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How to Hide Phone Number on Facebook

Ever since social media took its place in our lives, the urge to capture our memories and share them with users all over the world has gained significant importance. Whether it’s bad, good, or frightening things that happen to us, sharing them on social media has become as routine as talking face-to-face. Although sharing something on social media can be beneficial for achieving results, feeling loved, finding solutions, and getting help, it may also cause harmful consequences and events. “How harmful can it be?” you might say. Let’s take the Facebook app as a basis. Besides being an application, Facebook includes many channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger. To register, you enter your Facebook contact information. This information includes your name, surname, personal phone number, address, school, and many more. This is where our article “How to Hide Phone Number on Facebook” comes in handy!

This information allows you to perform a Facebook search by people who know you and let people easily find you with your Facebook phone number. Although it may seem harmless, this information can be easily obtained, and your accounts may be hacked. Undoubtedly, the most critical data among is your phone number. With this phone number, hackers may create new fake accounts on your behalf on different sites. They may use your number for inappropriate purposes on various sites. Even much more. So how can you secure your phone number and account? There are two ways to protect the phone number. These methods are to delete or hide your phone number. So which one is for you?

How Can I Delete My Facebook Phone Number?

Suppose you do not want people with your number to find you, and you want to change the security preference of your account. In that case, you can easily remove your Facebook phone number. By clicking on the Account settings tab, you can add a mobile number or remove an existing mobile number. However, we would like to point out that if you lose access to your Facebook account, it’ll tremendously help to have a phone number on your Facebook info.

If You Want to Remove via Computer;

You may want to remove your phone number on your desktop. You may even be using the Facebook desktop version on your mobile. So let’s see how;

go to profile
  • First to remove your mobile phone, click on your profile and then Overview. Then, click on the pencil icon next to your phone number.
delete number on facebook
  • Next, you’ll see “Mobile Settings”. Click remove under the number you want to remove. Then, click Remove Number displayed on the screen to confirm.

If You Want to Remove via Your Mobile Device;

Let’s start by opening the Facebook app on your mobile.

delete phone number
  • Click on the three lines in the upper right or lower right corner of the screen. Then, scroll down until you see the “Settings & Privacy” menu and click it. Click the “Settings” button that appears. Then, select the “Personal and Account Info” option listed under the “Account” displayed on the screen.
remove facebook number
  • By clicking on the Contact Info option, you will see your Facebook phone number, the e-mail you use, and many more options in the “Manage Contact Info”.After you click on your phone number, you’ll see “Remove” below.Confirm your action after clicking on “Remove”, and that’s it!

Is It Necessary To Delete Your Number On Facebook?

Deleting your number from your Facebook account is not considered a reliable choice. Let’s see why and how Facebook uses your phone number. When you delete your number, you won’t be able to use two-factor authentication or the security code sent to your mobile phone. As a result, you’ll have security issues with your account. Suppose you do not have a secondary e-mail address. In that case, it will be tough to access your account in the event of possible theft. To prevent this and similar security situations, it is more recommended to hide the number instead of removing it. Moreover, hiding your phone number does not cause any security application to crash. Let’s explore how to hide your Facebook number now.

How Do I Hide My Phone Number on Facebook?

If you want to secure yourself without changing your security preference, hiding your number is the most rational option. Thus, while you can use your account securely with your number, you can also access Facebook’s other services used with your phone number. So now it’s time to answer the obvious question: “How do I hide my phone number on Facebook?”

Hide Phone Number on Facebook via Your Computer;

Hiding phone number on Facebook is a super quick and effective solution for your privacy. Let’s see how you can do it on your computer.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here are the four basic steps to hide phone number on Facebook on your PC:

  1. Go to your profile.

    To hide your phone number, click on your profile photo to view your profile page. click profile

  2. Click “About”.

    You will see options listed below your profile photo. Select “About”. about page

  3. Edit phone number settings.

    You will see there are options listed under “Overview”. Click on the button on the left next to your mobile phone. phone number settings

  4. Select your audience.

    You’ll see options asking you to choose who you want this phone number to be shared with. Once you’ve decided who you want to hide your phone number from, click, and you’re done! hide phone number on facebook

Hide Phone Number on Facebook via Your Mobile Device

settings and privacy
  • Open the Facebook app. Then, click the three lines in the lower right or upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see many button and shortcuts in the menu that opens. Next, scroll down the screen and click the “Settings and Privacy” button below all of them.
contact info
  • Click “Settings”. Then, click on “Personal Information and Account Information” under “Account”. On this screen, you’ll see a menu with options with your name and contact information. From these options, click on the “Contact Info button”.
hide phone number on mobile
  • You’ll see your phone number and e-mail address on this screen. Click on the gray box below “Who can see this number?”. Then, you can see many options such as “Public”, “Friends”, “Only me”. After you tick the privacy setting you want to choose, you will easily hide your number.

Is It Necessary to Hide Your Number on Facebook?

Contrary to deleting your Facebook number, hiding your Facebook number has no harm regarding security or communication with users. Conversely, hiding your number saves you from calls from people you don’t know or like. It prevents you from unintentionally sharing your number with people you don’t know. It also protects your number from the danger of being used in applications you never had. Thanks to the fact that you can only share your number with the people you allow, you can protect yourself from the calls of your annoying friends. In just a few minutes. You may also have tons of followers on Facebook or, you may be planning to buy Facebook followers to expand your audience. In that case, it’ll help you protect your account from getting hacked.

Hiding Your Phone Number on Facebook in Short

In this article, we have explained how you can hide and remove your phone number on Facebook. We tried to show step by step how to hide it more easily by defining the security problems you may experience if you uninstall it. Finally, we hope we’d clarified the removal or hiding methods in our easy and detailed guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It will take no more than a few minutes to hide your number.

Hiding your Facebook number does not turn off two-factor authentication. However, removing your phone number will disable two-factor authentication or text messaging services.

Yes, of course. Suppose you enter your Facebook profile from your computer. In that case, you can choose the contacts you want to hide by the following Profile>About>Mobile Phone and ticking the “Private” option.

No, hiding your Facebook number does not cause such a situation. You can continue to use Facebook messaging applications or the services offered by Facebook.

No, hiding your number on Facebook does not expire, so you don’t need to do any extra steps. You only need to change the privacy setting once.

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