How to Host a Twitter Chat? (2021 Guide)

How to Host a Twitter Chat? (2021 Guide)

Twitter is a great platform to reach newer audiences and improve your brand’s digital presence thanks to its authentic never-ending stream of content and many other engaging features, such as the Twitter chat. So let’s learn how to host a Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat is an organized virtual meeting on Twitter by using a chat hashtag. Users on the platform meet on the hosting account while the organizer asks questions about the audience. Through this dialog, Twitter users with similar interests can share opinions, knowledge, and discuss the topic in detail.

Best Tips to Host a Twitter Chat

come up with a unique and relevant hashtag
  • Come up With a Unique and Relevant Hashtag. Twitter chats require a hashtag as a prerequisite as it allows users to follow and contribute to the topic. Having a memorable, unique, relevant, and short hashtag will greatly increase your Twitter chat engagement rates. 
  • Schedule at the Best Time. It is important to schedule your Twitter chat for the most convenient time for your follower base and other interested users that might want to contribute. You can use Twitter analytics tools or surveys to find out the best time to have a greater number of participants. 
  • Promote Your Twitter Chat. Twitter chats can be an engaging tool for your Twitter campaign if it is utilized correctly. You should promote the upcoming Twitter chat on all of your social networks to reach more participants. 
offer your expertise and help
  • Offer Your Expertise And Help. Offering expert tips and solutions to participants’ problems about the topic are great for increasing user engagement on your Twitter chat. You can get an expert from your brand or invite a guest expert to advise and expertise about the topic.
  • Develop the Topic. It’s a nice idea to stay far away from narrow topics and stick to broader ones that can be investigated through questions so that everyone on your Twitter chat can have an idea about the subject.
  • Create a Post-Chat Recap. If you have the resources to create a post-chat recap, you should do it as a summary of the conversation since it will be an amazing source to look back for participants and the users that missed it.

FAQs About Twitter Chat

Do I need a Twitter account to join?

Yes, you need to have an active Twitter account to host and join Twitter chat discussions.

How to archive a live chat on Twitter?

While Twitter does not offer a built-in feature to archive live chats, you can use free tools available on the web to archive them.

When to host your Twitter chat?

It is a good practice to schedule your Twitter chat on your audience’s most active hours and announce it at least a week ago with daily reminders.

How to find Twitter chats?

You should search and find chat hashtags beforehand to find Twitter chats and mark the date of the ones that you’d like to participate in. There are also Twitter live chat calendars curated by Twitter and other websites.

Are Twitter chats still relevant?

Twitter chats were never really popular, but many brands and businesses effectively gain valuable insights about their user base, promote their products, and improve their digital presence.

To Conclude How to Host Twitter Chat

With the right topics and tools, engaging in a Twitter chat as a business can be highly profitable. You’ll find new engaging followers, expanse brand awareness, and build authority in your field.

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