Instagram, the post reach rate is 100%. Concretely, this means that it will be visible to all of its fans when a brand publishes content. You don’t watch your news feed 24 hours a day, so you naturally miss some posts.

facebook organic reach

Facebook Organic Reach: How Does It Work?

On Facebook, it’s different. The organic reach rate is defined by an algorithm called “edgerank.” The latter takes into consideration three main factors:

Facebook’s algorithm has changed over the years and is constantly the subject of criticism.

  • The affinity between a brand’s page and a fan. If this one regularly interacts with the page in question by visiting it, he will see the contents more often on his organic thread by sharing the publications, commenting, etc.
  • The weight of the publication. Photos, videos, links, texts have different values ​​assigned by Facebook. The number of interactions is also taken into account when calculating “weight.” A video shared several times will thus have more weight than a status that will have received only “likes.”
  • Temporality. The newer the content, the better.

Set up in 2010 by Facebook to create more relevant news feeds, the edge rank, also known as the “Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm,” has been refined over the years, lowering the reach rate.

You can buy Facebook likes for your account and page to attract attention and grow organically.

What About Sponsored Reach?

The sponsored reach rate can exceptionally exceed 100%.

Indeed, depending on the targeting and the allocated budget, a sponsored publication can potentially be seen by all the fans of a brand and other users sharing a specific criterion.

Well aware of the immense possibilities offered by Facebook’s advertising network, companies spend billions of dollars on sponsored content each year.

access types on facebook

How Are Access Types Reached on Facebook?

In addition to the Reach of the Page, there is also the reach of publications. Facebook provides documentation for the different types of reach. As we talked about in the previous paragraph, Organic Reach, Viral Reach, Unpaid, Paid, and Full Reach are not just the most common types. There are many other types of reach.

Time needed: 2 days

There are many other types of reach.

  1. Scope by City

    Reach by City tracks the number of people who have seen any content associated with your page by City.

  2. Scope by Country

    Similar to reach by City, Facebook also offers to reach by country, which can help you identify the result of campaigns in different countries.

  3. Reach by Demography

    Another interesting type of Reach is Reach by Demography. It tracks the number of people who have seen any content associated with your page grouped by age or gender. This can help you with planning and creating content for your page. Based on these numbers, you can improve content targeting for your audience. Segmented and quality content for bringing more interaction in the long term.

  4. Fan Reach

    The page’s Fan Reach brings the number of Fans who have seen or interacted with some content posted by the page. With this metric, you can identify whether your content impacts only your followers or people outside your network. This can help you identify how viral your content is.

increase organic reach on facebook

7 Simple and Effective Tips to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Now that you know about the importance of monitoring and goal setting, it’s time to get down to business.

After all, how to increase Reach on Facebook?

Below is a list of the best 7 different networking techniques that can help turn your business around!

1- Ask Questions

If you want more interaction and gain an audience, you need to give people something to talk about. Propose a topic that makes your followers think and feel like responding. By creating a conversation, you get closer to your audience, discover new possibilities for interaction, and expand your organic reach.

We suggest some ideas to help with your content, taking, for example, a sporting goods store (B2C) and a financial consulting firm for businesses (B2B).

Specific question:

What is your sport for the weekend?

What is your company’s most significant differential?

Question with a choice:

Treadmill or street? Which place do you prefer to run to?

Rent or buy a property? What is best for your headquarters or branch?

Question with image:

What was the best sports photo of this month?

What was the most critical month for your company in 2021?

True or false question:

The France soccer team has never lost a tie. True or false?

Philip Kotler started teaching Marketing in 1962. True or False?

The question that relates to an experience:

What sport marked your life?

What marked you in your company’s first year?

use images

2- Use Images

Images reinforce your brand identity on Facebook and help a lot in the relationship with the user. If your posts elicit positive reactions and interactions, you’re on your way to expanding your organic reach.

Facebook is an optical network:

92% of the most engaged publications have images. 54% more likes on photo posts. 102% more comments on visual content. In other words, for posts with greater reach, try to insert images.

It’s a fact that images are the mainstay of content on Facebook. So, try to identify what kind of images your fans prefer. Then make similar posts (posts with the same theme but different images, for example) and gradually select which ones have the most significant reach. When a post type has received many likes, comments, and shares, repeat the post style and continue measuring reach.

3- Posting on Time

Facebook has peak audience hours. During weekdays, especially on Wednesdays, the hours from 1 pm to 5 pm are the busiest, with a peak at 3 pm.

Hitchhiking on the move can be a good opportunity. However, it can also be a risk, as your post can get lost in the middle of so many others. The important thing is to understand how your consumer behaves. Often the public’s interest in your product or service can have specific times.

And how to find your best time to post on Facebook?

You can get insights from your fan page under “Information”> “Publications.”

4- Frequency of Posts

Once or twice a day guarantees up to 40% more engagement than three posts in the same period. This shows that quality is better than quantity in Facebook posts.

Keep the number of posts constant. If your company has no news, explore the world of your market niche. Engage people’s lives and their routines with the products or services you offer. There will certainly not be a lack of subject matter.

And if the entire process is still laborious, scheduling publications can help maximize your team’s time. Do this within Facebook’s posting platform, so you don’t lose reach.

make use of videos

5- Make Use of Videos

Videos generate much more engagement and reach than text-only posts. There is no need for large productions, but basic care with recording, content, script, and creativity are essential for a greater reach. Facebook video views definitely affect your engagement positively. We’ve separated some interesting data about videos on Facebook.

The First Seconds

Create impactful content right from the start. Facebook understands viewing as the number of times the video has been viewed for 3 seconds or more.

Short Videos

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Think about short videos. Those that are less than 21 seconds tend to have much more full views than others.

Upload Your Video via Facebook

Facebook prioritizes content inserted directly from your media, so avoid Youtube to leverage your reach. Upload your video directly to the network. The result is much greater.

Rule of 95

Facebook already considers 95% of the watched video as a full view. He considers the final 5% as credits or commercials.

6- Take a Ride Right Now

Another interesting point to increase your reach is to fit current issues relating to your market theme. But be careful not to miss the right time for the campaign. Talking now about the meme from two weeks ago, for example, could burn your brand and make room for jokes on your profile.

7- Show That You Are Present

One of the biggest factors of engagement and reach is interactions, so show that you are there. Answer all questions asked by your fans. If you don’t have the answer right away, such as a delay in delivering a product or software failure, for example, let me know that you will bring the information as soon as possible or indicate a channel prepared for the service.

Always be proactive and demonstrate that someone “behind the machine” cares about the people who interact with your brand. A good service is essential in any area of ​​operation of your company.

increase engagement on facebook

10 Simple Tips Increase Your Engagement On Facebook

A Facebook content strategy is not enough to generate engagement on your Fan Page. Even if your website or blog produces relevant content, your page will hardly gain greater organic reach if there is no interaction from the followers. If you’re having trouble encouraging users like your Fan Page, We’ve put together the top 10 tips We use on-page to increase your engagement on Facebook.

1- Know the Signals to Analyze Content Performance

There are a huge amount of metrics for evaluating your Facebook Fan Page. Knowing which one is the most important is essential to evaluating the performance of your content strategy.

Metrics such as the number of likes, shares, and comments are important to all types of pages. Still, it is worth considering that shares are considerably more important than other types of engagement—another important metric to look at clicks.

Your content can be based on posts made by your blog. The number of link clicks should be taken into account. If you publish videos, you should evaluate the average viewing time of the video, for example. If the most important metrics are up, it means your content is heading in the right direction.

2- Also Note the Negative Signs

Make sure the engagement directed at your Fan Page is positive. To regain your page’s reach after a user stops following you, for example, you need about 100 likes in posts.

What actions are negative feedbacks: Unfollow, Unlike, Hide a post, Hide all posts and spam reports.

3- Know the Relevance Score of Your Ads

Facebook’s algorithm ranks your paid content. This ranking is essential when Facebook decides which ad will be displayed to a user. The relevance score considers your Fan Page as a whole, analyzing the entire performance of the page.

Your bid amount also impacts your ad’s display. The relevance score (which ranges from 0 to 10) and value are considered. For example, if a competitor’s page runs an ad and your bid is of equal value to yours, but the relevance score is higher, then the competitor’s ad will show a potential follower.

4- Increase Your Organic Reach With Two Tips

Increasing your engagement on Facebook is directly linked to increasing the reach of your posts. The more time a user spends on their Fan Page, the better their reach. The second tip is to invite friends and acquaintances regularly, as these users are the ones most likely to see your posts.

5- Three Metrics to Track Reach

There are three parameters the algorithm uses to determine the reach of your posts: number of followers, engagement, and creation time. The reach of an organic Facebook post is limited to its number of followers. Also, consider that only 2-3% of your base will see a new post. Only 20 or 30 followers will see the post of a Fan Page that has 1000 followers.

Engagement is measured by the number of positive and negative feedbacks and the relevance score of your posts to see if your reach is being harmed or benefited by the type of content you publish. Creation time also determines to reach. The older the post, the less likely it is to appear in a follower’s timeline.

use top content

6- Use Top Content

Keep up to date with what’s happening in the world and in the niche you work in. Try to publish about recent events as soon as possible to reach your audience before the competition.

7- Vary Your Content Between Videos and Lives

Videos are the kings of content on Facebook. With a wider reach than images and links, it’s paramount that videos are part of your content strategy. The lives on Facebook bring even greater reach and should also be used. Use both types of content to boost your Fan Page. Take a look at the videos of companies and people who are successful on Facebook and try to get the idea behind them. Save them for inspiration. You can download Facebook videos from our website as well.

Do not create posts with links to YouTube, even if the focus of your business is the channel. Facebook understands these posts as links, so their reach is less than that of a native video. An alternative is to post a video natively and leave a comment with a link to your channel. By posting native videos, you’ll be able to increase your engagement on Facebook.

8- Show Your Views and Ask Questions

Encourage your followers to engage with your content. When publishing news, as I say in item 6, be sure to also put your point of view on the subject and, in the end, leave some questioning. This will make the follower feel invited to participate in your content and increase their engagement on Facebook.

9- Use Bots to Generate Interaction in Messenger

One of the new additions to the Facebook messaging app can also increase your engagement on Facebook. Chatbots can be used to recommend content from your Fan Page, website, or blog. Even large news portals such as CNN American already use chatbots to send news via Messenger to their followers.

10- Consistency Is Key

It is no use getting all the knowledge from this or any texts or courses if it is not applied constantly. It’s essential to maintain consistency and publish daily, or your Fan Page will start to lose reach, forcing you to resume all the effort you’ve made to regain your page’s engagement and reach. Keep posting regularly, and you can increase your engagement and reach on Facebook.

How to Increase Engagement and Reach on Facebook in Short

Organic reach may drop on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should cut the social networking platform out of your plans. More than a billion people are accessing the site every day, which gives you many opportunities to reach and engagement on Facebook and find potential customers.

Get Facebook’s management tools, then put these tactics into practice to increase Facebook engagement and reach.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Reach on Facebook is the sum of people reached on the social media application.

You can track the number of people who have seen any content associated with your page grouped by age via Reach by Demography.

You can check the insights of your fan page by finding the option “Information”> “Publications.”

It is important to keep track of clicks as one of the metrics.

There is a limitation to the number of followers.

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