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How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms of recent times. There are people you follow and follow you on this platform. However, over time, Instagram worries about the emergence of unwanted information about users. For this reason, users are looking for a way to hide the people they follow on Instagram. Among your followers, there may be people who may be suspicious of you. If you want to get rid of ghost followers or users who may bother you, you should find a way to hide what you follow on Instagram.

There are some methods you can apply on Instagram to achieve this. If you also want to hide your Instagram following list and are willing to take action against people who may be dangerous to you, this article will be for you. There are various methods in the article that you can choose for you. Thanks to these methods, you will be able to take control of your privacy in a short time. 

Top Reasons to Hide Your Instagram Followers List 

Instagram is preferred by people as one of the most popular social media platforms today. Especially users who like to share their life online. For this reason, Instagram is known as a popular platform where people can reflect on their social lives. However, some Instagram users take their privacy very seriously. These users may not want the accounts they follow to appear. That’s why users may want to hide their followers on Instagram and want to learn how to change Instagram privacy settings.

  • People who care about their privacy may want to take action against people wondering who is following whom on Instagram. For this reason, you can resort to various methods to hide your followers and those you follow. 
  • If you do not want people who follow you or are not on Instagram to look at what they are wondering about your private life from your profile, it would be very reasonable for you to protect the privacy of your account. 
  • If you are ready to prevent many Instagram users from seeing your followers and followers by entering your Instagram profile, it is time for you to discover methods. 

Best Ways to Hide People You Follow on Instagram 

When Instagram users click on your profile, they can see your follower count and the ones you follow. Even if you cannot hide the number of followers on Instagram, you can hide who these people are. So you’re wondering how to do this? Here are some practical methods for you. Applying these can prevent unwanted users from accessing your profile and obtaining information. 

You Must Make Your Account Private 

If you have a personal profile on Instagram and are looking for a way to hide your follow list from people who don’t follow you, the logical thing to do is to switch to private mode. Thus, when you turn on the private mode, no one except those who follow you will be able to access the information in your profile. To do this, you must follow these steps: 

how to make your instagram account private
  • You must log in to your Instagram account. Then when you open the application, click on the icon at the bottom right. 
  • When you enter your profile screen, you should touch the three parallel lines in the upper right corner and click “Settings”. 
  • The “Private Account” mode will appear when you encounter the privacy option. Click to open this mode, and your account will now be private. If you want to have a private account with more followers, you should buy Instagram followers before making your account private.

Following the steps above will ensure that no one other than your followers can access your lists and posts. All the rest of the people can only view the number of people in the lists on your profile. But remember that this will only apply to personal profiles. If you have a business account, all users can view your profile. That’s why you should switch your account to a personal account. You can get more information from Instagram Support.

You Should Remove People You Do Not Want To Follow You From The List 

When you accept follow requests on Instagram, these users can access your lists and posts. Therefore, you cannot prevent your followers from viewing your profile. Well, if you are wondering what to do in this case, the solution you should do is to remove your followers from your list. How to do this is presented to you in the following steps: 

how to remove followers on instagram
  • After opening the Instagram application, you should click on your profile in the lower right corner. 
  • You should go to your list and select the person you want to hide your profile from in your follower section. This person will have a “Remove” option before their username. You can remove that user from your list by clicking this. 

Thus, the user you have removed from your follower will be unable to view your profile and lists. 

You Can Block Your Followers or Unwanted People on Instagram 

If you have a public account and don’t want people you don’t want to see your lists and posts, you can also protect your privacy for those users. To do this, you will have no other solution but to block users’ accounts. This is the only solution to be able to hide a public account on Instagram from certain users. 

  • First, you must log in to the account of the user you want to block from your Instagram profile. 
  • Afterward, you should select the “Block” option by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the profile you have entered into your account. 
  • Thus, the person you have blocked cannot enter your Instagram profile. It will also not be able to view your posts and stories. 
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The person you blocked will not receive a notification that you blocked them. At the same time, if the person you blocked has comments or likes on your posts on your profile, they will be removed from them and will not come back. 


With the popularity of Instagram day by day, people spend a long time on this platform. If you use Instagram and want to protect your privacy on this platform, you can use various methods. You may not like it when users enter your profile, view your followers, and follow. For this reason, you can use the methods shared with you in the article so that the users you do not want can access the information in your profile. In this way, you can remove unwanted users from your profile and protect your privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can choose three methods to hide your followers and followers on Instagram. You can make your profile private mode, block users you don’t want, or unfollow users you don’t want to view you. Thanks to these methods, you ensure privacy in your profile. 

Users you have blocked on Instagram do not have a chance to see any information on your profile. If people you block have comments or likes on posts in your account, they will also be deleted. The comments and likes of the user you have unblocked on your profile will not return. For this reason, you should not forget that you should be careful when blocking users. In addition, the users you have blocked will not be informed about your blocking. 

People you remove from your followers on Instagram cannot view the people in your profile lists. It will be possible to see only the number of people. They will also be able to see your profile description and profile photo. If you do not want these users to see your information, blocking them would be the best solution. 

When you switch your profile to incognito mode, users who do not follow you will not be able to view your followers and followers when they enter your profile. The information they will see will be your description and the number of followers and followers. 

You may want to protect your privacy on your Instagram profile. Therefore, it is possible to protect your privacy by choosing various methods. The users that will cause you to do this can be your ex, relatives, people you don’t like, or even your family. For all users that do not want access to the information in your profile, you can try various methods to restrict their access. 

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