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How to Host on Twitch [+ Steps]

Twitch is a video game streaming platform. It is one of the best platforms that gamers like to visit and watch others play their favorite video games. Many people have wondered how to host on Twitch. So what is it and why is it important to know how to host people on Twitch?

It would help if you learned how to host on your Twitch channel to get your community together even when you are offline on Twitch. You can do this on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. 

Learning how to do it could help you to not fall behind from others and can also help to stay longer on your viewer’s mind more.

Another reason why you should learn how to host on Twitch is that this mode allows your viewers to watch another channel without leaving yours.

So, your viewers stay longer on your channel. Let’s see how to host on Twitch!

Steps to Host on Twitch

Steps to Host on Twitch

Hosting on Twitch is not complicated as you would think. Here are the commands below:

  1. First of all, to learn how to host on Twitch, you need an account on Twitch. If you already have one, Log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, create one, and then follow the other steps.
  2. As the second step, click on your username. You will see it in the top-right corner of the website. There will pop up a drop-down menu and then click on Channel.
  3. After clicking on the Channel, Twitch will display your channel to the right side of the chatroom.
  4. For the next step, you need to choose which one of your pages will be seen to others. For instance, you may select your main channel to be seen. You should just type ‘/host twitch’ in your chat. Once you type that information, those who view your channel will see the channel that you are hosting.

Your chatroom will still stay active on your channel. However, all the views on your channel will count towards the hosted channel’s views.

Then you may want to close the hosting. To do that, you just need to type ‘/unhost’ in your chatroom. 

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You can un host your channel any time you want. As you know, you are the director of your Twitch channel all the time.

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Conclusion – You Can Do It

It is possible to host on Twitch. We have covered how to do it in four easy steps. If you want to learn more about Twitch, check out our other articles about it. You may be interested in how to stream on Twitch

Frequently Asked Questions About

Raid feature takes hosting to another level. It has extra chatters and raid messages. Casters can also have access to new overlay alerts.

Twitch URL is the address of your Twitch channel. It looks like ‘’

If you want to have control over the chatbox during your streams, you can mod someone to manage your chatbox. You can learn how to do it from our article about modding someone on Twitch.

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  1. Dane Allison
    Dane Allison

    Hosting on Twitch is perhaps the most interesting thing I have done in the past 4 months. I suggest everyone giving it a try.